Tuesday, September 9, 2008

YAY Finally!!! I aint Buying Yall drinks!

Yay no drinks on me! Post is on time. & Im so.... hungry so I gotta jet =)

At Verve. lol @ the guy behind

Ha ha My friend in black Fola Tripped. & last time I fell down these stairs!

Went to Uptown lounge on Friday for the Luda event, tell me why I got the 1am, and the line was hella long?? So we drove to Atlantic Station which was empty & sucked. Wow so many fine guys at Tongue & Groove ( Monday Labor day). Was gonna go to Velvet Room on Sunday like I planned but after I left my friend late night BBQ, Fola called & found out they were charging OMG $40?? for females, people have lost their darn minds!! Shoo they act like I got a real job or some sugar papi! Heck no! so we went to Verve free before 11.30. Calls it cheap, I call it being smart, trust me the amount of females in ATL is ridiculous, 3:1 , then so many gay or down low guys, so knock that down, then all the taken guys. Were talking 5:1 or 7:1, and we haven’t even specified if he got a job or is cute.

@ Justin's Poolside BBQ which started insanely late. so had to leave early aka 11pm.

Omg she's the prettiest baby ever.

Before heading to the pool, getting more burgers, buns etc

Basically I’m more likely to meet “Mr I’m-not-ready-for-a-relationship-cause-im-greedy”, than “Mr-Right-now-I’ll-date-only-you.” ATL!! Am I lying???? Well we got to Verve late, so yay for Tiwaworks (fab atl party promoter) I didn’t pay, they were also charging $40. Great party! 3 floors, no Dj Cowboy on any floor [plays so much old school like “time for the percolator” well not that bad, but bad enough!]

Posing like the goof i am in the ladies bathroom. & met the funniest a bit Tipsy Lady

Fola on the rooftop @ Verve & middle floor

I have to drag my ass to the gym. lol i look like i have hips & a butt. ha ha ha. Beyonce take that!!


Then Went to Tongue & Groove. Apparently Lyfe Jennings was there, I had no idea, I was too busy trying to figure out 1) why I looked fat in some picture [red dress, not in this post!] 2) why this old 40ish white or asian or Eurasian guy was hitting on me out of all ladies. But he was so…. Sweet, then!!! He’s friend came, and omg, I almost lost it. [u see the guy on the right!?!]

Him: blah blah blah, he’s from the Dominican Republic

Me (thinking): hmm I thought all DR guys were cute?? Wtf, oh well international guys are nice

Him: Can I buy you a drink

Me: No thanks, I’m driving

Him: But I want to drink with you

Me: No thanks, I’m driving, but you can buy my friends one

Him: You buy your friends a drink, I want to buy You a drink 0_o

Me: No thanks I’m driving, so you can buy them one

Him: No you….blah blah blah

Me: [thinking: OMG fuck off & he’s being a tiny bit embarrassingly loud] well I didn’t bring cash

Him: go get you cash & buy your friends a drink, and I’ll buy you water

Me: No thanks, you don’t have to buy them, I just said offer them! But Nevermind, bye.

Then here’s the funny part: he starts talking to some other girl, and his friend that im not sure of his race comes over & says “must be hard being so popular,” I laugh politely cause I think he’s talking about me. But no, he’s talking about his freaking Dominican friend that’s talking to a different girl beside me, ha ha.

Anyways these are random pictures of decent looking guys the photographer took. Like i said before my friends were banned me from taking personal pictures of the guys. so their egos dont get big.

red arrows: bartender
blue circle: some trifling guy, called my friend to talk to her, then started hitting on a diff girl

[ha ha this post is long enough, so feel free to go watch Gossip Girl, go on your date, then come back and read it all!!!] Sasha I think people will passout from Pic overload if i put more!!!

NEW WORD: "suspect"
-for atlanta, with many down lown & gay brothers, my cousin & I, well mostly her, says "Suspect!!!" everytime we see a guy that is supposedly straight, but we think he's a bit off. so we suspect him. omg they were so.... many @ T& G, both straight, hot, gay, suspect, etc.

So next post: People keep asking “Why are you single?” “How come you’ve never had a boyfriend?” And other similar lines, so trust me I have my answer ;) and some sort of form. Hmm wonder what that is. Guess u’ll have to stop by & check. [it'll be way shorter!]


