Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone

just like some of our favorite TV shows, regular blog posts will return in February

lots of love! 

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Be You, The World Will Adjust

Happy Holidays Ya'll & Merry Xmas!!!

I was super good this year but for some reason I think i ended up on Santa's naughty list. So next year I'm considering being me. whether that's good, bad or naughty. I haven't decided yet. (don't get me wrong, I'm me enough... but I hold back a lot). I love the quote "Be yourself & the world will adjust." then I also remember the nigerian saying that kinda goes like this: It is the family of a mad man that knows he is mad, and gets the shame, though the mad man is unawarely living his life (if you remember the exact quote post it).
called a catering service for xmas. less dishes. Nigerian & intercontinental food. friends & fam  (in Lagos for the holidays)

This year I've learned a lot!

I fell in love for the 1st or 2nd time. then I had to work hard to fall out. I did school which was really difficult but i succeeded. i pursued my passion for writing & photography to a little extent. I ate a lot. i dieted a little. and I only kissed guy all year. I had fun girl talks. I googled crazy crap!!! I made friends. I lost friends/acquaintances (luckily none died this year, i just lost them for being trifling lol). I started blogging again. I lived in Milan at first, and now i'll be living in Abuja.

This is my last post for the year. I hope 2014 was a good year for you. I hope even if you struggled, you grew stronger & if it wasn't a good year i truly pray that God makes the next years better for you.

Love Bombchell

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's almost christmas - An updated Christmas Lust List

looking back 2009 I made a christmas lust list... funny thing, I've gotten it All!!!!!!

- braces : check
- lv luggage: check
-laser treatment : well just 1 session ( they were very odd in Milan and didn't have equipment for black skin/ YAG, and someone said it was too radical even though she had done a class on it... they were more used to tattoo removals on black skin & laser hair removal on lighter skin)
-lingerie : u can never have enough

everything except Drake, who I've grown to realize, I don't want (i still enjoy his music, drama, and i'll oogle him if i ever meet him). (oh & i didn't get the robe!)

It took me a really long time to get all my list, but looking back I got it down the line. So perhaps I should make another one, and in the next 5 years I might have it.


1. A trip to Bali / Maldives thanks to Instagram!!!                                                                               
(last option / Seychelles & Bora , saying last option is like saying making it 2nd in the Olympics is just a 2nd!! u made it to the Olympics C'MON) (people claim I need to be dating to do this, I'm not sure I believe them)

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, Kuta by

Viceroy Bali resort by (INDONESIA, ASIA)

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles - Mahe Island, Seychelles (AFRICA)

2. Own an awesome house/ apartment with a lovely view                                                                    
(I secretly want an infinity pool, or water front view, but I'm trying to be a little realistic)

This is actually a store in LA- The Row ( by Mary Late & Ashley)- loveeee

3. SUPER white teeth (teeth whitening?)                                                                                                
- fake white. It's the American in me :)but I'm afraid of sensitivity

4.  complete laser hair treatment -

5. Dear God, Santa, Angels in Heaven, Guardian Angel, Ancestors, Prayers from you, everybody if you can please nicely work together and help me with my love life, with an amazing guy, and a start a lovely & blessed family, that would be great. 

6. That super-superficial thing I really want!!! (*wink*)

7. Please make me less selfish & remember that no matter how little i think i have in my bank account, that it can still make a difference.

8. Cartier love bracelets (just for the heck of it, its almost perfect) cuz I'm not obsessed with watches

$6000-16,000 ( I don't want the pink crap- hello conspicuous consumption!!)

LMAO so I waltzed into a store assuming it was about $600 for 1, and burst out laughing along with the sales attendant. The only way you'll find one or several on my hand is because I've finished with almost everything on my list! or it's an a lovely gift.

Who knows... maybe this list might not take as long to get as the other :)

What's on your xmas list?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Watch An African City - Trailer and all Season 1 episodes

Below you will find
- my thoughts
-their instagram pages to stalk
- trailer & all episodes 1-10

We know I love tv & movies but last year I fell in love with webisodes! Amazing tv shows that are 5-20mins mins long, free and of great quality online, and a lot are on youtube.


One of the shows I really enjoyed is called an African City. It's like Sexy & the City meets Nigeria, but instead it's placed in Ghana . Growing up, my only bubble was Nigeria, it was all i knew (ok and trips abroad to London & LA). As for the rest of the world I got it on TV, novels & comics. I remember watching discovery channel as a kid, and seeing naked black people, wondering where in Africa that was, and how archaic it seemed. I remember watching Simon Cowell on Pop idol as a kid. Life was Flinstones, etc and normal. 

Then I moved to America at 16, and realized I wasn't just Nigerian anymore, or Igbo which is how i had identified myself. I was now black, and represented not just my tribe, or my country, but every African city and country became the same, and various continents with black people all became the same. Can you believe lots of people wondered if i lived in a house? or if i were a princess cause i had clothes, like common dude i got here on a plane!!! Think about it... we have an airport, cars, electricity (sometimes)... i knew Simon before you had American Idol!!! *sigh* they lumped me with those people on the same discovery channel. You get a different consciousness. 

what's the point of saying all this? I don't really blame them, because I grew up thinking america was just like "Saved by the Bell," a beautiful melting pot, where all races got along ( I was kinda wrong). So now watching this... I kept going "OMG Ghana is just like Nigeria!!," "we're twinnies!!" we might as well be neighbors.  It's a different perspective but remember like Saved by the Bell & the Discovery Channel this doesn't represent everyone in Africa.

