Sunday, December 21, 2008


my computer kept giving me the shoulder. but we've gotten back together so lots of pictures. but remember none from the club "what happens in Vegas,...... stays in Vegas" except this:

After the ladies left LA, we met up with the Atl crew lol. My dad was nice & sent someone to pick us. gosh the driver wasn't the nicest. unlike the great taxi guy that took me & my sisters on our way back to Atl. We look tired, but so happy, what a long day! got there at night, VEGAS was so pretty, ads everywhere, I'll think of working there with marketing.

They had a lovely Botanical Garden at the hotel (link)

The ceiling near check in & on the way to the garden

A closer look at the Bellagio ceiling, so pretty, reminded me of some fairy tale mushrooms, made with glass.

Exercise: we walked to Caesar's palace, they had so many stores there.

[sigh] I'm such a hard worker! what a workout.

looks real!!!!! Huh?

some art gallery at Caesar's Palace Hotel, Madame Tussuads eat your heart out!!!!

I promise you I hardly took a 30min nap, then it was off to dinner, and Circe du soliel's O. Wonderful, but ive blogged about it before so I'll shush. but omg the clowns below were hilarious!

remember i said once it started we couldn't take any more pics =/

My room

My Bed

I'll lose major cool points if i tell you who my roommate was lol. It was so funny, I'd leave like midnight to go clubbing downstairs, and when i came back up like 3am, it'd be freezing, and my roomie was all comfortable, then all of a sudden I'd change heat. [guess u had to be there to get it, but it's hilarious when we look back] (but if someone guesses right, I'll admit it)

My Bathroom, it was so pretty!

My Parents room, suite whatever samething was funny. omg they had a separate freaking elevator?? wtf talk about elitist, ha ha & they had the guts to have different wall paper, and door colors. I told them that I would stay there one day, even if it meant getting 22 friends & sleeping bags! best of all their check out was 4pm.

me= beds, shower, bath & mints!!
them= kitchen, living room,dining, bedroom, his & hers bathrooms with tv's, crazy closet, so much bs lol, i wanna stay there!

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!!!!!!! wow so much movies are coming out on Christmas day, how exciting!!! I really wanted to go to Miami this holiday but no one else wants to go. everyone else is in Nigeria having fun & going to weddings =( Bitches!! lol I'm just hating. But that's okay, next time =)

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1.52am: MUCH later edit: Okay this is how bored I am.

CLICK THE PICTURE TO see what ppl like me do at 1.55am. yeah I'm officially dating my computer. VOTE!


  1. Still haven't hit up Vegas yet, but it looks like a ball.Loving the bathroom, its the most important room to me in traveling.LOL @ no club pix.

    What happens in Vegas........

  2. Yeah, you definitely look great hun!!!!

    And I still have yet to go to Vegas...

  3. Lookin at your pretty smile, you look like you had a lot of fun :) Ahhh!! I miss Vegas!

  4. seem like u had fun, u did tell us what was inside LV bag heheh :-P

  5. Wow... that suite looks great. but your room ain't bad either. Looks like you had quite a blast, didn't you? I am looking forward to a break. Why is Christmas still two days away? I went and did all my shopping this saturday, and now I don't have the heart to look at my account statement.

    Oh, and BTW, the shotcouture giveaway is here! Visit, answer a simple question, and you could win one of the fabulous prizes. The contest in currently open to shotcouture readers in Asia, US, Europe and Canada. Last date is 15th January. There is designer stuff and jewellery to be grabbed. So hurry!

  6. i'm going back to vegas in march.

    can't wait.

    looks like you had a ball!

  7. Looks like you had a good time there. I gotta push Vegas higher on my to-do list.

    Being a PC > *

  8. LOL - hilarious...looks like you had a GREAT time!

  9. u look like u had a great time!!! ive never been to vegas..but im planning a trip with co-workers for may :)

  10. I was wonderin where you were...I was thinking, "Now where is this am I suppose to hang out with her?" I see now, you were doing it up big time in Vegas...girl, I ain't mad at 'cha :)

  11. Really nice photos! Keep em coming!

  12. Great pics. Looks like ya'll had fun. I love Vegas. Sadly won't be going until February.

    But I will go to MIA with you. I gotta get away from this cold in the Chi. lol.

    And I voted for whatever that was. lol

  13. i love las vegas and i'm going back this weekend! the bellagio is my favorite hotel to stay in. the ceiling is amazing and i love the water show. i gotta work on staying in a suite though...i'll be one of your 22 people and i can even bring an extra sleeping bag :)

  14. dead jealous (as usual)
    am so busy at work its unreal
    wish i could go on a long vacation
    but guess i jus have to wait till january
    lovely pics

  15. thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I'd go to Miami with you, for sure!!!!!!
    Why is everyone going to Nigeria? Haha.
    Nice post. Long post, but I enjoyed reading it. :)

  16. wow yurr blog is hot, something new to look at. I enjoyed it,thanks for stopping by to mine.

  17. Las Vegas is so fun! I love cirque du soleil and louis vuitton. thanks for your comment. Kisses and hugs!

  18. Great photos... ;)

    I wanna go to Vegas lol.

