Monday, September 15, 2008

Happily Single & the Boyfriend Application Form

Do I have a boyfriend? ? How many have I had? Even in High School? gosh what a geek!!

[Boyfriend Application Form @ the end of the post] -read it, & fill it for fun, ladies you too.


So I was reading the Fly Guy Chronicles (the link). Well on his blog he talks about relationships. I'm not sure what makes him an expert but I like the site. Anyways who made Oprah? (omg "sacrilege" lol) I meant Greg Behrendt one? it's a gift? talent, pretence, who cares, its better advice than "Jerry!"

C'mon you know Greg Behrendt. the guy who wrote "He's Just Not That Into You," and has a movie based on the book that's coming out!!! Youtube Trailer: link I cant wait!!!!!! [ps I watched Tyler Perry's: The Family That Preys, this weekend]
----------done digressing

So I registered to comment on his post. He stated that good men still exist & we women aren't fully perfect. Long story shor I was bored & knew hardly anyone would access my profile so I decided to goof off. Then I liked it. So I decided to post it here. The profile i made:

"since hardly anyone will ever see this...

Yes, i'm that girl that won't go in the water.
& no I will not walk in the park!! (it's hot &.. humid)
In the summer, I won't come to your soccer game (it's hot) {ask my friend Sanu}
nor to your basketball game in the winter (cause it's a cold walk to the car) {ask my college friends esp Jeff & Shayla}
I expect you to "clock in" with a call everyday {coined by some Brit i knew, gosh he sounded so sexy!!}
But I'll never complain about your Porn
or your video games {if its old school, Marvel vs Capcom or Tekken, I'll even whoop your ass}
or watching the game
or guys night
or the strip club - magic city, platnum 21, pink pony, whatever
provided you call!
& you pay on every date we'll be fine.
hmm I wonder why I'm single (I'm single right? well I think I'm single, nevermind I know I AM SINGLE, havent even been on a date this month)

-by Bombchell - in Atlanta" [originally drafted July 19]

Added a closeup of my nails, for those wondering, oh yeah & Jenny put diamonds on them =) {well diamantes: defintion} i cut them, they were too long before, ick

ps: Why is it that when a guy meets you he asks you "So... why are you single." Um dude, U're single too?? (perplexed) *_* or they don't believe you're single.

Oh & guys!! We are tired of being Your Unofficial Girl! 2 months your calling us "Just friends," 7 months your still calling us "dating. but not boyfriend/girlfriend"

so here's Cassie's Video: Dedicated to all the guys we knew who prob. won't even stand a chance now.



[in some universe, this is a short post, so Ladies & gentlemen!! If you are Single ->WHY?? & If you're not-> HOW?? cuz I wanna join your pda club!!!, Comment & let's discuss below =)]

[the fab original, click thumbnails] or go here & girlfriend here

The easier online version:
Boyfriend Application


  1. Wow, so that book is going to turn into a movie..Sad!... I saw the dude on Oprah and 99% of what he is saying is common knowledge, even to women.

    That boyfriend application is funny as hell especially the relationship background questions...

    Good Blog btw...

  2. Lol...not having a bf doesnt make you a geek dear. Hang in there, Mr Right is on his way to

    Im the kind of girl that will not go in the water too. Not a fan of staying out when its too hot either.I hate that "why are you single" question. I guess some guyz just assume that every hot girl would be be attached to a dude.

    Still waiting for "Mr Right" and the guys that are currently hollarin are just not my type...thats why im single. Whats a Pda club??

  3. @Undefined
    pda aka Public Displays of Affection.

    I wanna be one of those annoying couples!!!!!!! in the mall, in the grocery store, lol

    ha ha we agree on much. girl um girl "Mr Right Now", will be manageable this yr.

    I know!! I was wishing i wrote the book. i think we know, but we try not to see it. we have faith that he'll call!!! lol & tnx

  4. lmao!!!!!! lol

    aww, you didnt count the crushes as a geek? lol. jk. nyways, good men do really still exist. true talk.. wow, most of that world seem fit as the perfect girl? you sure you didnt have one? what??? why?? lol

    they probably dont believe that you are single or just want to double check. lol.

    but umm, single is not that bad.. is it?

  5. @King Ola
    ha ha ha everyone has crushes, well at least a crush. its human nature, gosh ive always had one since age 3. thats normal right????

    lol of course single is not bad. but um... i wouldnt know though, I've never not been single.

  6. just one? wow, arent u a good person.. lol. ah, shyness is a deadly thing i tell u. lol.

    but umm, i just saw this:
    "Random 4 Sept: I have 2 crushes, but I don't think either likes me. we'll see."

    why dont u approach one... another thing i dont understand is why people think its bad for the female to approach the guy?

