Friday, February 13, 2015

Pictures from Play's Masked Ball Abuja

For PLAY's 6th year Anniversary they went all out & had a masked ball at the Hilton Nov 29th last year (2014).
the only picture of me here!! surprising huh! enjoy

I'm new to Abuja so I wasn't sure what to expect. I imagined Carnivale di Venezia (link) but I didn't want to look crazy & over dressed so i wore a super short dress. Then on my way to the car, after loads of "selfies" with my lovely cousin, i ran up & opted for knee length dress instead.

When I got the event i was super surprised!!!! EVERYONE was in masks, guys were elegant, ladies were in dresses you that could wear to a wedding, not trashy or clubby (bear in mind that Nigerian wedding guests & american wedding guests are very different, over here [in Nigeria] you dress to kill... might as well be going to the Grammy's!")

So If it happens again this year... best believe i'm bringing my A game.

*whew* finally PICTURES!!!!..... I got them! Here's loads of people & what they wore to the PLAY  masked ball.

ps: Play's a lounge/ club... so you can imagine how surprised i was! it was so well done, free drinks, good dj, they even had a few performances. (I'm not about that singing Carol life... but i know people enjoyed it, and I felt boughie with myself, i secretly wanted the place a little darker & tighter so people would dance... we went to Play for the after party so that worked)

Loved the masks!! cuz I felt anonymous!

sooo.... I'm always on SnapChat: good or bad, I'm there.

for those who don't know what it is, basically you send a picture/ videos to friends & it  lasts 1-10seconds for your friends/ followers to view. There's a 2nd option of a story, and that expires in 24hours. I saved some for u to get a 42second experience of our night, closet selfies, and my friends dancing "Shoki" at the party:

If only you understood the stress & geekiness it took me to reproduce above Vertical clip! see the love & dedication I have y'all (like it's currently 1.24am)
At the end of the clip, my friend's ding a dance called "Shoki" it's all the rave here!!! Though I can't do it, even it meant dashing me a million naira :( I've considered youtubing "How to shoki" but then I get lazy, and remember when I googled "How to twerk" it didn't help at all!

ok... now More fun pictures...

:) :) :) :)


Christmas Carol
Pretty talented performer

The End!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!!

So many gorgeous people, lovely clothes, masks, gotta shout out Play Lounge, Charles, & Dike , & my homies who hooked me up with an invite & masks, cuz being bored isn't fun! Pretty cool gig

Life in Nigeria can sometimes be fun! Don't let the media paint us 100% bad, it's just 99, i'm joking, I promise. Nigeria can be an amazing place, and has so much potential. Anyways it's 2.13am, and y'all aint paying me to stay in bed gotta be up at 6am.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Gold Digger Chronicles: How to Meet a baller/ athlete -- Cassandra B.A

So it's a new year, Valentine's days's coming too: you're lonely, you wish you had a baller to make things easier, anyways I've always been such an internet junkie, and some stuff stays with me . Incase you don't want to be down, have questionable morals, and want to catch a baller/ sugar daddy/ rich dude athlete.... keep reading... if you're name is Judge Dredd, pls come back next monday to see my new posts.

There's this lady that used to write on a forum called Baller Alert (which is now popular on instagram for celebrity gossip, but their origins are a lil different). Anyways this chick's name was Cassandra. (some people claim she was the one that got water splashed on her in the TV show basketball wives, i dunno if it's true). Anyways that's not the point.

Basically Cassandra was anonymous, and a bad bitch with no apologies in everyway! like she would sleep with your man if he was an athlete and brag about it, and give advice to other girls! You can tell I'd just be reading the bold triflingness with my eyes wide, loving every minute.

OMG who has the balls to say this!!!!! I might love crazy people.

OK so now below is a long read.... but if you get here through google for this topic, i aint judging you... just like i'm not super judging my top blog post (10 ways to get revenge on you're ex... crazy ass search terms lead some of you here...or you might just be like me and love reading all sorts)

so here's cassandra's take on how to meet a baller/ rich dude.

1. Avoid Mass Marketed Events hosted by the Baller

Hello ladies,

I've been asked a great question by a member who wants to know how to meet the ballers. I may have addressed this before but maybe not into great detail. So get your pen and paper and take notes.

We all know that its very hard to run into a baller at a grocery store or the mall so we flock to the clubs when its guaranteed they will be there. You heard the announcement on the radio "Come on down to Dream tonight, we got Carmello Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, Darren Sharper of the Minnesota Vikings, and Superbowl Champ Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers and all their NFL and NBA friends in the building tonight..all ladies free all don't want to miss this." You and your girls immediately get excited and go to BeBe and buy the baddest dress so you can be the baddest b**** in the building.

