Monday, November 17, 2014

Keep Inspiring/ Motivating Yourself - E.T the HipHop Preacher

So right now summer is over!

 Step 1. I went back to school for a second masters.

People look at me and think: boy she's so lucky, or she's so good at school. no! That's not the case AT ALL. I hate school, I hate school so much. Don't get me wrong I LOVE learning, and it excites me but the work at school is so tiring! Grades annoy me. I procrastinate, I hate subjects that I'm not good at. I'm more of a creative person than a mathematician so when you give me subjects like financial accounting or econometrics I struggle.

When I was young I used to judge my self and my worth based on how well I did in school. If I aced my classes I'm a good person and I'm smart. If I didn't do well I felt stupid, and it messes up your esteem. I chose to actively seek my self worth outside of school, and evaluate myself with other things.

Perhaps you don't evaluate yourself with school, maybe it's with your weight, wealth, relationship, kids, etc. All I'm saying is better watch what you use to evaluate yourself because it might not be fair.

Anyways circumstances made me go back to school. I felt it was a test, and I prayed, I tried and i succeeded.

Step 2. I'm now working a great 9-5

However I have other aspirations and it's easy to forget them and get lost. So I have to keep motivated.

My fave fave fave person this year to listen to is Eric Thomas the hip hop preacher. Amazing and motivating. He was in a workout playlist I listened to randomly and I fell in love. Now I listen to him a lot.

Try him out. Tell me what you think. These are some of my fave tracks:
Question for you! What do you do to stay motivated? What inspires you?

Ps: if you know some motivational person/ movie etc should check out lemme know.

Check it out! some of my fave's listen & then decide if you wanna download his stuff

he has 4 free Mixtapes you can download here on his site ETinspires

hope you're inspired! (& enjoyed the double post)
have a fun week

Love bombchell

Sh!t Moms/ Dad Say (Non Mundane Mondays - Funny Videos)

So it's Monday.... yep looking forward to Friday already.

i decided to bring back Non Mundane Mondays today, which basically entertains you & adds a few minutes of happiness to your week with 6 Funny Videos.. (I'll do a double post today)

Sh*t Pakistani Mums say by MalumTV

Sh*t Nigerian Dads say by TheBaskerian

Shit Caribbean Moms Say by LaToya Forever

Sh*t Punjabi Mothers Say by SuperWoman

Things You Cannot Tell A Nigerian Parent #12  by Juanito Rodriguez

 1 more for Nigerian Parents by WoWo Boyz

It's so funny how all these stereotypes work whether it's an African or Asian Parent & one day we'll be those people, infact some of you are already parents.

Hope you enjoyed this :) have fun

Love Bombchell

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pictures from Plays 9th Pool Party (18th OCT 2014)

So last month we had the Play Pool Party.
selfie's by hotel window (great light huh!)

Play's a club here in Abuja & they were planning to throw a pool party. Interesting concept because the party was advertised, but the location was a secret. Through referrals etc people got to be on the guestlist, and they actually called to confirm each person (they must have a lotta credit/ good phone plan). On the day of we were to get another confirmation text with the location (Never got that, friends just said where it was about 4pm).

Soo... it's abuja, and we've had very random experiences based on how we are dressed so.. we definitely hit our sheer/ crop tops under scarves until we got to the location.
covered up cause abuja loves drama & we didn't want none

A video posted by Bombchell ( Michelle ) (@lovebombchell) on
i barely knew anyone, but i had a blast! the location was stunning, set up was nice, people.... well i had to get over the fact that people kept using water guns to soak us. If someone threw me in the pool that would have not been funny because they did it to a bunch of people. I'd have to pray hard not to see "carrie red" and snap (so i left my camera & my cell phone in cousin's car). I don't understand the fun in throwing people into the pool, especially when you dont know them... but to each their own.

At the end of the day, I had a blast, i had drinks, there was music, and i met a few people. (skip the awkward part of me bumping into someone at work. I hate when my personal life & work collide... odd but true , a different time i saw a boss at the gym... just awkward for me)

NOW... since I wasn't bold enough to risk carrying my camera & have it thrown in water... all the pool party pics below are by photographer George Okoro (site, insta). So that's it folks... getting into the swing of things in Abuja.

it got dark! it got good! by 11pm I was on was on my home home to sleep! went with my girls, we are probably somewhere in the dark running from water guns/ being thrown in the pool.

Shout Out! to the play manager for giving me permission to take pics (i thought his name was BK, but i think it's Dike), and then hooking me up with pictures by George when I left my camera behind!!
& a better shout out to all those that found me what i wanted to drink & protected me from bring thrown in the water!
Grazie Mille!

Love Bombchell

After last week, can't have y'all thinking I wont post on Monday :)

soo.. got any restaurants or events you think i should check out in Abuja... lemme know before my social life goes into oblivion lol. so far it's aiight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A bunch of trips in one post. (I’m moving continents again)

(I've been having data problems!!! Proof & explanation at the end of the post)

Where am i moving to this time?? keep reading!

Pictures are fun, but guess what? I forgot my camera battery in London, while I had to travel to Monaco, Marseille, Napoli, Barcelona and any other place I've forgotten. Hustling for a particular type of charger on a ship is very hard, especially when checking out different cities & being a tourist. Luckily a family friend also used Sony. 

