Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nigerian Independence Day Happenings!!

{edit April 5 2010: been meaning to come back & edit, I have been to a few other parties after this post by Dj Mighty Mike &he was pretty good, & people who've read this post have contacted me when they attended his parties & liked it, so perhaps he had an off day, or he read the blog lol }

So October 1st is Nigerian Independence Day. yall know I'm Nigerian, 100% Igbo heeeey lol. So since Oct. 1st fell on a Wednesday, we attended parties the weekend before & we are likely to attend another one this Friday @ utopia by Tiwaworks. or a regular party @ dolce by J3 & Prophecy or both.

lol picture description at bottom: but caption it for me! in your own words:

Well we got our Independence from British rule in 1960 making her 48years. Pretty cool huh? but not as cool as my sexy accent. why do you think I refuse to make a video blog, or do interviews, I never talk in camera's because my accent is so screwed ha ha, and most love it, but apparently there are also some haters who always have something to say, try living in various continents, multiple cities, and having diverse friends from all nationalities & tell me if you sound average. average is impossible, foreign, sexy & awkward to every city & country is your only option.

Anyways!!! this past weekend was fun. BUT omg the DJ mighty mike SUCKED so bad that night. I almost cried, even at 4am they were playing songs I haven't heard since I was like 10, songs like "return of the mac!!!" I begged him to play at least 5 songs from 2008 back to back but he didn't. I truly felt like I was on punishment, U know how your parents drag you to an event, and u have to stay there, with Bad Music!!!!! that's how I felt (sniff)

All my 90's babies. U remember this sh!t!!!!!!

well I refused to dance. My friend James [pic above] made fun of me that I refused to dance. the picture above says it all!!! I told him "I don't dance in heels, I only stand and look cute, but next time I wear flats I promise to dance" ha ha he thought I was full of it & gave me some moves, while i burst out laughing. wait for his comment, he promises to put me on blast! (under verb) Also saw another blogger King Ola! who is also a great dj btw. My cousins & I "went off" on the guys that threw the party, ha ha they probably thought we were crazy. (Imagine 3 chicks going off at 4am that the music sucked, we declined their party on Saturday which I heard ended up being good) so shout out to view naija for still being friends with us ;) [& Dare I am so... mad at you cuz you didnt tell the horrible dj to play at least 3 good songs in a row. so even though I love you I'm boycotting Dejavu events for the rest of the yr!!!!, not that you care or read my blog- but u will!!!!]

Pictures from the party are below. ooh & I added a badass shirt from Agama label (ps: if u buy it, make sure its a size up. I'm a medium & the medium didn't fit, [sexy huh, a freaking large, I choose to say its cuz of my boobs not cuz of fat! haha]) & A cool Nigerian video below, so now you get a taste of a good song that was played.

I had on some cute red pumps! My fab cousin Nneka [ha ha is that my hand reaching for my purse]
Diane gave us some moves [look at the background, a lot of people were having fun, and didn't mind the music]
My party buddy Cynthia. who while shopping helps me find my clothes before I give up & cry cuz they never fit.

HOT video: Eldee: Bosi Gbangba - cool cameo by everyone, the Glenn twins, Tiwa, his new pretty wife, Keno, Zainab, Naira, so many emerging naija artists, party folks. Hmm coulda been in it, but I said I only do stuff if I'll be the main chick [shrugs], but they already had one lol & she came out hot in it =).

oh yeah & part of it is in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, & like most of you I do not understand it, BUT i love it (I'm Igbo not Yoruba) & Pidgin/ English Creole which I understand perfectly.

Y'all might have heard another popular song with Angelique Kidjo & Joss Stone, which also had some Yoruba. I love the song, sad though =/ but upbeat.

Cool Shirt I got. by Agama Label (dont forget to get a size up, or maybe read the instructions well, but if u look like my size & shape, ur ass better get a large) Their website uses flash & doesn't have this exact shirt yet. so I had to email to order it, and female colors are green, navy etc [I got navy, i dream of black or the yellow]

omg & the packaging was so..... pretty, like it had a black case, special note, lol i felt like I got my $40 gucci packaging. [ya'll know the Gucci store knows how to wrap their bags, ugh versus LV]. Do you remember the gift wrapping scene in Love Actually he he he with Mr Bean

