Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love Traffic & Basketball

About to head out to the So So Def basketball game. (current time: 3pm, game started: 3pm ha ha).

My new friend, Nura & Sosa from Alabama (the Nelly Stan, from last post)

Thanks to traffic got there at 4PM, to see a really long line!!!

(ps: OMG there was the hottest guy stuck in traffic with me on 85 south, if u ever see this: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Boo!!!!)

The game was at Morehouse College, Took forever to find the Arena!!! then to stand in line to buy tickets.

FINALLY GOT MY BRACELET!! YAY!!! now time to stand in the next line. OMG is was so... hot outside, about 80-95 degress. my camera didn't capture the heat!!

The game started at 3pm, we got in at about 5pm!!! then looked for seats. No wonder I got crappy seats. Apparently we had to come early, or with purple bracelets for good seats. And they weren't selling them =/

If you were with the media & seating here: I HATE U!! lol

Soulja Boy performed during half time.

Wanna know something funny? from my crappy seats, I could hardly see anyone, I thought the wrong guy was Nelly for half the game, then noticed Bow wow, & J.D. I had no idea the gorgoes Boris Kodjoe was even there, until I got back, read other blogs the next day, and zoomed into my pictures. ha ha ha, sucks. (I'm still hating on people with better seats & cool pictures like this guy!)

The game was okay, I wasn't focused, just wanted to take pictures. So we left with about 5 mins left in the game, so we could beat traffic. & attend a family friend's high school graduation. good gosh she got into Princeton, pretty badass.

I wonder who won in the end??


  1. i love seeing my college i graduated from anywhere thanks sista

  2. OMG Torrance, how on earth did you guys find where to go.

    me & a group of people got lost looking for Forbes Arena!! and wow u're basket ball court is huge!!

    lol I went to a small school, in the country.

  3. you look hot!
    thanks for the code writing sugg.
    do you mean i make up my own, or follow a language code? haha.

  4. at least you looked cute??

  5. I love your skirt!Boris is fine as hell tho, aint he.

  6. Your skirt is to die for!! Omg, it is amazing & you look terrific.

  7. god dayum!!! you are fine as fuck


  8. Ya'll looked so cute. And that picture looks clear enough to see the multiple cuteness on the court.

  9. LMBAO
    as long as u had a ball sistwer is all that counts and dont ask security, they will just try and get your number

  10. Oh you look great in that skirt. I did my grad in a HUGE college too. Loved roaming around in the grounds. Sigh... seems like such a long time ago.

  11. You are just looking too damn CUTE in that outfit! I love it! Just gorgeous and a hot bod too! :)

  12. You look so beautiful in that dress, darling!
    And it is so fun to see a team you are really passionate about in action . . .


  13. Great Pics! You didnt have to sit on the press area to still capture the event. Good work! Its hard for us blogs trying to cover events... :)

  14. Hawt outfit Michelle!!! So you've become a celeb stalker or what? *just kidding*

  15. Nice outfit. "OMG there was the hottest guy stuck in traffic with me on 85 south, if u ever see this: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Boo!!!!" LOL!!

  16. Lol Lady Jane i know, but omg all shame is gone, he was hot!!!

    Sabira lol everyone in ATL is a ceebrity, or at least thinks they are one, so I'll stick to stalking people on facebook (jk).

    & Thanks for the compliment all! ps: the skirt was from Target =) super cool huh!!

  17. OMG i looooooooooooooooooove boris kodjoe!!!!!

    looks like fun...*screams* i wanna come to ATL!!!

  18. Boris was there???? My 7th husband-even-though-he's-married-see-if-I-care Boris??? LMAO

  19. Nice skirt! :)
    Now I regret regret returning mine

  20. Oh my gosh! You look soooooo gorgeous in that adorable black skirt!!!

  21. I went to one of these games a few years ago....and I think I tried to stalk Nelly!!!

    Thx 4 sharing the pics w/ us!


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