Sunday, July 20, 2008

What do you really think about in Church?

So today in church i was trying to pay attention. But the priest said something normal about Mary in the context of Jesus' mother, and then my mind wandered. I grew up knowing (/assuming) Mary was just a vessel, you know? to transport Jesus to earth, deliver him, no genetic makeup etc. so when people call her Jesus' mother, well what do they really mean? in my head:

(A) Sperm + Eggs = Baby -----------------------I understand perfectly

(B) Holy Spirit -> Mary (vessel, no genetic makeup needed, magical, miracle)-----------------------I understand perfectly

Thought in Church:
(C) Holy Spirit + Mary (with eggs, genetic makeup, as in really his mother)??? = Jesus--------Lighting pls don't strike.

I picked option (B), asked for forgiveness for potential sacrilegious thoughts, & put my mind back on the Mass. As my friends know i'm sometimes prone to "blonde moments" (it's a cute saying but but if any blondes are offended, comment on it, & I promise never to use it again =).

PS don't forget Nordstrom's is currently having their big Anniversary Sale, it started Friday, July 18 and ends Sunday, August 3. Thanks to Dave for both the cartoons. I love his cartoons!

Cartoon by Dave Walker. ps: you can also freely find & add them to your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

My weekend is going great, hope yours is too.

bisou, Bombchell. (my French is improving lol)


Adam had neither father nor mother!! so of course Jesus is all God. right? I dont feel too stupid anymore because apparently on the internet others have asked & resolved this(eg: on this Yahoo Answers question).lol




  1. @ my post, why so negative??? lol

    @ your post, but if the conception of christ was immaculate, then there was no sperm and eggs involved, right???


  2. lol yeah that's what i later concluded.

  3. joseph must have been feelin salty that another 'man' got his wife pregnant lol they should make a hip hopera about that lol


  4. Funny!

    As for your question about the navy/purple dress and the wedding . . . Are you a bridesmaid, or is the color a theme/suggestion? Maybe you should send the bride a swatch and see if she approves? I absolutely adore navy, and think it would be totally classy for a wedding (but it's definitely not going to pass for indigo/lavender, sadly . . .)

  5. Ooh you're Catholic?? So am I! Um, I don't know why they don't like me... some do I guess...

  6. lol I think about crazy stuff all the time in church....I won't a post about it a while back...Being in church and looking at the people around you can put you in deep thought sometimes.

  7. about your comment on my blog...

    i would love you forever


  8. your telling all my bizness with htis one because I have the biggest crush on the saxophone player at my church and couldnt even concentrate this sunday

  9. Hey girl, love the post! lol, im the atlanta area too. love the site, ill add you to my blog roll and you can do the same or subscribe if you like it


  10. Hi, Michelle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting. I really appreciate it. : )

    I agree with you about the mind wandering in church. I'm also Catholic, btw.

    I think what matters is that you are there and you are thinking. That's why God gave us brains. : )

  11. umm about the mary thing i am completely clueless about I am catholic too...thats the sad part for the comment girl!!


  12. please dont feel like the only one..sometimes i end up questioning some things that go on in the bible..but you know it has been areound for years...and i have only been here for 19, so you know..history is history..

  13. Haha fun post! I think about so many random things while at church.

  14. We sure do need to stick together! Me and Ren from( plan on going to the makeup show together next year. Shes in atlanta too, Maybe we can all get close and form a lil ATL makeup clique lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog, i added you to my blog roll also.

  15. And omg yes, batman rocked my world!

  16. @ dessex & eb the celeb omg who you tellin! I'll be in church looking around, thinking "oooh he's cute....then focus michelle, focus!!" lol sad I know.

    188 yesterday after seeing The Dark Night I saw your name on building tag, & I took a picture for you! Bear in my my date now believes I'm truly addicted to the net.

    YAY I'm so happy a lot of people have done this!!

    & cool so many catholics!!!!

  17. Very interesting post. I had never thought of Mary and Jesus from that perspective. I usually don't try to "understand" religious stuff, as it is supposed to be believed in, not explained. At least that's what I've been taught in my Philosophy classes:)

  18. you know what, if i hadnt already heard so many weird 118 run in stories i woulda been surprised lol send the pic to and yes, i officially love you forever and youre going on the blogroll...if youre not there already lol


  19. Love ur blog check out my fashion blog!!!

  20. Lol on the church bit :)

    I have so many things in my online cart on Nordstrom's site. Which to eliminate...

  21. lol @ the rabbit thing..congrats you are the first person who has ever gotten really realizes its a a

  22. Hey! i didnt now if you were still getting my reply posts to that other thread so ill reply here lol. For pinks, a great shade is the pro color Show Orchid. Its so vibrant. Also when I'm doing bright red lips i use Darkside Lipstick and cover it with Venitian Lipglass. Works like a charm.

  23. great french, mine is limited to chardonay, frech fries and we

    gotta support u folk
    im in the atl too will add u to my roll if u dont mind

    hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

    rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me

  24. you cant turn off the internet!!! lol but you'll be happy to know that i did ok on my final...i hope lol


  25. I dig what you are saying but I personally think that God(IAM) doesn't haggle about such things. We couldn't understand it anyway. Yeshua(Jesus) came through Mary to be the Son of Man (Humanly related to us) Emmanuel (God With US). He had to be flesh and blood. The scripture says he was tempted in all things for our sakes.


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