  19. lol girl im soo sorry time has seriously passed..but when i come back down to atlanta..when i come down would you mind like meeting up so i can personally give it to you...if you do not mind

  20. ps you look gorgeous in the pics..and vegas is too much fun thinking of going back for 21st...hope you have a great christmas and new years

  21. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I was amazed at the ceiling for the garden, beautiful. Glad you had fun. I can't wait til I get a chance to go to Vegas.

  22. I aint never been to Vegas... Aint goin no time soon... and Im mad

    Glad you had fun though!!! You always doin it big. Ima be like you one day, bet!!!


  23. wow!!! thats u in d pic??? now i kno y d name...

    i so wanna go to that vegas too...heard so much abt it!!!

  24. so you are all over the place... looks like a lot of fun! thats great get it all in while you can....

    Happy Holidays! and Merry Christmas!

  25. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  26. Your comment header says you are thinking of going to Miami or 'Africa.'


    Africa is pretty big.

    Be more specific!

  27. @ everyone: Thanks for the lovely comments. lol & I think we're enough that want to go to vegas so we could probably get a badass suite =)

    Yeah girl, we could do lunch or something when u're in the A, then u can give it to me.

    @Kofi Bofah ma bad I meant Nigeria or Miami. sadly I did none, but I am highly determined to do both in 2009, so wait for the pics.

    Mayz lol yeah that's me in the pictures

    Kyle I went to The Bank, and I loved it, i previously blogged about it. i didn't go to others though, maybe next time.

  28. looks like you had a grand time! you look pretty too :) happy holidays! warm hugs!

  29. Daaamn I only got to go to Vegas once and it wasn't long enough to really enjoy it. I gooootta go again!

  30. Um I'm gonna need to see whats in that big ass LV bag!!!! lol

  31. fabulous funpics dear!!! Luv that eye make-up...have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas! ~KISSES*

  32. you look great!!!

    Merry Christmas to you & your family! ;-)

  33. merry christmas girl & a happy new year. gotta love your blog wooooo;
    picture porn all over haha, thanks for the holiday wishes. <3

  34. You're delightfully radiant with your "oversize" Vuitton bag, Or when sparkling rhymes with Sexy !!!
    ps: "BOMChell" ? Just in case, The "Official definition" (YES, YES, YES, YES) is on my blog . . .
    ps: Happy Holidays to You !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  35. so like i really thought the liddle woman in the art museum was real , wow .
    lol i must visit vegas very soon , the suite was poppin .

  36. Soooooo..... you lose major cool points for not telling us what u bought from LV!! hahahhahaha...

    And your eyes look doper and dope?? Do you use liquid eyeliner?? If so which one??

    Great post!!

  37. @ misnomer: ha ha all my family was wondering why i took a picture of some old woman

    What Women Want said: About the LV, if you look closely at my bed picture you can see the bag i got (^_^)

  38. Hi Bombchell!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the lovely comment~ You guys lived it up!

  39. I miss Vegas! DAMN GIRL u r lucky! I'm stuck in cold as hell Germany...

    Vegas is my second home....

    U never see the light of day there...

    hahaha :)

  40. aren't you lovely!!! thanks for stopping over at my blog you're gorgeous!!! and i love your profile photo with that fabulous wig!!!!


    Merry Christmas My Pretty New Pal!

  41. i love your hair!

    La C

    Merry Christmas!/Happy Holidays!

  42. Very nice pics especially the hotel room. But did you buy a Louis Vitton car? Lol that bag is HUGE

  43. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog and for the kind words. btw, i got my $800 back from the bank.

    i've seen Twilight FOUR times now... the fourth time on this link:

    shhh!! go watch the whole movie again -- for free!!

  44. Ah your fafi girl profile picture caught my eye. Baby you have great taste and such dead on pictures. I love it.

    Happy holidays♥ o.~, China L.

  45. So next time you need to pack me in that Loui bag of yours so I can go on the family trip. Lol. Thanks.

  46. So fun, Chell! Thanks for sharing these pics!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


  47. I went to Vegas this Summer. I have three words to say:


    Just to give you an idea of the shenanigans that went down (in just two days), I got so drunk, passed out in a stall at a club, got escorted out of by a bouncer, then passed out in a hidden alley (somehow, didn't get mugged), eventually made it back to my hotel and that wasn't even THE story of the trip.

    Summer 09, it's happening again!

  48. Wow, las vegas looks so good! I want to go there one there! You look gorgeous & merry christmas :)

  49. first off, you're really pretty...

    okay, now that thats out the way, vegas is looking good. one day, when I finally reach Cali, i should swing there and wild out.

    omg @ the LV bag. didnt know they came that big.

    I'm a PC too, but sometimes I cheat with a Mac, so i'm bi, i guess.

  50. those pictures are fantastic, you look like you had a blast! i love the pics with your hip jutted out. it's like your signature pose. get that shit trade marked!!

  51. looks like u had fun in vegas!

  52. HOT PICS BABE! I'm glad you had a blast in Vegas. Happy new year. =)

  53. Man am digging the vegas pics o. Damn! u r one sexy thang. so wetin happen for vegas wey u no wan gist o. Abeg nack us the tori o.

  54. Love the last pic...ur eye make up is the bomb...need to take lessons from u...

  55. Nice blog. U look pweety too..

  56. that ceiling is really does look straight out of a fairy tale!


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