NEXT POST: a how-to on Seducing Mr Perfect (or Ms Perfect). So come back, or subscribe for an update, & don't forget to comment with your views, about pictures, shirt, video, even if for some reason you wanna hate lol. Or how I suck for posting late lol

(still doing interviews & collecting tips: so email with Topic: Seduction if you would like to participate like my pants on fire crew)

- Bisous Bomchell

oh & Jessica this is the party I came back late from. lol Queens is an African club here in Atlanta that stays open untill 5, 6am (^_^ )

gosh I said "ha ha" so much in this post. ha ha sorry if it got annoying & i totally fucked the website name, forgot the g in pics (shrugs)


  1. girl u look fabulous!! and happy nigerian independence day!! i have a lot of nigerian homies and i love how close and tight knit the nigerian community is! i swear everyone knows everyone! glad u had fun!

  2. OOOH you look great! & that's the party you were talkin about LOL That's picture's funny the one where it looks like you were givin' that guy the stiff ARM. LOL But you look beautiful as always!!!

  3. You girls stay looking Beautiful!

  4. Happy Independence Day!

    Too bad about the music. At least your smile lit up the room.

  5. Bombchell......thanks for the props and shout outs!!

    I'll see you friday @ Utopia..

    We've got to take a pic for the blog!



    Happy Independence.


  7. I'm loving the pics...sooo, happy independence day!

  8. y'all look so beautiful. I love your cousin's bag

  9. HEY Chica Happy independence Day!!!

  10. Love actually is one of my favorite films. By the way, you, i will do any day

  11. I'll be like YV. "I got a shout out, i got a shout, i got a shout ay ay ay.. " lol

    Caption: "Okkkaaay James"

  12. What you know about that Return of The Mack? LoL!

  13. Yeah... so em.. I was one of those u were blasting outside at 4am about how wack the party was, and I must admit i'd been secretly waiting to see if u'll actually put Mighty Mike on blast and sure enough u did....LOL. Well, I hope u enjoyed the free Naeto-C Peace

  14. You are gorgeous and tall!! Have fun celebrating!

    Hahha, I definitely agree that a change in diet/culture can add lbs. Boobs are good, makes it more worth it riiight?! I wouldn't know hahaha.

    Thanks! You're too sweet! Hahaha I do have love handles! I only care bc when no one believes me. I don't mind them. I actually like them, makes me feel normal. Strange, I know!

  15. ah, now i get why u're the bomb 'chell' in atlanta, you 'nna' babe you! (ok if u didnt get that uve been outta the country for too long :P)
    that caption looks like some random guy's trying to impress u with his 'galala' moves and you're like 'back up clown!' but u cant keep a straight face cuz he's too funny.

  16. i miss nigeria so much - were the best 16 months of my life. Was nothing like going to Fela's shrine each Friday night

  17. haha, love your accent! it cant be as bad as this English/Jamaican/Brazilian thing I got going on, lol
    Happy Independence day!!

    ps, Return of the Mac is a tunneeee! lol

  18. Happy Independence Dayyyy! Ok, so...I'm like even more blog crushing on u cuz u have an accent lol. I bet you sound so me lol (i lol-d but im serious). You always look so amazing, and I've decided I must have a thing for Nigerian women! Inkie is Nigerian (well her father is so she's part), this girl who looks like her that I used to talk to is Nigerian, you AND your cousin Nneka (right?) are fuckin hot!!...*sigh*...I love you all! Oh, do you have like an english/american name and a Nigerian name?

    and return of the mac...i was JAMMIN at my desk just now!!

  19. your cousin went to chamblee? i used to work at vox with her

  20. Thanks for all the compliments!!!! even if it's ever flattery I promise to never get tired!!! lol, yes I'm a dork

    @ melody
    lol yeah it's like 2 degrees of separation

    @ enc
    [swoons] gosh u need to teach guys i know how to talk =)

    @ anonymous
    0_0. maybe that was a typo & u meant I looked cute, in that case thanks! =) lol
    um nna babe? igbo babe? lol I have no clue. yes its been a while lol

    ha ha ha if we ever hung out & lied we were sisters, people would give up on placing our accent lol

    @ iCandy
    lol girl your so funny. oh yeah I have 3 names, Michelle's from my parents & an igbo name from each grandparent

    @ yaboy po
    which of my cousins?

  21. Are you really Igbo? Well hell, let's break some Kola nut and have some foo foo and have a fish stew picnic!

    No worries, i will bring the plaintain...dang im hungry.