  7. @King Ola
    lol I almost choked when I read that. not these guys, if it goes wrongly, we'll still be connected in 10 yrs.

    hmm I smile, or i call him over (few times), or i take it grade school & let my girls call him. But most of the time, i do nothing & cross my fingers lol

  8. lol, what do you mean you would still be connected in 10years? as in connected connected? whats wrong with that... win some, lose some. love is all about risk, they tell me... lucky them. lol.

    lol, crossing ur fingers didnt ever do anything for you except for a slight short discomfort so how will it bring the dude to you.. lol. at least try.. ..wait, when did i become doctor phil? well, i'm no expert and believe me, am shyer than i understand jare (excuse my yorubaness). lol.

  9. @ Bombchell- "I wanna be one of those annoying couples!!!" hehe!

    @ King Ola's comment- Approaching the guy straight out like that is a big no no for me. I'll probably do the same thing Bombchell

  10. 'hmm I smile, or i call him over (few times), or i take it grade school & let my girls call him. But most of the time, i do nothing & cross my fingers lol'

    lol. ALL girls do that!
    that application is too funny. You want references?? lol

    love the pretty nails btw ;)

  11. I was recalling some of my crushes just yesterday. Well, and then I met my husband. And we did not ask each other that "are you single" question. it was implied. We were on a date. So I guess we were destined to be together.

    Wait up, right is there somewhere. He is probably trying to get rid of HIS latest Ms Wrong.

  12. Im single but its largely due to the availability of credible females up here...

  13. nails look delicious folk

    and the sex change on the application fun-ny
    and what i do, u took me from yo roll jones
    sup wit dat
    u got too many applications for me jones

  14. LOL, well I am single because living in Atlanta where women outnumber men 20:1, its hard to find a date. Plus I don't settle for anything. Then, you have to be cautious of the DL men...then the married men...then the old men with no lives so they want to live theirs through you...

    ...I just need to move, then maybe I would have a man :)

  15. WTF??? i wanted to be the first to make a comment....for that i'm not saying anything. BYE!!

    LOL!!!J/K Nice Post!
    I'll be back!!!

  16. @Undefined
    lol girl we see eye to eye!!

    ha ha girl feel free to send references

    awww how romantic.
    - girl he needs to get rid of her quick, and try not to make her a "baby mama"

    see! that video is for u!

    merci beaucoup

    c'mon u know u still on my public bloglines! I edit it often & I dont want to have a long list =)

    [round of applause] I concur!!

    ha ha ha ha Sorry!!!!! lol you went to bed =)

  17. Boyfriend app is pretty thorough. But I think its missing 1 question. "Are you single?" I know it should be implied but umm...yeah.

    Women outnumber men 20:1 in ATL? Damn, maybe I need to relocate.

  18. You are so funny, Chell!
    Loving the nails :)


  19. lol unfortunately im single once again...why am i single because i wanted more..needed more..than what they had to offer

    but i am realizing that being single isnt badd

  20. i used to wonder what to say to that "why are u single" question...i hate it! it's like they expect us to really tell them the details of what went wrong with the last boyfriend or potential boyfriend...i wanted to just say "idk...cuz the guy i'm crushing on doesn't like me?" i wonder what guys would say in response to that lol...but now i guess i'm part of that pda club and trust me, i felt like it would be forever before that happened. so just hang in there, it's good that u haven't just settled for whatever comes along =)

  21. Your list was too Mainly because I'm the same way. I don't do sports or water, but I won't nag you if you want to do them. I hardly trip on anything unless I think it's rude or disrespectful to me as a person. I just don't have time to care about trivial things.

    But it is terribly irritating to me when guys look at me with the shock face when I say "I'm single." The same reason you are nitwit! I just don't know about the dating game period. I hate going through the "get to know you" stages. That sucks! *sighs* Something has to give....

  22. That 1st photo got me LOL!!! Diggin your NailGame. BF App was on some other level of the game,Baby!!! GOOD WORK!!!

  23. d application is HOT!!! goin 2 print it out n give guys 2 fill out... u no i must comment on one of my fav artists 'cassie'...such a KILLA vid!!
    its amanda cant remember my username lmao

  24. Unfortunately I'm doing some slave labor for The Famous Firm right now and then getting ready for a trip to NY tomorrow so I can't apply now....but when I return on Wednesday I'm putting in my application....sorry dudes, you need not apply any longer


  25. NO boyfriends? YOU LIE!!!You're suuper gorgeous I just can't believe your ass! & Greg Berendt or however you spell it, I DUNOO he's ok, I didn't care for his show too much. But YOUR NAILS look awesome ;] You always got the cutest youre lucky we don't live near each other or Id have to jack some of your stuff..except your hair and nails cause that would be groddy LOL

  26. georgia peach

    looking at all your outfits you rock your quite fabulous yourself....

    go on wit chur bad ass self...

    remember hunnie bently's and whips with honda made in to benz signs...

