Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping In Atlanta

So where do you shop??

Me & My Cousin Val, this morning, (sniff) now (10pm) she's on her flight back to the UK.

Atlanta/ GA is pretty fun to shop at, well once you learn to love mall's you'll love it. We have everything from Hermes -> Metro Park -> Urban Outfitter -> Zara -> Bebe-> Forever 21 ->Rue 21. And the most eclectic fun place to shop in Atlanta is definitely LIL 5 POINTS (L5P).(Lenox-2nd)

L5P is everything, vintage, punk rock, alternative, modern, not in the mall, and some brought from LA & NY for stupid high prices, But Lovely MIX!!!!!!! Been shopping all weekend, I'm trying hard not to remember how much I've spent!! Like my cousin Natalie says "I Wish Money Grew On Trees" I have some of the coolest bags, weird glasses, and Makeup!!! I went MAC crazy! So thanks to everyone at the malls that were super nice to me & my cousins!!!!
L5P area map, driving instructions by google maps , Address: 484 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 us


Phipps Plaza
- most expensive (Tiffany's, Jimmy Choo etc)

- (2nd poshest, high end store) so fun on Saturday, all the gays (mostly african american) come out, there are DJ's everywhere, girls in tight dresses, it's like a club. [I prefer weekdays when it's quiet though] (link)

-Diesel, FCUK, Karen Miller, Versace, Sony, Burberry, Betsey Johnson, A&F, Macy's, Wetseal, go check their site

- Has the only MAC store in GA, and all the cool girlie stores, like Lvl X, Charlotte Russe, Know Style (soon to open?), you can thread your eyebrows there.

Gwinnett- Know Style, Bebe etc - tons of nice girlie stores (link)

Southlake- Know Style, Melinda's, I'm not really sure

West End Mall -um not really sure, I know there's a wig store there

I forgot:
Atlantic Station: so pretty, reminds me of a little fake city, like gotham city or something. They have H&M (& a lovely theathre stays open till about 3 am, and cool restaurants like Geisha House, Dolce, Strip, BoneHeads etc)

: in L5P: there's a store called Wish (link to site/current sale)that has old school sneakers etc, and 97% of the store is for guys, all my male friends love it, it's pretty sick!!

in Phipps: there's Armani, Armani exchange, Gucci etc, Nordstrom (sean john, etc)

Lenox: Macys [most guy i know find stuff there], True Religion, Zara, Express, Urban Outfitters, FCUK, Salvatore Ferragamo (shoes, belts, high end) and more stores

(Torrance I added the few guy stores I know for u!! so which others did u like when u were in Morehouse? u still in the A)

Anyways I'm about to go to Justin's so if u see me, I'm wearing the same shirt from morning picture! too lazy to change & I love this shirt!! I'm gonna order about 3 or 4 more tomorrow!!

Can't wait to shop in LA next month =)

Shirt I'm obsessed with: (it's much brighter in person, I lover racerbacks!!!)

I'll order the orders on their website here (only $9.80, Shit I might might 10 more and wear them forever)

Tomorrow I'm posting On one of THE MOST ANNOYING PHRASE GUYS USE!! and all ladies will agree

Natalie your not in this picture, but I miss you too!!! see you soon!! lol xmas.


  1. lenox is big for no reason but if you know what you want and what stores you want to go to you will be fine... i love l5p because it reminds me of the village in ny.. but i do think the area could be a little bigger and american apparel i so fukking hot. i love its.. the others can lay to rest dont really care for them.

  2. Damn, if I ever go to Atl, I'll definitely give L5P a visit and all those malls you visited. I agree, I also prefer to shop at malls when they're quiet. You and your cousin look so cute :)

  3. ok i been wantong to go to lil 5 points, but i cannot remember how to get there..and gas is too high to get lost can u tell me how..and where is zara??

    oh yeah and right now i am in my envious stage for u..u got ur shopping fixxx...i have yet to do that..and im dyinggggg

  4. xxxx: LOL, I remember visiting Mall Of Georgia years ago, that was Huge!! I love lenox I can't help it, lol.

    LadyJane: Thanks a lot! If u do, definitely tell me what you think =)

    TI: L5P is on Moreland Avenue, around 20East, I added the address to the post, along with a google maps thing.

    & Zara is in Lenox. upstairs past True Religion, Diesel etc it's closer to the end.

  5. Still lookin pretty fuckin fly. You gon take a pic with that shirt you love on?


  6. Girllll, everybody and their mama, loves lil five points but i've never been! how sad, huh? I rarely go to the city thats why, but I do hit up lenox and perimeter, i love them, they're my faves. Phipps is nice too. I dig metroparks style too.

