Monday, August 25, 2008

A Good Lie Might Save You From A Bad Date

So I once went on a date to Twist with this guy S., about 2 or 3 summers ago. Anyways, he was nice, lovely date, but we stopped talking and that was it.

The problem: After 3 months he texted me, I texted back, he texted, I texted, then he ignored me [ & yes, Texted is a word!!!]

3 more months later: same crap

4 months later: he called, I missed it, I called him, and he didn’t call back. I then deleted his number.

Months Later he texted “Hi.” I said “who is this” he said S., I said “hi, what’s up” he never replied

Can u imagine how pissed I was getting??; (especially since I didn't fancy him?) he kept this up for about 2 years (don't know why I was being nice).

SO……...lution: last month he texted me again, I asked who he was, he said S. , I said “S who?” he replied the “S that you went on a date with to Twist” My Reply.

“Look the last date I went on was with my fiancĂ©, 2 years ago” (if he reads this I’ll feel 22.3% bad ) (I'm totally single lol)

So this post is dedicated to some of the lies we’ve told to the opposite sex. Lots of guys in the last post, (in comments, facebook, my phone, & some girls) said that I should be fairer, and also shed light on the stuff girls do. so here it is:

My Pants on Fire Pass Crew

“I have a boyfriend”

"You're too young" -even if he's older

-Gorgeous Mandy

I told this guy at the club "I'm a Lesbian" but he insisted it would be more fun & he wanted to be friends.

So I told him, "Honestly last time I had something to do with a guy, I threw up on him & I don't think you will like that!!" LMFAO he got put off!!!


“It’s the age difference” – it was just a year, but I wasn’t interested.

- Gerald

“It’s that time of the month”- works like a charm, and no more questions

- Essay

“I grab my cousin & say he’s my boyfriend”

- Sunshine

"This is my Bachelorette Party! I’m getting married tomorrow!” THE BEST!

- Fola

lol I've also used the Lesbian Line, the perv. tried to get us to kiss

A Million Thanks to all those that participated, and were bold enough to put up their lines & picture, U Know I love you!!!! (& ALL those that Commented in the last Post!!!)

Until Next Time, don't forget to subscribe =) & tell me your lines/ lies!!![click the comment link]

- Bombchell


ps: if you look into the liar liar, pants on fire passes, you'll learn some cool stuff, 79% are kinda single/ confused/ lying/ or according to facebook in relationships with other girls, or none

credit: chaos-kaizer (original photoshop badges b4 editing)

Easy instant online version you can make yourself: here [thanks to David's comment]


  1. LOVE your badges! Very cute idea (did you use flickr through Big Huge Labs??).

  2. WOW! Your blog is real entertaining

  3. Wow, these are some very creative lies. As usual, I've used the lesbian one a few times...didn't work b/c he wanted to know if he couls watch. The one lie that works for me is to say I'm pregnant with my 6th child. They run away so quick.

  4. haha i love this post..wish i could of had a badge or participated

  5. hey David, thanks. it's a photoshop file, I just added the link to the credit/resource at the bottom of the page. (omg just googled Big Huge Labs, now that would have saved time!)

    Glad your entertained (^_^)

    @ beautifully conjured
    LOL aint that crazy, apparently the lesbian line is more of a turn on, than a turn off, weird.

    HA HA HA @ the pregnant line!!!!

  6. tiki aww that would have been fun. I'll hit u up next time i need victims lol.

  7. Love this post! Can't stand when ppl in general don't answer my text, esp. when they text me first!!!

    Also, I meant Dove and not Dova. I just realized that from reading my post. :)

    Not sure of any places to run in Buckhead. But you can go to and search for a running group in your area. It's so much better to run with someone :)

  8. I love that Chell!!! omg im dying. Great post!!

  9. LOL!!! Yay mich, i love it. i actually use that line all the time and guys just say congratulations and then buy me a drink. LOL!!! when next we go out, i'll use it...Yay to FREE DRINKS.

