Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Do or Do not, There is No Try

BAN TRYING. eliminate trying from your life. Just Do it. Cold Turkey.

you can, we can, unlearn what you have learned. unlearn the negative, banish the doubt. Go back to when you had faith, and you could dream.

Reach!, stop being afraid of failure, that's the only way you learn to skate. Be Happy.

mostly importantly BELIEVE! look for it within you & BELIEVE in yourself!! then act, and achieve whatever it is that you want.

Don't forget it. Make notes, Send postcards to yourself, videos, letters, just remember you are great, you're important, and you can do anything, cuz it's your life, so make it rock, and be the greatest & happiest version of yourself. Make your mark!

few years ago I made a resolution to eliminate the negatives (most especially people who made me feel bad about myself, etc) & keep the positives & neutrals.

This year. No Negatives, Neutrals are becoming so much and boring, positives are almost absent.
so 2009, I will put the positives in my life, I will be surrounded by joy, inspiration, be it a novel like the Alchemist, or a youtube video, or song, or a friend, I will be happy. And the positives in my life will be more, and I will try to become a positive to the people around me.

Here we go. HAPPY 2009. & may the good Lord I believe in, or what you believe in Bring you & I, joy, happiness, inspiration, strength of body & mind, greatness, faith, and friends in the years to come.
this 10 minute video inspired this post, watch it, it's pretty good. OMG and who else is inlove with Kanye's song Pinnochio Story:

Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live From Singapore) - Kanye West

I'm off to party =)I'm now staying home. then church tomorrow. kisses


  1. First?

    Have a fabilous New Year and we need positives in our life.definitely.

    Have a blessed 2009!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  3. i couldn't agree with you more.

    love the new do, the color looks great on you. :)

    happy 2009 to you hun.

  4. stumbled upon your blog found in quite interesting; please stop by when you have some time! all comments are always welcome!
    stay true to what you do~

  5. I absolutely love this post, its so inspiring! Seriously I'm not gonna try Im gonna do the damn thang! hahaha

    u look gorgeous btw :)
    and Happy New Yrs!

  6. 100% truth in this post right here.No 1/2 stepping.Either get it done or don't even do it.Much respect to that.

    Happy 2K9

  7. Sounds like a plan. Happy New Year.

  8. Yess...much happiness and success to you in 09'. Eliminating can't and try from your vocab is the best thing ever. Happy New Year

  9. I concur..09 should be everyones year to define themselves to ones on standards. Go Cold Turkey! Happy New Year Michelle!

  10. I saw your blog, look at mine I think you'll like,
    I hope that we keep in communication, greetings and congratulations

  11. ok so i know u got ma text ma... and u know how i really feel bout new years' but u know i gotta stick up for all them folk who dont give a shit bout it too right... tagged u to a blog... i think u'ld like the reading... we may not agree but i think u'ld like it tho... and this year i'm so unto u parties n all!!!

  12. Have a blesseed 2009 siter, and thanks for the love

  13. ok so i know u got ma text ma... and u know how i really feel bout new years' but u know i gotta stick up for all them folk who dont give a shit bout it too right... tagged u to a blog... i think u'ld like the reading... we may not agree but i think u'ld like it tho... and this year i'm so unto u parties n all!!!

  14. Happy New Year girlie!! Yes its all about the positives this year!!

  15. Happy New Year's miss.

    Ban trying. I love it.

    Pinocchio Story isn't my favorite track, but i like the lyrics.

    what an inspirational vid. "trying" is safer for us to say than actually doing because subconciously, we think we will make a mistake and fail, but nobody is perfect and we have to make mistakes in order to succeed.

    It's on that Geico status, but it's so simple, we all can DO it. Genius.

    Try... eh, I mean have a good year, lol.

  16. Happy New Year! I feel you no more trying just do like NIKE "Just Do It!"

  17. Great post, inspiring and I plan on staying motivated too!

  18. happy new years. Great hair cut you look good.

  19. You know what? This is great advice. Thank you for the New Year's wishes, and I hope you have a fantastic year yourself!

  20. very true. choices/action. i don't have any 2009 resolution..i have a mission lol...and in it for the long haul...creating positive habits...;)

    Happy New Year!

  21. What an awesome post! Inspiring words, girl...

    I too plan to banish all the negatives from my life.

    Wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Dream big. Get what you dream of.


  22. Love the Yoda quote!

    You look gorgeous :)

    Happy New Year, Chell!


  23. Love the makeup! Yes, ignore the negatives alright! :)

  24. aww, I loved this post and I love your haircut :D

    Have a happy & blessed 2009!

  25. love the hair!

    yea, im also trying to associate with everything positive..may God help us!

    have a fabulously wonderful '09!


  26. told you your hair looked f'ing amazing :)

  27. LOVE your hair, OMG! So hot! Happy New Year pretty~

  28. You're looking good in that picture (as always). I hope you the best for 2009 girl. Take care =)

  29. Good things are coming. :) God has a plan. He always does.

    && you're soo pretty!!

  30. love this post! hell i love your blog! you look beautiful, btw.

  31. You look amazing! Trust me it's a year for doing things!

  32. Happy 2009 hon....did u make it to the gym???

  33. HI beautiful! :D

    i agree, don't just try :)

    the booties are from barney's, they're having a pretty big sale :D

  34. What a fantastic post!!! I completely agree - we need to focus more on the positives and less on the negatives :)

    Excellent post, and it really makes me reflect on my own life, so thank you!
    And, thank you you for such sweet comments on my blog - yours is amazing, and you are absolutely fabulous


  35. thank you :)

    bytheway- your blog name is above and beyond adorable, so fierce, doll!


  36. This was great advice!

    Forget the ppl at the gym. Do you!

  37. Wassup buddy! Happy 2k9!
    Im not big on New Years resolutions cuz I never keep em but I wish you the best of luck with yours. I need to update, I know lol Just been real busy enjoying my break n all that. Scream at me when you come to Chicago!


  38. That's what's up :) Great post, girlie. Happy New Year!

  39. You have a wonderful new year & make 2009 a year of much prosperity and strength.


  40. Your sooo gorgeous! and your hair is hoottt girl! i NIKE says JUST DO IT!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥

  41. Baby;

    I'm diggin' this post so much I'ma swipe it and post it on my blizzog!!!

    It won't be as COLORFUL as yours. But, hopefully; folk WILL get the point.

    HAPPY 2009!!!

  42. I couldn't agree more. Don't "try." Instead, "do!"

  43. AHHHH That's like my favorite quote ever...shout out to Yoda.

  44. I totally agree. I find myself still saying "try" and I stop/ restart my sentence without the word. Someone told me to stop saying "try". I have abolished "try", "can't", and any other words out of my vocab. Amen


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