Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

also Black Gay Pride in Atlanta. I haven't noticed the influx of people yet, probably 'cause I haven't been to Lenox Mall, and we go to different clubs.

Anyways haven't been clubbing!! Can you believe that!?! Well I'll find something to do tonight. & Obviously Velvet Room Tomorrow (Sunday). Jeezy is having an Album release party on Wed (ladies free b4 11pm) @ Velvet room.

Oh and apart from the Thai I just ate (Rama 5 of Thailand  link, Pretty good, But I miss my restaurant in Conyers), I'm taking my ass to the gym starting tomorrow okay Monday. Gotta get ready for Cali & Vegas!!!! I can't wait (if you've been to Vegas, what are the hottest spots?). Gotta be strict for 30 days!! so if you see me in the gym, I look a hot mess PLS!! dont say hi!! I'll be mortified, just wave :)

Ludacris is also doing some stuff this weekend. check it out here, I might go to the soft ball game on Monday with Michael Jordan, at Oglethorpe university cause it's pretty close.I'm clueless about softball though.

Anyways let me know what u've got planned for this weekend, especially if you're in ATL. & Just for fun I'll post a picture of the hottest guy I see this weekend, hopefully he'll be straight & hit on me ha ha (90% joke)


  1. hahah, interesting post. don't we all wish cute men are 90% straight.

  2. hahahaha i wouldnt be joking on the straight part

  3. Looking forward to that photo...hopefully there'll be hot selection there. Good luck!

  4. there's always something poppin' in the A. that's where i was gonna lay my head before i ended up in the d.c. urrea. like the blog bay. i'll be back.

  5. I don't have any plans...just play it by ear.

  6. @ Aly & Tikedi
    ha ha I made a mistake. I meant he's 100% straight & 90% hits on me.

    After last night of NO GUY, well no cute guy Hitting on me. I'm hoping thats now a 100% hits on me lol

    lol for some reason I was shy yesterday! But I MUST today!!

    well I heard DC is cool too, well the ladies love it cuz its way more guys than in the A =)

    that's def. what Im doing today. Everywhere I planned to go b4 didnt work out.

  7. Seems like there's a lot going on in Atlanta this weekend.

    I'm in the wrong place! LOL.

  8. Sounds like u had an amazing time planned, I'm very jealous!

  9. it's so interesting in the ATL...we have nothing going on my way.

    i enjoyed the long weekend i think i may take off tomorrow as well! hehe

  10. it's funny b/c i remember when i used to hit all the events during labor day weekend. guess i'm gettin old b/c i kicked it at the crib all weekend. lol

    i love thai food. i'm tryna find a new spot to go to. lemme know where you go. i've been to nan a couple of times. i normally go to a lil spot in norcross

  11. Well at least I did not have to 'labor' on Labor Day. I just relaxed at home and ate a lot. I had to rest after going to Memphis, TN to a new boutique's grand opening. I am worn out from shopping!

  12. waiting on the hottest guy

  13. I so miss Vegas! Even if you don't stay there, check out Bellagio, Wynn, and Ceasar's Palace! Stratus, has a kick ass night club, and if you have funds, GO SEE ZUMANITY!

  14. lol can't wait for the photo whether he's straight or not

  15. What the crap! You have, like, the best life ever. I work my ass off at the gym for...Prom? Bathing suit season?

  16. I love all your posts girl, they always seem to make me laugh! Hope you have fun at vegas/cali!!!

  17. Hey nice blog. I keep thinking I may need to get out to ATL since everybody in your pics are gorgeous..specially you...tehe.

    Anyways, big up and I will be checking on you...

    Dallas Black

  18. I might go to the soft ball game on Monday with Michael Jordan

    ^^^ lol. i had to read that one twice.

  19. If you want to get in good shape fast check online to see if there is a CrossFit in your area! I have been going for only a month and people are already noticing the change and asking what I have been doing... teehee

  20. Umm Sunday night was crazy at Velvet. I mean the normal line literally was from velvet down to McDonalds and the vip was from velvet up to the end of the plaza... with people sitting and walking around the parking lot. The whole of freaking Atlanta was probably there. I think they even got the price to like $100 at one point of the night.

  21. @King Ola
    HA HA HA omg I almost died laughing at your comment, heard it was crazy!! so I took my ass to Verve. Im sure it was like 500 girls

    @ one10, fashion dreamer, sexxy luv
    lol Yall come party over here sometime. but its about time i take a lil break from clubs lol

    sure I dont remember the name of the one in conyers, but its exit 82, u make a right, in some shopping complex. Haven’t been to Nan yet. Rama 5 of thailand is cool, it's in Buckhead around ESPN zone etc

    thanks a lot! but I joined Crunch fitness months ago and neevr used it LOL, but Ive been going everyday since the post!! YAY! omg you should post before and after pictures.

    girl shopping is fun, ure married to your boo, you traveled. lol I think u win.

    thanks for the heads up. broke or not!! I'll try even if it means calling my parents.

