Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favourite Songs, Concert Pictures & Kanye

Gosh I love this song!!!! Kanye's defnitely one of the greatest ever!! I'm such a Kanye fan!! his part is probably the hottest part on this song [point 3.00 in the vid]. Jeezy Rocks too.

I PUT ON: Young Jeezy Feat Kanye

[unlike the lil wayne Lolipop video I'm glad they put in some effort, even though the song is already popular]

-Thanks to
Charlemagne's Truth for the video.

Two Songs I'm currently in love with & are highlighted. [ha ha the top 10 are the most played on my laptop]

{{{I will add add player later for both songs later}}}

Since I'm talking about Kanye I've decided to add a few pics from the Glow in the Dark Tour. Went with my sisters, brother, cousins, and a bunch of friends.

My Lovely Cousin "Sunshine"

my lil sister, "Gorgeous Mandy" & I [we had awesome seats]

Kanye Performing [hmm no camera's were allowed]

& an image from KANYE's fab Blog (link to his post)

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Bisous, Bombchell


  1. I love kan too, and those fab 80s shades!
    Your comment about private school on my ties post made me smile!

  2. I like his bag...sorta. Not enough to rock it myself. But, I would rock those 80's shades. In purple too!

  3. love him! and love that song! i downloaded it just the other day!

  4. oh and dont forget to check out my contest!

  5. Love Kanye as well. You're so lucky you got ot go to the concert! I was sick when he came to my town.

  6. omg one: your are the best the list definitely helped
    two: i am sooo in love with cookie jar from gym class heroes and dream downloaded it last week and it has been non stop
    third: you are sooo gorgeous i never noticed from the other pics

  7. Lol the only song I really know and listen to from your playlist is 'With Arms Wide Open' by Creed.

    I do love Kanye's music though - he's extremely talented and intelligent. You girls look fab and like you had a lot of fun!

  8. He is fantastic and lovely girls!

    a kiss!!

  9. you did have great seats!

    hawt pics!

  10. the shutter shades,...I tried them once but could not see too well...esp because I have HORRIBLE def pull them off

  11. Kanye's concert looked fun!

    glasses, scarf, t-shirts,,,
    u ladies looked nice in this

    thank u for the comment.
    Z from tokyo.


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