Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a Day!

just saw Meet Dave, yeah..... the movie with Eddie Murphy (^_^). Hellboy was sold out, and I'm still waiting on Batman [shriek] & I admit, I liked it!!! (official website). lol He's Hot white suit, & some funny lines in the movie too.

  • we grabbed some Chinese on the way back. yeah around 12.30am. (98.8% is in the fridge)

  • got carded at Starship & I had no I.D. (lol don't ask, it was right by the Chinese restaurant) all i saw for the 3 secs were movies on the wall, I'm "guessing" XXX.

  • went to a pool party (3 mins before it ended)

  • waking up for church in about 5 hours 30 mins. how was your weekend? hope it was great.
finally got a profile picture [shrugs]. Hope I'll like it forever. (took it around March, yeah I change my hair every month)


  1. Amazing hair! I'm soo excited for The Dark Knight to come out too.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. So many people come and look, but I never know who they are... you certainly are pretty and I love your blog name: Bombchell - very creative.

    Can I just say that I have had my share of apples with peanut butter in my lifetime! What an excellent combination... But now days I have to go heavy on the apples and light on the pb... lol

  3. Nice shot!

    I can't wait to see the Dark Knight either. So, you liked the Eddie Murphy movie, huh? I ended watching Hellboy.

  4. you are a cutieeee..wish my eyebrows were soo groomed...but ok so jealous you can walk to lenox...soo not

  5. hair looks great. You are pretty.

  6. Eh, I refuse to watch another Eddie Murphy movie. I think Norbit scarred me for life. I really want to see Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight though!

    Thanks for your comment! Would you like to trade links?

  7. thanks everyone =) for the compliments!! [I'll try not to let my head swell]

    @ Psyche oouh I watched Hellboy yesterday too!! it was fun, he was so... cute as a kid. & "the blue couple" were so.... romantic!! I wish I cried! lol

    @ Danz lol I feel you, we went in 5 to see Hellboy, and when we decided to see Meet Dave, 2 left!! haha. & yea I'll trade links

  8. You are so flipping gorgeous, I love your eyes!

    Good idea, babe - I may take them in to a tailor. I'm totally about to be that girl her lacy-underthings showing the whole wide world! Ack! They just fall on my total no-backside and do me no justice, hahaha.

    I'm SO excited for Dark Knight - I miss Mr. Heath, but this movie will be wonderful to see.


  9. Goo djob on the profile pic! I don't hear anybody complaining lol SOunds like you had a really busy day lol even if things didn't all work out for you lol You should come around more often.


  10. you look absolutely beautiful! love your hair

  11. love the pic.... i too am a fan of changing the look up but trying to maintain one consistently (i.ll let you know how this works).

    so did you see the dark knight? what did you think?

  12. I LOVE your hair. Lady, you are gorgeous :) Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :D As for your 'don't hate' mantra, you're CRAZY! Have you looked in the mirror lately?

  13. Good picture and a great look. Your hair looks great, I would keep it.

  14. how do you get your hair so curly what do you do?


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