  27. Hey everyone:

    MA BAD, SORRY!!! just realized the form i put yesterday had to be printed. so anyone that sent in a form, it came out blank

    BUT I just added the easiest online form with the click of a button to the post, or click here:

  28. ok I know this post isnt really about Cassie, but...she really needs to hang up her singing career. Her voice is dry as a motherfucker!! and she looks like a stick man, and I love skinny girls, but damn!

    anyway, Im one of those annoying couples lol. How I did it...I waited. I dated, and kept gettin people that just weren't right then when I least expected it she came along. It's the same even though I'm gay...the rules of dating don't change. You have to be patient and let shit fall into place in its own time. dont settle.

  29. i'm single and i hate it! it's getting cold my way i need someone to warm my spot for me....sigh

  30. This was a very fun post. Thanks for writing it.

    That poll was funny! What a lot of crazy questions.

  31. And anyway, getting a boyfriend is not a timed event. If you sit back and wait, the right guy will come to you.

  32. Girl you always be killing me... I'mma subscribe to your site since I'm always the last one to know whats up...

    I don't have a dude either and heck life is good.. expect when you hungry and dude ain't there to cook u something.. lol... (i knew two dudes who cook so i ain't setting my expectation too darn high)

  33. Good luck finding a andi saw that movie as well and i really liked it and your nails are hot..peace!

  34. Dammmn...I did the application in pencil now I gotta do it over in pen...geeez. Under "Sex" I put Mon-Sat and twice on that correct?


  35. the obsession with titles is endless... men avoid them at all costs and women live by them... if we didn't have that between us... there would be a lot less fewer single people...

    that BF application is funny though!

  36. folk
    u ditch my application, and when u comin by the shop jones

  37. hahahahahah I love it!!! You are 100% right. I was just in the book store the other day in the relationship section, not looking at the relationship books, but the other books in that karma sutra ones...but I had to pick up "hes just not that into you" when I saw it. Turned to a page and read his list about not being that girl that chases a dude around, and don't date a cheater. Good job, Greg, I had no idea. lol.

    Ur nails r so hot!!

    Lmao at wanting to be one of those annoying couples! I think I have commited that crime tho..and people let you know. Weve had an old person come up to us and be like "ahhhh you two make me want to vomit".. We were just hugging!

  38. i gotta comment on she trying to be aaliyah? i swear...the shades, hair, dance moves, bikini with biker's all screaming AALIYAH WANNABE at me lol.

    i'm a member of the pda club and i strongly believe in the filter effect. you have to filter through many guys to find the right one and figure out who would be a good fit. i also had to take a step back to realize i would know when the right guy came shouldn't be that hard to make it work you know. oh, and i had to get over being afraid of being alone. that was really hard, but i learned more about myself when i was single than when i was dating around, and once i knew who i was it was easier for me to find guys that were a good match. sorry for the long comment...just thought i'd put my two cents in :)

  39. Haha, the bf applicaiton ifs hilarious. Lil Wayne looks weird in that still on the videolol

  40. don't worry, you're one hot bombchell!!! Mr Right's on his way...

  41. LOL @ the " why are u single" comment..

    your blog makes me wanna read more.. ill be right back!

  42. I've had two bfs but both of them lasted about 2 months. I've always had a hard time finding guys I really like and then staying interested in them for long time. I like being single (no relationship drama!) but I wouldn't mind a nice change.

    Also, I'm currently running a contest on my blog to win a $25 gift certificate from a lovely online boutique. Hope you'll check it out! Have a great day tomorrow :)

  43. mannnnnn, this cracked me up!!! LOL

    you are funny!!

  44. ha. cute post!

    boyfriend app... classic.

    you're single cause mr.perfect hasn't gotten up the nerve to ask you out yet! lol.

    he's just not that into you is gonna be good!

    hope all is well lady!

  45. LOL! I loved this post, firsttimei'm here and I'm DEF coming back lol.

    I got asked that DUMB question twice in one nite, Baffled me. lol

    Wot u mean, WHY i dont have a boyfriend? Coz I don't! lol

  46. lol, I feel like I'm reading my own post. I too had a crazy idea of putting a boyfriend application form in my page but unfortunately, I never got the time to do it. and yeah, it kinda sucks when guys ask me the dreaded "why are you still single?" Q. anyway, I think being single also has its perks but right now, I could really use a bf. lol :))

  47. Tyler Perry movies? Really? You're totally going to have to sit me down one of these days and explain the appeal!

  48. How come after reading such an enjoyable post, all I keep thinking about is ugly ass Lil Wayne being in the vid w/Cassie??

    Anywho, still loving ur site and the I am still trying to figure out how to get the "follow up comments email" thing on!

  49. Loving the vid at the end. Cassie is a gem and I can see the correlation.

    1st timer 2 ur blog but I'm sure that Ii will become a regular.

    Hope you stop by my spots.

    Much Respect

  50. "So... why are you single."

    Because the perception is that if a woman is single there is something wrong with her and if a man is single it's because there is something wrong with women.

  51. very interesting I must say and very creative.


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