Saturday, August 2, 2008

So So Def Weekend, shooting, Nelly, & Igbo Weekend

WTF???? I was meant to go for the party yesterday, SoSoDefSummerFest 2008 (with Nelly, Diddy etc) and all (Summerfest link, number: 404.914.5533 ). It's about $40 for each day, but $10 for the basketball game today at Morehouse College.

Anyways turns out there was some shooting over there (according to AJC news & MTO). Good gosh ATL get it together!!! anyways I'll call some friends to see what went down. My homegirl's a Nelly Stan (definition) so she'll probably drag me to Nelly's event.

For Those Still Interested regardless of the shooting lol:


Celebrity Basket Ball Game: J.D's team vs Nelly's Team
Morehouse College
Forbes Arena, Atlanta GA, 30341
doors open @ 3pm

@ Night

All White Party (hosted by Jermaine Dupri, Larenz Tate?? Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, etc)
The Woodruff Arts Center
doors open @ 10.30pm

tomorrow: Sunday Aug 3rd

Grand finale Party
(hosted by Polow da Don, Bow wow, JD, Nelly, Mario, etc)
VELVET ROOM {Duh, where else are you gonna party on sunday, well except Underground}

Igbo Nigerian Party: Umu Igbo Unite
ANYWAYS i think I'll take my behind to the Igbo party, i hope it's decent. I still don't know who the f&*% they think they are charging crazy, especially since they are a new organization. (sigh) people claim to host a reunion for the Igbo tribe but are really just trying to make a buck.

Anyway I'll prob be here tonight: (unless i do both parties)

Banquet & After party
Time: 7PM - 3AM
Location:Old Decatur Courthouse
101 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030

for others that care about the other weekend activities (link)

previous post, much more fun -> Dallas Pictures

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!!!

xoxo Bombchell


  1. Crazy about the shooting!

    ...But alot of other nice things happening down there...I may need to move there!

  2. You are quite the social butterfly, Chell! Have an amazing weekend :)

  3. I'd love to check out the Igbo party. Plus, I bet it's shooter-free. For real ATL...leave the dumb NYC -ish alone.

  4. hey there! thanks for visiting my blog. lookin great there :D

  5. ooo I'mma start coming to you for all the poppin things goin on in the city. keep me updated, girl.

  6. hey there, i just found your blog. lol loved the entry about the contacts. honestly, i don't think they'd make a big difference on you; your eyes are already big! lol.

  7. My peoples got Murked @ A Jermain Dupee function back in tha day. Shit is wild.

  8. i followed your link back after the comment you left on my blog. though, i totally get everything you're saying... :)

  9. I know ATL needs to calm down a bit. I ended up going to only the Nelly Basketball game & karaoke the next day. lol.

    xoxo jamie for real. I Should just make a post on where is a hot party in the A everyday, like wed- Luckie Lounge etc.

  10. i went to morehouse
    heard about the shooting they said a speaker blew
    i lived in Nigeria for 16 months doing my first post doc
    owerri, on okigwe road
    kedu kaa id taa?

    I speak fluent Igbo

  11. @ Torrance's comment.

    lol @ igbo: I'm fine thanks, todays pretty cool =)

    yeah i read that crap on Sandra Rose's site, I don't understand why she is lying, or what she has to gain, it was on AJC that someone got hurt, etc.

    but then again, she had paid adverts on her site for the party so maybe she thought it would be bad press or something.

  12. your such a party

    first of all that girl with nate is some older chick he has an affair with..but i know he hooks up wit serena later on..

  13. God. I want to go to YOUR parties.

  14. Oh. And Nice job getting your blog out there... seems to be working.

  15. this what happens when the midwest and the dirty south fuck around lol


  16. email me folk

    and shop 572 edgewood
    suite 117

  17. Me and Nigerian Parties=Bombchell and all Female Parties

    My momma resents me for not attending more Nigerian functions but I could do without the judgemental convos that go on at the ones I've been too


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