Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fortune Cookies Are So True

Question: so what happens when u "lose" a friends number, and kinda tick off of a potential date? & what's with guys refusing to be friends with me.

Answer: you order Chinese & read your fortune.

So I picked another cookie:

lol anyways gotta go I'm late for a ... meeting =)


  1. waist cincher...i will have to add that to my list.
    thanks for stopping by.
    Interesting fortune cookie weird that you got not 1 but 2 pertaining to friendships!

  2. lol.... i know right!
    thanks for coming by, i think that i got it right now...

    have you ever watched "Flipping Out"?

    it is soooo fuuunnnnyyy!

  3. @ that girl OMG The Cookie Was TRUE. the number I lost, we became friends again that week. & i ended going on my potential date! crazy huh? lol

    @ ubringmejoi hmm Ive never watched t, I just googled it, so I'll check it out on, or just wait to catch it on BravoTV. Tnx!!!


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