  1. Nice blog! You look hot in your pictures.
    Impatiently waiting for your next

  2. Adorable dress! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. omg lol the funnies part was when you were talking to they DR guy, and your thought was..."I thought all DR guys were cute??" ur a trip. thanks for hitting my blog too...i dont have many readers yet lol, but in due time i guess =] oh and sorry i took so long to reply...i was outta the office yest and i dont get on on the weekends

    and...u look fabulous in ur pics =]

  4. Girl, I'm feeling your style!! We should hang out sometime :)

  5. you look too cute in the pictures!!!

    omg me and my cousins say the same thing! we have been for years! lol

    that dude in that picture that is the friend of the "i don't know his race guy" is GAY!!!

    and so are the others that are pictured! lmao

  6. Wow...looking good...oh and ummm Fola can get it too...just sayin. Next time ill post $40 at the door as long as we can lounge long time.

    Sounds like ATL game is a bit old. "Can I buy you a drink? No, can I buy you a drink?". That is not a pickup line, normally the girl takes the drink and walks off....I know that much. Now if she has convo, nice figure and nice teeth we can buy the bar...but random chicks...can't do it...too many unknowns.

    Keep it up. You making me want to take the connection through Paris and lounge in ATL for a long as you promise to take me to Glady's to get some waffles in the morning.

  7. Okay girl, I am about to watch the new '90210' *waiting to receive the side eye* and then I will finish reading the!

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  9. Love your dress. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. this is so funny! hey thanks for stopping by my blog feel free anytime and yes it was sad for my daughter....

  11. Awesome pics... you and your friends are all hot! =)

  12. This is in reply to the comment you left on my site about one tree hill. hehe..I love that show!

    Brooke got beat up because of her mom. I'm pretty sure her mom thought it would be Allison that was working because she said to her, "You're going to regret that" or something when allison went off on Brooke's mom. So, I think it was her.

    haha, sorry..I just felt like filling you in cause you said you were confused. =)

    BTW you're beautiful!

  13. hi, nice post! looks like u guys hv so much fun! :)

  14. great pictures, i love your dress too. looks like you had a blast.


  15. True story you a bombchelll

    Might need to make my way out to ATL ya dig?

  16. LOVIN all the pix! wait where are u from again??! imma need to party with u asap!

  17. O girl you looked so gorgeous! You were rockin that black dress! & GUYS at the club @.@ wierdos, that's why I definitely don't mingle with no dudes at the club LOL even though I've only beein clubbing once it was like PERV central so I have bad taste in my mouth forever from that club! Anyways, you and your friends looked HOT and looked like y'all was having fun ;]

  18. Those look like fun times. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. Hey, love the pics. Love ur dress and those shoes! They're fab. Looks like you girls know how to party eh?

    Thnx for droppin by my blog <3. Hope to see more of you in my page :)

  20. the orange shoes say u have topshelf shoe game
    u look nice

    ps: i think my daughter is the prettiest - im biased

  21. You look so pretty! Pshh please girl you do not need to go to the gym! You have the perfect body!

  22. Don't worry about that ass, not yet. You look like you had tons of fun. Gosh, I SO don't want to be single and "Out Lookin" again.

    For the link, sure! Would add you today itself.

  23. i love your dress, and purse. you look ready to have a good night.

  24. A lot of them dudes in the pic's look suspect.

  25. HAHA...I'm going to start using the word "Suspect?" in Cali, of course give u credit for coining that word. That's a pretty high ratio for females:males. In Cali, iths the other way around....1:4...LOL. You and your girls would have a field day in LA.

  26. That dress is sooo gorgeous!! Great post, I managed to read it all in one sitting hehe

  27. HAHA!! I hate when guys can't take a hint.

    I can't believe you fell down those stairs. That scared me just reading it.

  28. hahha good post, great fun! great dress! and trust that the word 'suspect' is not old girl... you late to the game. ain't no men to date out here cuz they are ALL suspect... we would sometimes code the word in public 'sus'...

    ooh you got diamantes on your nails? love em.. in black in white esp. one girl bangs nails out here (she's hella busy!), but a lot of the asian shops can't get with it =( so i had to let designs and fun go.

    take care hun!

  29. You look so pretty in that dress!

    7:1 ratio!? thats ridiculous lol.

  30. Lol, you should have took the idiots drinks and just passed it off on to your girl friends.

    Nice blog.

  31. lol interesting post.. even funny the "suspect" thing you and your friend got going on... i don't blame y'all.

  32. You look suprb in ur dress! Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  33. u r boy crazy, but single... bad combination...

  34. hey! i just came across your blog and i like it. your black dress is hot! and my friends and i say 'sus' because guys figured out what we were talking about when we said suspect at the club lol!

  35. Girl, you look so gorgeous! Just wondering why you dont have a boyfriend.. Hmmm, the guys must be crazy or blind?
    Thanks for hitting my site too..


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