Note#1 - Unless you are a bad ass itchbay this is the worst night you could possibly meet a baller. Do you know how many girls heard that same advertisement and flocked to BeBe to buy the same dress you just bought off the mannequin to meet a baller? A thousand girls will be in the building willing to do any and everything to meet these ballers so now your competition is tough. I suggest avoiding these parties because it will be packed with thirsty b****** and faking ass dudes trying to out do the real ballers so they can pull the b****** who did not get picked by the real ballers.

2-3. Avoid weekend parties unless you're in VIP cause everyone who's somebody or nobody is out.

Note#2- Parties on the weekend are less exclusive and is filled with rift raft. Everybody is off of work and don't have s*** else to do but go out so again your competition is still tough unless you are VIP status. You probably won't meet the ballers because they are somewhere partying on a level above you and you can't even see them or roped off in another section that you can't even get near because all of the thirsty b****** and male groupies trying to get in. th last thing you want to do is look thirsty.

Note#3 - The best time to meet the ballers are: Monday-Thursday nights at the hottest lounges or clubs in your city. Weekday parties are less crowded and more intimate and it increases your chances of being the baddest itchbay in the spot and get noticed by the baller. Also you will have a better quality of people who go out during the weekday because the rift raft have to go to work early in the morning. I know most of you have jobs but you have to make a sacrifice and lose some sleep to have a better chance to meet ballers. Its not always guaranteed they will be out but to have a good idea, you should pay attention to their game schedules. For instance, if the Bulls play a game on Tuesday night, they will more than likely be out that same night after the game (especially if they win) or Wednesday night if they do not have an away game Thursday. Teams travel the day before the game. You can catch the opposing team out the day before the game but hardly ever the same night of the game because they leave right after the game most of the time. NFL games are always on Sundays or Thursdays later in the season so this does not apply to them. During the NFL season they are mainly out on Mondays because they all have off Tuesday but they are never out on Saturday unless its Bye week. If you don't know where they hang, pay attention to club photography sites. They always get photographed so make note to self where they are and make a girlfriend step out with you to that spot if your not a solo type of chick.

4. Appearance matters so "Look fuckable"

Note #4 - Now you know where to go and when to go but how should you look? Ballers love the girl who doesn't look like she is trying too hard but can look sexy and classy. They love the exotic look and as much as they say they love a "real" woman with "real" hair and "real" nails, they end up with the chick with fake everything (boobs,ass,hair,nails,eyes,eye lashes, and the like)! They just want you to look fuckable. So when you go out, look fuckable. Fuckable means, show some cleavage, have on your f*** me right here heels, and have your hair and face on point. Don't be afraid to enhance something you don't have, its okay to wear extension and lashes, just don't over do it by being overly fake. Also don't over do it during the week by wearing a way too short freak-em dress. You will feel out of place and very hoochie because it is a weekday party and people tend to dress classier or more casual.

5. Look like you're having fun, don't give too much attention & don't look thirsty

Note#5 - How to get approached. Pay them close to no attention. Don't hang in front of their table, don't stare at them all night, don't come off as a fan! Its okay to make eye contact and smile for a second to look approachable but do not over do it. If he is interested in what he sees then he will make a point to talk to you. Don't be on the dance floor sweating buckets all night but dance to a few songs but again, don't over do it! Get my drift yet? Don't come off cold, try to smile and have fun and not look like a bitter b**** by the bar with a mean mug.

Bottom line is this, ballers come in all shapes, forms, and sizes and are not limited to only being an athlete. Athletes are the worst ones to please. Don't ignore the undercover ballers. They are worth your time more than anybody else. (Another blog topic?).

Anyhow, the rules don't apply for everyone but it applies to the people who are having a hard time meeting them and who are not popular on the nightlife scene to get all access to every vip part of the clubs. I could go in greater depth on this topic but those are just basic tips. Feel free to add your own tips ladies. Different things work for different people.

That's all for now,
~ Sandra :) Read more:


I TOLD YALL RIGHT!! Cassandra was crazy!! Loved it.

she used to stay stuff like "purse first, ass last" or something, like don't give him *** until after he pays 3 legit bills ( purse, rent, whatever).

She had more bold & fabulously informative blog posts like

1. Keep your circles small (here)
2. Keep your mouth shut (here)
3. Women act just like a boy ( here )
4. So i slept with your associate and? (here)
5. Stop trying to marry a baller, it's a recession (here)

surprisingly she believes you should Never EVER send nude pictures to any guy that isn't your husband. so I guess there's a line she won't cross.

That's all folks.. it's 6 a.m. and I ain't got baller so I gotsa bounce & head to work soon.. hope you enjoyed the long read & what some of you might call bird logic.

Let me know what you think in the comments below (good or bad provided it related to this post)

Love Bombchell