Monday, September 22, 2008

Bowling at 300 & some video dancers

Haven't been able to update because I've been partying too much lol. OMG this weekend was just weird tell me why I've been bumping into random guys that I used to know? and even though we never worked out mostly cause of them, now they want to try again?? guess I was looking hot. we'll see. still accepting boyfriend applications lol (go to last post)

Me, Arinze "This is naija", Kelechi "Twista", My siblings Foxy Sheila, & Charlemagne the great

My darling cousin Arinze from London, & an old friend, Kelechi from my boarding school days in Nigeria stopped by ATL from Houston. So I've been partying since Thursday till 2am , 5 to sleep yesterday. OMG who watched True Blood on HBO!! the baddest show ever!!! About to go work out now. Hope everyone had a fab weekend. & I'll upload pics soon. & YAY Gossip Girls is tonite!!! (go to if you wanna watch any American tv show for free, online.)

ps: picture from 300 bowling atlanta on Saturday, it was pretty good, & DJ Technology was so badass, he needs to start playing in clubs. We used the private lanes, if your a big crowd check it out, its only about $70 per hour & includes shoes etc. (so you feel cool like you're balling, but the math might be cheaper) Try this pretty drink called a Bob Marley !! it has different colors, blue, red, orange etc & strong. (Sunday is normally the hottest night though)

pps: they charged $10 that evening, but take $20 incase, and it's 21& over at night, perhaps free during the day to enter.

300 Atlanta (website)
2175 Savoy Dr.

I have added 2 crazy ass videos.

1. OMG i wanna dance like her. (this might gross you about, but some people say they are siblings, still great dancers =)


I wonder if it plays, because you have to confirm you are 18 to watch it on youtube.
her myspace, his. lol y'all dont say I don't educate you on here. another of their videos.

2. One of my favorite songs, lol yeah I've been in the A too long. it's called "What's up with that cookie"(aka whats up with that p**sy). ha ha I actually showed both videos to my mum, she can't believe kids dance like this.

they call themselves "Twerk Team" they were dancing to the song by Juney Boomdata.

& Kelechi: safe trip back!!!!!


  1. 300 has some of the best Apple Martinis...this one guy loads it up with vodka (just how I like it).I don't go there to bowl; I go there to look fine on the sideline and!! About the videos, girl in the first one was gettin' it...I see I need to practice and keep my pole and belly dancing classes; dude was keeping up with her (good deal)...meaning if I throw it back, he can catch it :) I hope they aren't siblings...if so, that just ruined it for me. No words for the second video.

    I'm going to contact you ASAP, when my tests are done for this week...see ya!!!

  2. Ok first homo even though I am homo lol, but you look good as shit in that nice pic you posted! whew lawd and amen.

    umm...hmm...oh yeah...Inky (my gf) is part Nigerian! just like your friend. we may try to go to Nigeria next year cuz she's never been.

    Also...those girls in that 2nd video...they bout 14 smh...what is happening to the babies these days?

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  4. @Beautiful
    girl i didnt bowl this time, last time i had so many gutters, and broke 2 nails. lol u need to finsih u're tests quick!

    lol thanks! I'm also nigerian, well everyone in that picture is. We're igbo (it's a Nigerian tribe).

    that will be cool if you guys are able to visit, i'm going back this year. definiely hit me on email before yall do.

    @koffee dyme
    ha ha ha our crazy ass buddy airport with all the concourses.

    ha ha ha about the videos. I need to practice. @ least I can dutty wine but i dont when i have a weave lol.

  5. ^^
    i meant busy. tsk tsk to think I have a college degree. ha ha

  6. you look extra jot in that picture! loves it!!!!

    i'm made that i don't live in the A you be kickin' it!!!

    can't wait for the picture post.

  7. nice blog .. i'll dropby again ... hehehe ..

  8. i cant belive they dance like that either lol
    well yes i can
    looks like u had a ball if u bowled what was your score?

  9. I guess i'm the only Jamaican who don't do no dutty wine lol....

    I never comment on ur photos.. i don't want u thinking i be tripping like that... lol.. but you look good.. i need to come down so you can hook a sister up lol...

  10. OMG that booty shaking video is HILARIOUS!

  11. you're such a party animal lol but you look hot as always xP

  12. Owwhhhh... dancing, now thats a topic.

    Then you need to see this badly:

    and that song by Juney Boom-boomdata. *cough, cough* lol.

  13. Oh, and i find it hard to believe that they are siblings. lol. Thats some pretty deep whining/grinding. lol.

  14. What a gorgeous bunch of people! Dang.

  15. @ Koffe dyme
    lol tnx girl, I'll glady take a compliment, cuz the brothers in the A make a sister question the mirror

    @ Kind Ola
    that was not dancing!!!! those werte sex positions! omg i think i saw a grainy version a few months ago

    do stop by again =)

    I didnt bowl this time, last time i made gutters & broke two nails =/

    sexy luv, vanessa, enc & jessica
    Thanks so much!!! =)

  16. WOW!!! those girls were getting it lol.... So was that dude and that other girl lol.

  17. Good lord, they must have some super THIGHS and ASS muscles! GEEZ!! HAHA That's how probably how you get down at the club huh!?

  18. uh . . . in regards to Perreando: I want you to dance like her too. (wink)

  19. wow booties !! :D i love them!
    lovely page you have here ^_^

  20. Boarding school days in Nigeria? Interesting, I went to shcool there too but not boarding school.....didn't have that Bomchell type money


  21. okay first off with the sibs (WHICH I HOPE IS A LIE) i loved the dancing or the girl or somtn but i cudunt get past the allegations... they must be different moms or somtn... cause i know i had many dreams bout boning my step sis when i was bout they age.... so i can't even hate... i mean he actually restrained from grabbin her butt. i grab my cousins' butts all the time... lol... NO KIDDING!!

    and yeah YOU wud break a nail bowling...

    that group of girls, twerk work or whatever? okay one of them was lighting up my candles... lol... the rest of them need to step up...

    and ur poor mom!!! did she read the part where u said u want to dance like the girl in the first one and does she know she bore a freak??? i'm sure she doesn't... i'm goin to watch the girl from the sibs video now... probably get aroused if her "bro" isn't in her other videos... get at me tho!!!

  22. bBig up LOOOOOONDON TOOOOWN! Brapbrap! LOL

    sorry i had to do it! i is representin! lol

    but really tho...what's up with that cookie...favorite song??? shame on you! lol

    I hope them two was not fae was all scrunched up when i was watching the video. lol i couldnt even enjoy it!

  23. awww, is your cousin from London in canada???

    Tricking me like that! uncool mayuuun. lol

  24. wow
    some hips definitely dont lie
    i thought i could 'drop it like its hot' but dang
    I aint dropped anything yet
    am off to put more oomph in my drop lol

  25. I've been saying I was going to go there, still haven't been yet. I got to get back right, turning into a lame.

  26. I was wondering how you met or where you found Kelechi from?

  27. Check this link out, you think home girl can dance, watch this dude it insane and he's down in the A.

  28. that brother and sister video, is crazy. wow. they sure can dance...kinda eck though....

  29. That is re-darn-diculous! I don't even know where to start. Lord knows I hope they are not related. And you can do that..its called having sex standing up. lol

    The second video is disturbing. And we wonder why our young people are over sexed. But yet music videos have nothing to do with it..yeah right. When we rocking grandbabies at 40 we hurt and blaming the world..let's just remember this video.



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