Monday, October 20, 2014

Marseille trip & pictures

My crazy European adventure.
I had a crazy summer, right after graduation I went to Lagos, Nigeria for 2 weeks, attended a cousins wedding, then i went to London to be a brides maid for another cousin, the next day I flew to Barcelona to go on a European cruise, (Marseilles was one of the stops), after the cruise went back to Barcelona, Flew to London same day for my aunt's 70th birthday, then after 2 days, I flew home to Atlanta!! *whew* then I got to rest for 2 good months at home. (Oh yea thank for the tickets dad! lol)

Went to Marseille, France with the family. Apparently Marseille is the second largest city in France (thanks wikipedia). Most of the pictures are all at Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde.

so this is picture loaded!!! pictures are from this summer. currently 6.30am oh gosh i cant be late for work.

it was really cool to have a chance to all get together, especially since we all live in different cities & continents. I'll post more about the cruise next Monday.

me, my sis, my cousin
Not much pictures of me in this post since i was taking majority of the pictures, and i looked blurry in the ones people took of me!!! *tear drops* why can't they make me look good!!! like i do for them!

leaving the dock. luckily a couple of my little cousins (6-13yrs) were fluent in French and helped us get cabs etc. Nigerian French school do work!!

our taxi

can i love this shot any more?!

 one of the coolest pictures i think i took all summer. my cousin & my sister were busy taking pictures of themselves, and i took a cool shot of them while walking up, they weren't even aware when i took it.
one of my favorite shots

I LOVE!! these next 2 SHOTS OF MY SIS

I was suprised to see SPAR over there!

below collage was made by my sis & i uploaded to instagram

that's all folks!
hope you enjoyed the pictures

camera: Sony DSLR A33
lens: 50mm 1.4
Edit: Adobe LightRoom 3 & Picassa for collage

Sisters collage: her cell phone (Iphone 5s or Samsung can remember & some phone app)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Last Week in Milan

My last week in Milan (July 2014) was a relief: my masters program was over!!! A year of work, stress, prayer, fun, food, 13 extra pounds (5.8kg), adventures, sleep, love, church, fun, friendship, shopping, laughing, coffee, gelato, stress, boredom, fun, etc was all over! (yup another masters, u'd think i love school, I always identified with Lynn from Girlfriends, minus her R rated parts).

fun stuff:
I threw a Hawaiian Themed Luau in my apartment  OCT 11 last year with my friend Veronica for all our friends. it was a blast! we decorated! gave out Hawaiian lei's (garland flowers), loads of drinks, and pizza. It was fun. when everyone left/ we got tired of threats for our music we both drank and danced around my awesome apartment.

I LOVED my apartment!! it was super cool. elevator going into the apartment, 2 bedroom, green garden outside, concierge, balcony, pretty sweet, fun safe neighborhood, food shops for days (I'll definitely miss it). (to those who know Milan i lived between Crocetta and Porta Romana. 2 stops from Duomo.

OK enough reminiscing... let's fast forward to my last week in Milan.(technically it was 2 weeks before i left,  same thing let's move on) When everything was over, Nostalgia, hope, tiredness, so many feelings, EXAMS OVER amen i passed. I was ready for a holiday.

My amazing friend A. came in from Geneva to visit, and we decided to surprise our friend Obi on his birthday. It was so cool seeing him shocked, i got to meet Vanessa at the birthday party, who i love so much, wish we met earlier during my 1 year there..

This was a fun night, and i decided to record it, so you could experience it with me. 



i feel awkward when people take my picture, and sometimes they add to the magic with blurry shots. Selfies for the win!

yup 13 extra sexy pounds in 1 year. I stopped working out, started dodging my trainer, fell in love with gelato & carbonara.

oooh free drink! thanks Obi

2 more drinks :)

Vanessa actually baked one of the cakes!! can she be any more adorable? nope! & she's a hot model. #FlexZone

LMAO!! yup we had a blast!!! I'm normally great at avoiding cameras :)

*ALL the amazing pics stamped PWP (punks wear prada) are by Simone Martucci
*All my pictures & video were by my Sony DSLR A33 (edited in Adobe LR and imovie)
*song in video: Turn Down For What (Dj Snake Parisian Vision)

I hope you enjoyed my blog post :)
Love Bombchell

come back next monday to see my holiday pics around Europe