Friday, August 1, 2008

Pictures from Dallas, Texas

woah had a power outage this night , thanks to the rain!! (& to "M" no I wasn't scared!!!). I even had to light candles lol (no batteries were in my torch/ flash light).




pictures are bigger if you click on them (I hope). it's 6am, I'm sleepy, I'll correct it when i wake up. {{ Hi I'm Bombchell & I'm an Email-Facebook-Blogger-WebSurfing Addict =/}}

4) I was so camera happy!! they kept making fun of me. lol

5)dinner @ my aunt's house. before heading out to the house party.

omg it was like 80 degrees! at 10pm in Dallas, so hot!! the party ended at 3am (it didnt get any cooler).

6)The Next Day for Lunch.

7) Party Time (lol I slept till about 2pm, then again till 6pm, hence i look refreshed lol)-hmm I'm not ashamed I slept that much, we all need a break sometime he he.

8)wondering why my site is cutting the right part of this picture??

From BOMBCHELL - i...

9)Sunshine, Gorgeous Mandy & My futu Chioma



12) Outside the ballroom

13) So cute: they danced into the ballroom


15)My cute nephew [I promise I'm not choking him! he's smiling see... ]

{{sunshine take that!! Team Bombchell wins - inside joke}}

16) Poor guy, I made him take pictures of me in the car, airport, hotel, lol everywhere!!

17) Some scary cool dancers, I was actually scared excited to take a picture from my seat

18) Thanks for being a good sport! I always bugged my cousin to take pictures, randomly so I could figure out the right light setting.

19) & A close up of my nails to those who noticed it looked different.


  1. Love your pictures!! That couple is adorable. Looks like you had a lot of fun

  2. that outfit you wore to te airport..and to the party are cut..can never go wrong with some look like you had a good time

  3. Go girl! Go girl! You got it!!! Hahahaaa, you are cold chillin. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  4. wow, i knew you were cute cuz of your profile pic but now i know you're gorgeous! and sexy as fuck too. matter fact all your girls are! lol love the first 2 pics, especially the 1st


  5. aw looks like so much fun. What is your ethnicity?

  6. thanks everyone!! =)

    Ti: I'm glad someone else likes Chucks, my aunt was wondering why i didnt wear slippers.

    "I replied Chucks go with all seasons!!"

    118 u're funny

    thatgirl ethnicity: Igbo (actually everyone in this post is Igbo- its a tribe in Nigeria)

  7. You look lovely... and great pictures... a lot of fun, right?

  8. love the smiles
    and the nails
    but not pizza for breakfast

  9. Oh wow! You all looked so nice! Love the pic, of you taking the shot of you and your friends in the mirror! Looks like, you all had a great time. Awesome :)

  10. Cool nails! It looks like you had tons of fun.

  11. Love the photographs, the first outfit is lovely, especially the yellow top!! Thank you so so so much for the lovely comment :)

  12. love you outfits!!
    your so pretty!!


  13. all of those pics were beautiful.

  14. Oh you're so pretty! I love the grey jeans with the yellow top in the first outfit and your B&W party outfit is hot!

  15. Gorgeous nails! Looks like y'all had fun! Those hotel beds look so comfy! And I feel you on dropping the phone, I kept dropping my old phone, the MDA, and with the iPhone ive been super careful!

  16. looks like you had a great time! :)

  17. Hmmm... tell the six-packed brother that he looks very... six-packed! And looks like you had a world of fun. Good... considering that's almost all that girls just wanna have.

    And THOSE are some seriously crazy nails. I have never really tried nail-art, but trust me, I am considering. Something so cool, I am not passing.

  18. You look absolutely STUNNING in your party dress and your nails are pretty. Guess your new camera is working out for you :)

  19. Great pics. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  20. nice pictures! and you look so gorgeous on that dress. :)

    thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie! :)

  21. How are you looking cute to fly? I usually chunk up the deuce to looking cute and work it out in some sweats. Love the picture post.

  22. Loves the pics. *note to self, get camera like Bombchell* Dallas is #1 on my FABfave cities list. Go Cowboys! Yes, I am a Cowboys stan!

  23. Loving the blog!! Thanks for comments on my blog and the photos. I appreciate it!

  24. man... all that cowboys gear.. IM jealous yo.. great pics tho, thats a good look on the married couple. beautiful people and the cowboys.. what a damn combo

  25. I really like your blog! I live in Dallas, so hope you had a ball! You guys were beautiful, my old roommate in Atl is Nigerian. So its love!

  26. wow..nice pics... wat dslr is dat sony alpha??
    Tnx 4 stoppin' by today.. cheers


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