  7. next time include stores for dogs (MINE) lol

    ps gave u a shout or, kinda on my latest blog post lol

  8. 118 that's the shirt I'm wearing in the picture

    Torrance I added a whole section of guy stores specially for u (I tried lol)feel free to add in.

    Jamie OMG u've never been!!!! U have to!!!! it's such a cool spot, the vibe is so different. just pretend it's a road trip =)

  9. I haven't been to Atlanta in like, a thousand years, but I bet the shopping selection is awesome!

    That shirt is obsessive worthy, indeed!

  10. torrance I googled the place & number u gave me, it's called Braincell: a store for dogs.

    ick, u mean real dogs, not guys.

    I don't like dogs they terrify me, I'll pass, I even avoid dating guys with dogs lol. but tnx

  11. Girl, you mentioned one of my favorite things to do...SHOPPING!!!I never go into the Westend Mall...I'm sorry, but that is a bit too hood for that fish food place has the mall smelling like the Atlantic ocean. Lenox is cool, but its wearing on me...if I go there, the only place I go to is Bloomingdale's and few other places...Phipps and Perimeter are my favorites...Stonecrest is cool too.

    Nice blog :)

  12. Cute top! I have yet to shop till I drop where I live...stuff is just too expensive and most of it isn't my style anyway. Have fun in L.A!

  13. Ahhh sounds like so much fun! Hope she got back to UK alright!

  14. Love the photos wit the captions! So jealous you went to a mac store & charlotte russe!!!! ;/ I wish we have proper mac stores in Singapore. We only have counters :(

  15. @ Bombchell
    *comin' thru for the 1st time*

    Didn't know that you were a fellow I'll greet you like they do here..."Whuddup shhhhhhhhhawty???" Lmao! (I really don't talk like that)

    Very nice blog. I'll be back

    Thanks for coming thru to the 12th Planet!!!

  16. i love L5P and i definitely hit up HM in Atlantic Station, they have cute stuff for no reason!
    but yeah actually i'm on my saving hard for the fall, i love the fall that's when i'mma be out shopping...


  17. I have not been to Hotlanta in years. I went to college there. I like the Lenox Mall and whatever is across the street that has the Tiffany and Louis Vuitton store.

    My two FABfave places to shop: THE Galleria in Dallas, TX. I love the stores. Plenty of high end ones AND I always meet some Dallas Cowboys! I also like the Cool Springs Mall in Franklin, TN... soFAB!

  18. UbringmeJoi:
    wow thanks how could I forget Atlantic station & H&M after i wated forever for them to come to GA lol.

    ((hugs)) that's actually the only place here in GA you can buy palette eyeshadows.

    ha ha omg you are a trip, I was being nice, incase anyone loves westend. I'll admit I used to buy my hair from westend, not the madd though, thank God for the new shop in hair shop in midtown

    "aye boo...., ow u doin!!" u should really come back lol, subscribe ;)

    mrsfab omg i stayed at the Marriott near the Galleria!! can u believe i didnt go in!! =( next time.

  19. & chantelle

    yeah tnx a lot they got back home safe!!!! (^_^)

  20. hmmmn...thanx for the heads up...arrgghhh!!! did u say Lenox has a true religion shop? that's it, its obviously where am gon shop whenever am in atl...

  21. i havent been to ATL parents never see the need to take us'll be sure to check out those places IF i ever go..

    thats a hot shirt btw!

  22. Bloomingales is my fav shopping place. 80% of my working clothes are Zara, whether it's paints, shirt, suits... I do not really shop in atl so imma have to check out L5P.

  23. Love that "LOVE" top from Forever 21! Adorable!

  24. hey what are the best restaurants to go in atlanta

  25. xxxx

    wow there any, are so many restaurants to go to in atlanta. it differs on price, and type/ cuisine, like American, South Afrian, steak place, sushi place. is a a group date.

    well I enjoy this South African restaurant on Roswell Road called 10 degrees South

    I like Justins (diddy's place) & it pretty affordable, some dont like it

    late night/ 24hrs spot Landmark Diner

    for a best 100 list check out jezebel magazine's choices.

  26. oh yeah I forgot Chima Steak House about $30-50 fixed price, there's a coupon on their site

    or Fogo de Chao

    cheap in atlantic station, Boneheads before i go see a movie.

  27. I love Little Five Points too. It is so eclectic.


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