((PS: If you want my cruise travel agent's info send me an email, she books for large parties & small ones))

In Monaco I left my dead camera at home. I took pictures on my cell phone. soo…. insta collage!! yay!!

My last European stop was London. went to my aunt’s 70th birthday.

1. Waking up in Nice, France
2. leaving the cruise ship to head to town
3. Chillin in Monaco (yup Zara behind us) LOVE this pic
4. Casino in Monaco
5. I wore this dress previous month in Lagos
6. my lovely sister
7. Dress up dinner on Ship
8. In London for my aunt's 70th
9. Ladies in black , London

then flew home/ to my second home, Atlanta. To be honest, I keep moving; everywhere starts feeling “almost like home” but yet nowhere is home anymore. Definitely not London where I was born, and didn’t live, not Lagos where I grew up, but have only spent 2 years there in the past 13 years; not Milan where I spent a year; not my boarding city where I spent 6 years, and no longer Atlanta because I’ve been gone for 3 years and so much has changed.  Wonder where is home? my village? where all my ancestors are from, but I just go once a year? *shrugs* oh well…. if I had to pick out of ALL places right now, which one feels like home? It’ll definitely be Lagos where I settled the most and spent almost 2/3 of my life.

I spent the next two months of my holiday in Atlanta!! (August & September)

1. Collage. Sister's birthday TurnUp!!! @ Arif Lounge in Atlanta
2. SnapChat before club
3. Sisters bday dinner
4. My sis Amanda!! bday girl

A photo posted by Bombchell ( Michelle ) (@lovebombchell) on
ATL!!!!! (insta and snapchat)

GUESS WHAT??? I just moved again!
new home: Abuja, Nigeria

yup same place I blogged about few years ago, and said I’d never ever want to live here. Well… now circumstances have brought me here and I’ll be living here for the next 6 months- forever. (woot woot time to fall in love with Abuja)

data drama is sooooooo frustrating!!! I got tired of depending on people for internet, so I got a new plan on Tuesday and guess what? more drama didn't work.

soo… I’m starting afresh, trying to get settled, I’ve never lived here before, I feel just a little frazzled, and my internet situation depends on  if the hotel wifi works, or if I can drag my cousin/ friend to bring their wifi (apparently I need a valid ID to get internet, and I thought Milan was over the top for that, and now getting a Nigerian driver’s license is almost as dramatic as getting an Italian Permesso di Sorggionio, might get it next week or next year *sigh*).

well... now I have internet :) & we are all caught up! moved back to Nigeria on OCT 1 (first day i relauched blog, independence day etc ( can you imagine how hectic it was to post in both time zones etc before flying?)
1. Lagos, Nigeria with my cousin who you've seen all through my summer posts. and she'll also be in Abj with me
2. OCT 7TH!!! goodbye Lagos!!!!! omg i felt sooooo sick!!! i wouldnt dare to have thrown up with all the ebola drama and end up in quarantine! ick!
3. Abuja. work life

that's all folks.
& if any of you have been to Abuja, feel free to drop a line here or on any social media with advice on where to checkout! grazie!

Love Bombchell

Monday, October 27, 2014

POMPEII (Napoli/ Naples stop)

this is definitely a late Monday post. I feel like a juggler that belongs in a castle. I remember someone in Milan said: one who does everything is a master of none (jack of all trades, master of none). well hopefully, soon I'll master the art of juggling & become better than Jack.

This post is about Napoli ( english name: Naples). Pompeii.

Advice, get a tour guide if you go to Pompei. It's pretty huge, and just a map isn't enough. on the cruise you get tired of paying at every stop, but having a tour guide helps, for someone to explain the different sites. Gorgeous morning!!! this was from my balcony on the ship
A photo posted by Bombchell (@lovebombchell) 
in bed being lazy
A photo posted by Bombchell (@lovebombchell) 

Capri/ Amalfi Coast or Pompeii... well... we had a Great Gatsby themed party to get to later evening, so we had to be back early on the ship. hence we picked Pompeii! (I haven't watched it yet, I know a guy from my class is actually from Pompeii).

I was hoping to hang out with a friend who's from Napoli but he decided to go on holiday (yea Gaetano i mean u!!! lol)( thanks for the various recommendations, wish i had more time to see them)

OMG!!!!!!!! at the entrance of pompeii there's a small market with all these!!!!!!! LIKE WTF??? right!!! CRAZY!! she told me the house to find paintings, super rated x paintings.  I can't believe the painting etc are for real. I got so confused with my map... and the heat that i lost track of finding the house.

Sis & I

Trust me!!! get a guide lol

Time for those fun/ horrible holiday poses:



:( & awe



we decided we wanted to see the city.... half way thru kinda fell asleep!! Napoli isn't easy on the eyes. It's like a bad section of Lagos. don't believe just watch. (we even asked the taxi guy where all the players live, he said not in the city)... OH yea! better bring your igbo sense/ street smarts with you when you come here or you'll get hustled (sharp taxi guys!)

so when i woke up... we were back at the port, and it was time for the Great Gatsby themed party... did i tell you my Twin Aunts were turning 50????? hence this whole cruise round Europe. Pretty badass, their costumes were AMAZING. sadly i only have a picture of me :) lol

Sorry again about the Late Monday post! Check out the blog next Monday!

(hmmm i wonder why lots of people read but hardly anyone ever comment, i sometimes feel like i'm talking to myself! lol)

Good Night!