Plus i think they jumped into bed way to quick with people!!!!! This isn't normal right? or am I really a square, and it's like that even in Nigeria, Ghana, or wherever in Africa.

I love that my blog shows you cool parts of Nigeria ( or wherever I am, and i think this mini-series is Amazing does that too!!!). They understand the whole moving back to the country!! Being an adult. It's done well... I enjoyed it... and it was free :) 

free stalking
( check out their site & donate if you like )

instagram pages of the actresses:
Makena (Marie Humbert ): @marielaly 
Nana Yaa (MaameYaa Boafo): @maameyaaboafo
Ggozi (Esosa E): @therawgirl
Sade (Nana Mensah): @officialnanamensah 
Zainab (Maame Adjei): @msadjei

Now the show

THE RETURN - Episode 1 An African City

SEXUAL REAL ESTATE - Episode 2 An African City

AN AFRICAN DUMP - Episode 3 An African City

A CUSTOMS EMERGENCY - Episode 4 An African City

THE BELLY BUTTON TEST - Episode 5 An African City

HE FACEBOOKED ME - Episode 6 An African City

CONDOM ETIQUETTE - Episode 7 An African City

AN ODE TO SATURDAYS - Episode 8 An African City

#TEAMSADE, #TEAMNGOZI - Episode 9 An African City

A BIG DECISION - Episode 10 (Season Finale) An African City

amazing right!!! LOVED IT. different topics me and my friends discuss. but it slightly irked me the way they pronouced Ngozi wrongly. the funniest part is I didn't notice Segun was a Nigerian name at ALL!! for a long time cause it was pronounced wrongly. So great I just watched it wishing i were part of the production. LOVE IT SO MUCH!! the clothes, cinematography, the free... lol. ok gotta go work... or i'll be late.

ps: let me know what you think, or any fab show i should check out.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Quarter Cafe Abuja - i desperately wanted to love it

My 3 day experience trying so hard...


So on instagram I was suggested by @Jonkis_ to check out The Quarter Cafe since i was looking for fab restaurants in abuja.

I went on their insta page & fell in love! they had waffles & icecream!!!! shepherds pie! pasta! and so much more. My greedy ass decided to try it all, and the best way to do this would be to invite friends, so i could be that annoying friend who tries everyone's food or shares.

The interior is so pretty!!!!! LOVED IT! heard the owner designed it herself! i can't imagine what her home or bedroom looks like!


Address: 6 TAPETA ST. British Village. WUSE 2. ABUJA (Off Thaba Tseka St. Off IBB Way)

number: 08184144444
BBPin: 7F47A5F3

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm & Sun 12-6pm
Instagram:  @QCafeAbuja
Website: currently not up

hearing the bad news

we went there, there was no light! (aka no Nataional electricty/ power, which is pretty normal in Nigeria, so every business has a stand by generator)

ok put on the gen. it wasn't working... but we were told that we could pick from the menu & order anything that didn't require electricity. I tried waffles? nope needs electricty... pie? nope... needed  light. So we gave up & went to the Charcoal Grill (this post).

(as you can see my friends have on same outfit in both posts)

i called later in the evening. they told me the gen was working & sure i could come tomorrow.


so excitedly i went back with my cousin!!

so happy... didn't know what was coming lol

When we got there The gen was working, there were lots of people, all was well with the world.

but no.... there was a private birthday party, so we couldn't dine in. We could take it away, but i wanted to eat in & take pics for the blog (insert sad face). I met a super nice & lovely lady that was related to the owner & she apologized & wanted to make it up to us. She explained they announced they would be closed on BBM etc. the guy on the phone didnt tell me or guy at gate.

I really wanted to start an intense diet the next day, Monday Dec 1: such a perfect date for anyone OCD! & I wanted to get a 1 month head start before all the new years resolution folks. But the nice lady promised us everything would be fine the next day... so my cousin & i decided to come back after work the next day.

At the end of the day 2  We went to Yogoberry to get stuff... then my friends BBQ!! so i finally got some amazing food ( thanks man!!! since MD you're BBQ's have been epic)


We came back again.... yes... we did. we didn't give up, we had faith. Our friends raved about the restaurant! Its almost like a relationship, where for some reason, you keep going back & hoping for the best because you're so optimistic!! & you know what it could become.

we got there. there was light ( amen for the country) we ordered:

No icecream!!! what??? He said they couldn't find the particular Vanilla icecream that they use & he had been looking for a few days. ok fine... so no waffles & icecream, we we're sad but ok.

My cousin got a milkshake & a crepe.

I ordered shepherds pie!!!

--- no picture---- because it never came :(

20 minutes after i ordered, the electricity went off... and the gen wouldn't come on. so they gave me the bad news: sorry.

It was almost funny & very sad! can't believe it!!

BUT im not going back... this year. How many times can I try?... need to diet. Next year i'll try again... and hopefully.... There'll be light, or a working gen... or even a mini gen for the stove & if it happens I'll come back and update this post with pictures of my food.

till then....

you can plan you're meal & if you've been before or if you go after reading this, let me know your experience :)

The Menu ( get an idea of the price)

not the cheapest place... but according to pictures on instagram & people, i hear it's good. It's unfortunate I went there 3 times and was never able to successfully get food.

OK soooo.... Im soo excited to watch this can't wait!!

Did yall forget Im obsessed with romance, books, movies & ratchet tv? i hope not.

Comet!!  (dvd quality illegally online *hides face*)

edit: i just watched it, it's different, a little odd, about moments & time but i enjoyed it.

Beyond the lights (will wait for it to come to Nigeria/ better quality online)

Enjoy your week!!