    @Eb & Krissy
    lol. Don’t worry in the post you’ll see how many guys I got 0-7.

    @ Libby
    Ha ha maybe I did, until I realized I have so much to do this month, Ill be in the library all day. HA HA I work out for “Halloween!!” and Christmas!! Oh yeah Christmas cause I go back to visit Africa, and it’s warm, so summer all over again.

    I’m glad you do. And I definitely hope I have fun, and Lady Luck is partying with me!! Haven’t been since I was a kid. I’m afraid to dream big ha ha

    Ha ha thanks.

    Bwahaha me too I had to re-read it!! You know, we go way… back with Mike.

  22. Funny post - about the hot guy quest.
    I used to work at Lenox Mall!!! (There was a Laura Ashley on the second floor - is it still there?)


  23. looks like u had an okay weekend. Just the thai food would have made me happy enough :)

  24. Hey, you don't know me...Just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog... I kind of shadow it from time to time and I finally felt like I should say that I really enjoy it.

  25. hahahah! the guy i talk to went to tha ATL for labor day weekend and he said when he got off the plane doodes was checkin him out. and he was like "maybe its just cuz i super fresh straight outta cali." psssssssh, he found out later that it was gay pride in the ATL! hahah! too funny!

  26. so where is the picture of the hottest guy you met???

  27. just read ur last post. nice one, some great

  28. i LOVE las vegas! there's free valet, and everyone is drunk, happy and beautiful! i'm going back this weekend. my favorite clubs are tao at the venetian and tryst at the wynn. the venetian is really nice if you're looking to splurge on a hotel.

  29. This year will Definitely be an awesome Pride during Labor day as Traxx Girls and Traxx Atlanta Present Pure Heat!
    The Event line up is CLUB EVENTS
    Thursday September 3, 2009
    Pride Weekend Kick Off Party @ My Sister’s Room |21 & Up | 10PM-4AM |
    Friday September 4, 2009
    Pretty In Pink For The Cause Grown Folks TakeOver Party @ 595 North | 10PM-3AM |With Chrisette Michelle
    Frisky Friday @ Club Miami Block Party Shutting Down The Entire Block For The 1st Time | 10PM-5AM |Nicky MinaJ Performing Live |
    Saturday September 5, 2009
    Atlanta WeT @ Primal (formerly Wet Bar) |Hosted By Cassie and The Glenn Twins | 3PM-8:30PM
    1st Annual Pride BasketBall 3 on 3 Tournament @ Chastain Memorial Park Gym| Food/DJ/Prizes/BBQ | 1PM-7PM |
    Legendary Traxx Girls Big Bang Event @ Freight Depot (1 MLK Drive/Outside Johnny Rockets @UnderGround Atlanta) Biggest Girl Party In The Country 4000 Women | Lil Kim Performing Live| 11PM-6AM
    Sunday September 6, 2009
    Sunday SoulFood Poetry Slam @ Renaissance Hotel | Hosted By Queen Sheba & Bella Cartel with Ken J Martin |11AM-3PM|
    2nd Annual Traxx Girls Unity Ball Hosted By Mother Jaime Balenciaga & Kiron Prodigy | Renaissance Hotel | 4PM-8PM
    My Girl Gotta GirlFriend SHOWTIME Hosted By V-103 Ms.Sophia @ Atlanta Live aka Club Dreamz | SHOWTIME 11-12/after party | Kerri Hilson Performing Live | 10PM-5AM

    Monday September 6, 2009
    Annual Traxx Girls Pool Party & Bday Bash For World Famous MTV Star Aneesa & Jaimee |4PM-9PM |
    DJ M (Traxx Girls) & Kate (LoverGirl NYC) Bday Bash Strip Club Event @ The Body Tap Strip Club |10pm-1am |
    The All White Party @ Lava Lounge With V103 Ms.Sophia | 21 & Up | 10PM-3AM |

    Friday September 4, 2009
    Rapid Results HIV Aids Testing @ The Renaissance Marriott Hotel | 3PM-4:00 PM |Chrisette Michelle & Aid Gwinett|
    Feed the Homeless Initiative @ Atlanta Taskforce for the Homeless & Nicholas House | 5PM-7:00 PM |Chrisette Michelle & The Vision Community Foundation|


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