  10. LOL this post is great - you are so funny!! I usually just tell them straight up that I'm not interested - harsh but it gets the job done quicker and better. They probably all think I'm a bitch but at least I don't have to talk to them anymore!

  11. lol. that is soo funny
    I'm gonna use some of those!! ;D

  12. LOL I've used the lesbian line and of course it doesn't work haha, and the "Its that time of the month" line... that one never fails me. I've also used:

    Him: Hey, what's your name shorty?
    Me: Yasmeen (my fake name)
    Him: Thats a fly name Yasmeen, you got a man?
    Me: Yes I do, we're actually engaged (flash my ring finger, though I'm not engaged, a ring is there when I'm at the club haha)
    Him: We can't be friends? He can't be that insecure not to let you have friends.
    Me: Yea,we can be friends, but the last friend I had... he disappeared once my boyfriend found out where he lived :sad face:

    hahaha... that works like a charm! (Sorry about the long ass comment!)

  13. Sista Socialite

    girl I promise you the next time I go out, I'm cal;ing myself Yasmeen, thats a hot name!!! I'll like Shaniqua rest.

    girl u can comment a whole page. HA HA HA @ he got missing LOL

    girl for real, lol we could even pin money to your outfit, or tke a tip jar

  14. That is a rad post, with so many helpful hits for future bad dates.

    I use the lesbian line sometimes and it helps if you are out with friends and you can say one of them is your gf, except for the few pervs that then want to see you make out.

  15. I tried the gay line too!!! LMAO! and it didn't work, these men don't care anymore, they wanna see if they can get in a threesome. NOT!!

    I want a badge too!

  16. girl LMBAO
    u a fool for that but least u got nice lips

  17. PS:
    i told women i did construction work and was homeless

  18. okay i found a wedding band at a friend's crib one time (bout 1 year and a half ago), so i took it and i permanently wear it on my right hand... so everytime "girlzilla" holas at me i just slowly switch the ring to the left hand and say i'm married and she's here... and then i use that you're too young line all the time, i just say i love older women like whitney old!!! and i aint talking lauren's whitney!!!

  19. Hahah well if a guy does that to you, he totally deserved it! Good job girl!

  20. what a creative badge-definitely the badges. but i lie a lot to women that i have no interest in because i don't really have the heart to tell a woman that i am not interested in her. eventually i lie enough where she loses interest and goes on her way...yeah, that works for me.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  21. haha this is a dope post....maybe S had bad phone service and your messages didn't go through

  22. oh wow... he was thiiiiiirsty!!! u shoulda told him to delete ur number a long time ago!

  23. Haha these badges are AWESOME! I want to wear one.

  24. wow..i dont even know what to say! haha i haven't been in the dating game in a while but i'm really nice and have a hard time rejecting someone! i usually give fake numbers =x but yea I LOVE your blog, it's funnnny. xP

  25. Great post. Oh, it is SO upsetting when guys use this game. It's such a waste of human energy and emotions. And leaves one very, very angry. good you got rid of the jerk. And I just love the badges...

  26. Love this post, Michelle! Hysterical, especially the passes :)


  27. LOL, I loved reading this. =D

  28. Wow! I take my hat of to you for even entertaining this silly dude. LoL

  29. Sup Bombchell,

    You have a pretty good site here. I am mad that it took me this long to stop by. Funny post, I agree that there's no telling what a person might hear while out on that dating game stroll.

  30. I'm just passing through...but I must say this post is entertaining and enlightening. I'll have to return sometime soon.

  31. Great post indeed!!!
    I can pretty much recover from any line a girl gives... shows a lot of whit and makes the girl embarrassed; we all know girls dont like feeling like this.

    I personally reserve continuous text messages for people that i don't like but need to keep around because "You Never Know" when you get in a

    I have a full proof line that scares girls away and pulls girls at the same time with a subtle difference:

    Scares - I just got deported and I'm leaving tomorrow. Scares Godzilla away.

