Monday, July 28, 2008

Just got back from DALLAS!!

went to Dallas for the weekend! It was so much fun! I survived a day without the internet [disbelief]. Made me get acquainted with my new camera!! A Sony A200k dslr- cost me about $500+ I should have waited for tax free weekend, duh.

Anyways. I have so much mail to check. I won the urbanglamour contest, pretty cool & next week there's another contest for Stila makeup (enter here)

well left Friday, got back Sunday. There was a badass party on Saturaday in Dallas. The guy was 80, his wife was 75, they've been married 57 years!! TOP THAT! oh yeah and there were a bunch of hotties all over the place, didn't get any though, hmm... I'll post some pictures of me and some narcissists I love from my Dallas weekend. Funny thing I bumped into a friend on the way back to Atlanta

Kisses! Bombchell.

ps: the pictures will be coming after I unpack, clean, shower, shop, shop, date, study, party e.t.c aka later this week =)

but this is my new camera:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favourite Songs, Concert Pictures & Kanye

Gosh I love this song!!!! Kanye's defnitely one of the greatest ever!! I'm such a Kanye fan!! his part is probably the hottest part on this song [point 3.00 in the vid]. Jeezy Rocks too.

I PUT ON: Young Jeezy Feat Kanye

[unlike the lil wayne Lolipop video I'm glad they put in some effort, even though the song is already popular]

-Thanks to
Charlemagne's Truth for the video.

Two Songs I'm currently in love with & are highlighted. [ha ha the top 10 are the most played on my laptop]

{{{I will add add player later for both songs later}}}

Since I'm talking about Kanye I've decided to add a few pics from the Glow in the Dark Tour. Went with my sisters, brother, cousins, and a bunch of friends.

My Lovely Cousin "Sunshine"

my lil sister, "Gorgeous Mandy" & I [we had awesome seats]

Kanye Performing [hmm no camera's were allowed]

& an image from KANYE's fab Blog (link to his post)

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Bisous, Bombchell

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What do you really think about in Church?

So today in church i was trying to pay attention. But the priest said something normal about Mary in the context of Jesus' mother, and then my mind wandered. I grew up knowing (/assuming) Mary was just a vessel, you know? to transport Jesus to earth, deliver him, no genetic makeup etc. so when people call her Jesus' mother, well what do they really mean? in my head:

(A) Sperm + Eggs = Baby -----------------------I understand perfectly

(B) Holy Spirit -> Mary (vessel, no genetic makeup needed, magical, miracle)-----------------------I understand perfectly

Thought in Church:
(C) Holy Spirit + Mary (with eggs, genetic makeup, as in really his mother)??? = Jesus--------Lighting pls don't strike.

I picked option (B), asked for forgiveness for potential sacrilegious thoughts, & put my mind back on the Mass. As my friends know i'm sometimes prone to "blonde moments" (it's a cute saying but but if any blondes are offended, comment on it, & I promise never to use it again =).

PS don't forget Nordstrom's is currently having their big Anniversary Sale, it started Friday, July 18 and ends Sunday, August 3. Thanks to Dave for both the cartoons. I love his cartoons!

Cartoon by Dave Walker. ps: you can also freely find & add them to your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

My weekend is going great, hope yours is too.

bisou, Bombchell. (my French is improving lol)


Adam had neither father nor mother!! so of course Jesus is all God. right? I dont feel too stupid anymore because apparently on the internet others have asked & resolved this(eg: on this Yahoo Answers question).lol



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting big Anime cartoon eyes with Circle Contact Lens

I don't mean to sound crazy but I'm considering trying out Big Barbie Doll Eyes!!! LOL I blame all the random blogs I visit, especially the Asian blogs I just started checking. May I digress!! thanks.

Asian blogs/ bloggers are on a whole other level, those ladies mean business. Some get on tv shows, magazines like Maxim, free stuff, and they make money, pretty cool huh?So 2 popular bloggers are having some showdown lol Dawn Yang & Xiaxue. you could google their fights, supposed plastic surgeries, and hate sites etc (both super gorgeous though).

Back to the big eyes. Have you ever heard of "Circle Contact Lens?" or "Big Eyes Contacts" or better yet? "Acuvue Define?" Probably not. you have to admit its intriguing =) Anyways, why am I thinking of this?? HALLOWEEN!!! plus they are kinda cute. Lil Kim, this is your answer to look like a black barbie doll!!

Yeah yeah I'm thinking of halloween & it's only July, I love Halloween, I'm even considering going to Dragon*con (on flickr) just so I can dress up. lol yes it's that bad (I have my reasons). [I want to be a fafinette this year!!!!!!!! shhh]

This lady got my brain thinking, well actually her shop blog. [then again there's always photoshop right =)]

more links about the eye thing: wired, bebo, video, and here

honestly I don't think the contacts really make a big difference [shrugs]

For putting you through this long post. This is what I might look like with Circle Lenses lol.

yeah 2007 summer I joined the craze, and got the haircut. I'm tired of starring at alien-like hotness lol, bye I'm late for.... a "meeting."

EDIT added July 17th: I decided to add the before i photoshopped picture. ps: "Pamela" is my cousin. hope you can see a difference

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a Day!

just saw Meet Dave, yeah..... the movie with Eddie Murphy (^_^). Hellboy was sold out, and I'm still waiting on Batman [shriek] & I admit, I liked it!!! (official website). lol He's Hot white suit, & some funny lines in the movie too.

  • we grabbed some Chinese on the way back. yeah around 12.30am. (98.8% is in the fridge)

  • got carded at Starship & I had no I.D. (lol don't ask, it was right by the Chinese restaurant) all i saw for the 3 secs were movies on the wall, I'm "guessing" XXX.

  • went to a pool party (3 mins before it ended)

  • waking up for church in about 5 hours 30 mins. how was your weekend? hope it was great.
finally got a profile picture [shrugs]. Hope I'll like it forever. (took it around March, yeah I change my hair every month)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Definitely Maybe

current time: 12.26am

Option A
: go to sleep, wake up at 6am & go to the gym. (I'm trying new habits)

Option B: watch this movie for free at this location, online, without downloading?

watch it here, or here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fortune Cookies Are So True

Question: so what happens when u "lose" a friends number, and kinda tick off of a potential date? & what's with guys refusing to be friends with me.

Answer: you order Chinese & read your fortune.

So I picked another cookie:

lol anyways gotta go I'm late for a ... meeting =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

House Party

so we went to Emeka's house party. June 28th. got there super late.

I partied my ass off this July 4th weekend with family & friends, Sutra, Velvet Room, Excalibur, Restaurants, Leopard Lounge, tell me where I didn't go. lol. Pictures coming up soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Parties, Friends, Family & Meeting potential great guys, because true love might be found in a dark smoky club, or at some reunion where I can pretend "Mr. Right" is only going to hit on me the whole night :)

Itinerary Thurs-Sunday: bar, party, Nigerian party, after hours party, flirting, smiling, pictures, etc church, back to studying.

Love this song, it's stuck in my head thanks to America's Best Dance Crew's Fanny Pak [ABDC] & lets not forget the lovely Peachtree Road Race that will block all cars from entering & leaving my house.

credit: image