  22. You are a hottie! Love your new profile pic.
    And my funny caption for your pic is "Bless you, my son."


  23. You look soo cute!! I bet your accent is sooooooo sexy!! Don't even play like you don't know that!! hehehe

    Happy Nigerian Independence Day!!!!!

    Im glad you had a good time! Im sorry that the DJ was real sorry and not up to date on his music. Ugh..I hate when that happens. I feel like there should be a limit for some DJs. If people dont like you after one hour, your out! New DJ! lol

  24. you always look so friggin cute!

    and happy nigerian independence day. there's this little hole in the wall pub across town here that was supposed to be amazing. pretty lights. loud music. the good stuff. so we went.


    i've never heard a more broke down bass.

    so i definitely can sympathize with you.

    bad music should NEVER happen to good people!!

  25. Dope shirt...and NOW I understand what you meant about the "Yoruba connection"...

    How did you know that a brudda loves the lady Kidjo? The first time I saw her dance on a video FOUR MILLION YEARS AGO, I wanted to fly to the motherland THAT DAY! I still love her music, especially some work that she's done with Herbie Hancock that I'm digging right now.

  26. You look absolutely beautiful and I wish clubs here would stay open til 5/6!! Well I guess it won't matter until in 6 months when I turn 21! As for a caption:


  27. lmao @ that first pic! Your look has. "I don't think so" all over it. I feel you about going to the club/lounge in heels and just being stationary. Shit, there is no gel insole or mericle that can cure acing ass feat the next day after that! lol! I have to make sure if I'm going to the reggae spot that I'm wearing my comfortable non-heels cuz I know I'm gonna be gettin my dutty wine on!

    And I'm feelin that shirt! I fully understand on having to go a size up because my tittayballs feel like they're choking in certain shit. I can't have restricted tittayballs... they have to breathe and be free.

  28. Happy Independence Day! You looked great as usual.

  29. love ur outfit. cnt wait 4 d next post, sounds lyk its gonna b interesting

  30. you look gorgeous as per usual.and the date that my friend went on was a typical movie and hang with his girlfriend. he looked so horrible when i caught up with him earlier and i got him to buy new jeans, shoes, shirts and a perfume :)

  31. Cute flicks as usual. And yes, mrsFAB is mad that you are posting late! LOL And Yes I want to participate in the "Seduction"... look for my email!

  32. omg you always look like you have soo much fun..wanna party with you one weekend

  33. DJ Mighty Mike sucked??? He's coming to my city next weekend for our own naija indy bash. Kinda late but we'll still rep naija anyway.

  34. as usual, u were rockin ur outfit!

    ugh..theres nothin worse than wack music!!!!

    my boy told me bout the agama label, i've been to their site n i was really impressed! PROUDLY NIGERIAN!!!! :D

  35. I always enjoy your photos! They are always so much fun to look at :) Happy independence day! You look great!

  36. caption for the photo-

    as the 'VJ' projected presidential debate footage in the background, james did his best to play the role of an uptight asshole... or john mccain

    - whatcha think?

  37. Thanks for dropping by!:)

    and DANG! You are super gorgeous!
    You're so tall and pretty!


    and LOL to the caption photo~ That is too cute and hilarious! I bet you have to beat guys off of you all the time~:)

    Take Care!<333

  38. I like d randomness, it makes u unpredictable, 4 a min I Didn’t know what to expect, u know, Oprah’s sex tape or somtin. Ha! after readn (stalkn) I feel like I hav known u since 1985. Nice pictures, interest videos. u & ur sisters are really pretty. Tk Cr. Chuma.

  39. Girl that pic is tooooo funny. That poor guy looks sooo excited..while you're lookin like "please don't touch me" lol

  40. Hahah why thank you dear =)!!

    Yup, urban outfitters has some too!