    Pulls - I just got deported and i have 30 days to leave. leaves the girl Sympathetic and me with a story to tell.

  32. buhahahahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT s dude took the absolute piss!!!!!!! I WUD HAVE DROPPED AN EVEN BIGGER bombchell ON HIS ASS!!!!*HISS*
    the one line i use often..when am just not in the mood to be disturbed is:
    like i sed..when am realllllllllly not in the mood for

  33. Haha, that line served him right!
    Lol@ all the lie's...ama have to come back and borrow some a these! The badges were tres cute!

  34. Love the badges! So creative! And the post is fun and interesting. I realized that creeps will always be creeps, so there's no point of being polite, you just gotta be straight up so they'll get the hint (hopefully) and leave you the hell alone! But it's hard to take my own advice, cause I usually feel bad after I say something mean.

  35. Oh, the tangled web we weave...

    The worst lie I've ever heard was "I can't--I have an STD" [overheard in a club overseas years ago]. By the way, you're a nut! LOL!

  36. hahahahaha! im so feelin ur blog!

    like most girls, i've used the lesbian line..

    i havent really had to lie, i simply say im unavailable..

  37. this post is hilarious! this one guy asked my friend out and she told him it "was against her religion to date him"

  38. LOL.. first time in ya house * wipes my feet*.. interesting to say the least..


  39. I'm going to have to use some of these! lol too funny.

    love the badges, pretty creative.

  40. Love the badges! When creepy guys talk to me I tell them I'm 13. haha. I guess everyone lies.

  41. lol... well as a guy...i'll be looking out for lines like these...the lesbian thing mos def wont work on any other guy i know

  42. Hahaha love those lines, I think we are all guilty of a few lies at some point. My easiest line is 'sorry I'm gay', works wonders.

  43. Very creative & funny lines! Hahaha I really like the lesbian one! & I love your photos.

  44. I too think the badges are the bomb. "Pants on Fire", how funny is that?

    I can't ever remember telling a lie to get out of a date, but thinks to you, I will know the lie when it hits me in the face.

    I really want one of those badges though. You should produce and sell those bad boys. 15 bucks a pop, plus shipping and handling.

  45. Absolutely love it!!!!! Boy, I've told some lies in my time, mostly the 'I'm engaged' line or 'My boyf is over there' but some sleazy guys don't even care so my tactic now is to either be a complete bitch or amuse myself with a completely fake story, I've got about 3 fake names and stories to go with each ;)

  46. Aw man. I missed out! I wish I could have participated. Anywho, when I was single, I use to wear a ring on my left hand and tell guys that I was married whenever I did not want to be bothered. I never had any problems.

  47. OMG, I just wrote a similar post on how to deal with parking lot pimps! LMAO

    Ok my worst "lie" was to a guy who kept texting me and wouldn't take my silence as a hint. And actually it wasn't really a LIE but I wasn't being exactly truthful. What happened was: one day he texted me(LOL @ you and the word "texted")asking how I was and I text messaged back going HARD on the "Jesus Freak" tip. I went on and on about Jesus and how good He's been to me. I sent him several text msgs back to back about being "Reborn" again and I even threw in a couple of scriptures for good measure. Girl, that fool NEVER "texted" me again!!!! LMAO I know I might go to hell for that one but I was desperate and I didn't know what else to do. LOL

  48. Resident hoottie need to caaaaaalllll meeeeeeeeeeee! He live in London, I live in london....match made in heaven! LOL

    I've used the Lesbian line, and got told there was NO WAY cold be a lesbian. I fought my corner man, dude and his stupid friend got worried. lol

    I've got a boyfriend never works as well as it should.

    These days im just lke...ahhh nah! and walk away hoping mans aint getting ready to shank me in my back!

  49. oh man this was hilarious lmao

  50. Funny. You could also just say "I'm sorry, but I have to go tend to this nasty little rash", although I like the fiance line.


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