  41. Happy Nigerian Independence Day!! You look gorgeous ;-)

  42. Great photos... u looked really nice babe girl..... and "return of the mac" too funny lol.

  43. thanks for droppin by my blog, and I gotta say, gurl u lookin great! :)

  44. frickin heck ur gowjus arnt
    funny blog hun......n 4 d caption

    him- come baby, come baby, baby come come....

    you- i ain't gonna give you love, i aint gonna give you some!

    hehehehe hope u know the song cos if ya wnt b funny

    cya around me dearz

  45. thanks for stopping by mine. love love love ur blog. x

  46. BIG MONEY$$$$$$$$

    I'm a Young Money Millionaire
    Tougher than Nigerian hair
    My criteria compared to your career
    Just isn't fair

    DAMN WOMAN .....

    you look fierce in all your outfits!!!...

    my email is

  47. Oh and LMAO at the picture...looks like you dont want none of that....ummmmmmmmmmmm damon dash would be look a like....but you guys looook sooooo damn cute in matching yellow


  48. OHHHHHHHHHHHH i got a caption

    DAMON DASH WANNABE: (pop lock it drop it.. pop lock it drop it he wiggles over)...hey Ma what you say you buy me a drink and i'll show you what i can do with my crunk...licks lips and does a high pitch YEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEE grabs crotch and does a half ass split

    BomBchell: BACK THE FUCK UP!!!


  50. Hey, looked like you had lots of fun on your Independence Day. But seemed a bore hearing those oldies songs. You're like my friend from the Ivory Coast, but she likes to dance even in high heels shoes. :-) Your blog is as gorgeous as you, hehee!

  51. omg ps. i adore your cousin Nneka's bag. gimme.

  52. You party, and how! And totally rock every look. This seems no exception...

    Cynthia looks like too much fun. Evevn I like to have a friend with me on my shopping trips. They make the experience so much more enjoyable.

  53. Too funny that you guys went off on the DJ! And what is it with wack DJ's and that "Return of the Mac" song??? I swear every wack party I have been to I have been able to come home and say, "I can't believe this foo played 'Return of the Mac!'" LOL

    But you guys still looked gorgeous and you had fun, so I guess it was worth it :) Have a blessed week!

  54. Gurl, I damn near live thru your blog, I'm low key about it lol. Great pics, you are really cute.

  55. hey you! i just read the last comment you left on my page and i HAD to sign in to just hit you up real quick and let you know that im good and im gettin these grades just like i said i would. and thanks for askin if i was ok n all that. this is the first comment i have left ANYBODY in months now lol I hope everything is good with you, which it does look it is! Im glad youre having so much fun and i hope youre taking care of yourself. I'll be back soon. Holla


  56. How come you did not wear green, white , green. U look smashing by the way. later

  57. Great pictures. You are so beautiful.

    Accents are cool. I wish I had one.

  58. Play some Fela for me. Congrats!

  59. ok.....what dance was this guy doing......LMAO

  60. Happy independence day! It looks like you had a great time. Are there any Nigerian restaurants in town? I'd love to try the food.

  61. Happy Independence Day to Nigeria! That first pic is so funny. You look gorgeous in yellow and I love the long, sleek do!
    I never heard that song with Angelique Kidjo & Joss Stone before but it's really great! They're both powerhouses and this is a very powerful song.
    Mr.Bean is awesome - love him lol!
    Also, thanks so much for your really sweet comment on my outfit post a while ago. Sorry I haven't visited your blog lately. It's been an extremely hectic time for me this past couple of weeks and I'm now trying to catch up.
    Take care and have a great weekend :)

  62. it's the weekend again and am sure partying is in your agenda :) cant wait to hear your stories. Have a blessed and fun filled weekend :)

  63. so i hoped to be at that party but didnt make it...:( looks like u had fun sha...nice blog!

  64. okay chelle i been back for a minute now i'm back like mo-hawks!!! or the mack!!!? doesn't it seem like everyone has one again all of a sudden??? i didn't read ur blog for a while and i see u put mike on blast and put up that shut down picture of ur boy where ur like a traffic warden halting traffic... yeah u n ur girls really sucked that night... no matter how hot the music was u weren't gonn dance anyway right??? "i don't dance in heels"... ur lucky i love you u know... and all these folks that love u for ur looks, u know i love u for ur personality right??? rrriiigggghhhttt.... lolol... at the same time you know i would tap that all over the place when or if i have to... right??? don't answer that....

  65. From the photos, it seemed like people were having a great time. Although i'm ghananian, i've heard DJ Mighty mike spin at a few events..i think the last time i heard him spin was at a nigerian independence party hosted by a promoter friend Tiwa works, and that was probably my best night at utopia. this sounds like a personal attack or maybe you just werent in a good mood that day. nice blog

  66. i got 1 thing to say if beyonce can do it .... c no reason y u cant dance and heels n by the way nice website...... francis ilonze


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