Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

also Black Gay Pride in Atlanta. I haven't noticed the influx of people yet, probably 'cause I haven't been to Lenox Mall, and we go to different clubs.

Anyways haven't been clubbing!! Can you believe that!?! Well I'll find something to do tonight. & Obviously Velvet Room Tomorrow (Sunday). Jeezy is having an Album release party on Wed (ladies free b4 11pm) @ Velvet room.

Oh and apart from the Thai I just ate (Rama 5 of Thailand  link, Pretty good, But I miss my restaurant in Conyers), I'm taking my ass to the gym starting tomorrow okay Monday. Gotta get ready for Cali & Vegas!!!! I can't wait (if you've been to Vegas, what are the hottest spots?). Gotta be strict for 30 days!! so if you see me in the gym, I look a hot mess PLS!! dont say hi!! I'll be mortified, just wave :)

Ludacris is also doing some stuff this weekend. check it out here, I might go to the soft ball game on Monday with Michael Jordan, at Oglethorpe university cause it's pretty close.I'm clueless about softball though.

Anyways let me know what u've got planned for this weekend, especially if you're in ATL. & Just for fun I'll post a picture of the hottest guy I see this weekend, hopefully he'll be straight & hit on me ha ha (90% joke)

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Good Lie Might Save You From A Bad Date

So I once went on a date to Twist with this guy S., about 2 or 3 summers ago. Anyways, he was nice, lovely date, but we stopped talking and that was it.

The problem: After 3 months he texted me, I texted back, he texted, I texted, then he ignored me [ & yes, Texted is a word!!!]

3 more months later: same crap

4 months later: he called, I missed it, I called him, and he didn’t call back. I then deleted his number.

Months Later he texted “Hi.” I said “who is this” he said S., I said “hi, what’s up” he never replied

Can u imagine how pissed I was getting??; (especially since I didn't fancy him?) he kept this up for about 2 years (don't know why I was being nice).

SO……...lution: last month he texted me again, I asked who he was, he said S. , I said “S who?” he replied the “S that you went on a date with to Twist” My Reply.

“Look the last date I went on was with my fiancĂ©, 2 years ago” (if he reads this I’ll feel 22.3% bad ) (I'm totally single lol)

So this post is dedicated to some of the lies we’ve told to the opposite sex. Lots of guys in the last post, (in comments, facebook, my phone, & some girls) said that I should be fairer, and also shed light on the stuff girls do. so here it is:

My Pants on Fire Pass Crew

“I have a boyfriend”

"You're too young" -even if he's older

-Gorgeous Mandy

I told this guy at the club "I'm a Lesbian" but he insisted it would be more fun & he wanted to be friends.

So I told him, "Honestly last time I had something to do with a guy, I threw up on him & I don't think you will like that!!" LMFAO he got put off!!!


“It’s the age difference” – it was just a year, but I wasn’t interested.

- Gerald

“It’s that time of the month”- works like a charm, and no more questions

- Essay

“I grab my cousin & say he’s my boyfriend”

- Sunshine

"This is my Bachelorette Party! I’m getting married tomorrow!” THE BEST!

- Fola

lol I've also used the Lesbian Line, the perv. tried to get us to kiss

A Million Thanks to all those that participated, and were bold enough to put up their lines & picture, U Know I love you!!!! (& ALL those that Commented in the last Post!!!)

Until Next Time, don't forget to subscribe =) & tell me your lines/ lies!!![click the comment link]

- Bombchell


ps: if you look into the liar liar, pants on fire passes, you'll learn some cool stuff, 79% are kinda single/ confused/ lying/ or according to facebook in relationships with other girls, or none

credit: chaos-kaizer (original photoshop badges b4 editing)

Easy instant online version you can make yourself: here [thanks to David's comment]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Most Annoying Phrase Guys Love 2 Use IS

((((drum roll))))

That's my friend Essay on our way out to Bucket Shop last night.

"I will call you back later" & Other crappy variations. A group of girls & I have discussed and we have decided that this is absolutely THE MOST ANNOYING THING they say. [they only say "yes you, look fat" on tv, and commercials, not in real life, they aint crazy!]

Because: Later is so..... VAGUE!!

so I'm thinking

What the fuck?, when the fuck?, tomorrow?, today?, in an hour? But what they really mean is bye!!! why not just say "call you when I call you," I sometimes say "Talk to you when I do!" or I'm specific!! "I'll call you this weekend." or just plain "Goodnight, sweetdreams etc"

Anyways this is mostly done while you are on the phone, and something "obviously" comes up. lol funny thing we agreed, it only bugs us when it's a guy we like, or were interested in, or guy that's hitting on us, or we want information.

SO GUYS, if you ever read this, PLS STOP. be blunt, we can take it. Just say it!!!! Than making poor girls around the world that might be into you, wait for they cells to ring. Bye I'm late for dinner.

so what do you do think?? or does something else bug you more?? and guys... what do you have to say for yourself, tsk tsk.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping In Atlanta

So where do you shop??

Me & My Cousin Val, this morning, (sniff) now (10pm) she's on her flight back to the UK.

Atlanta/ GA is pretty fun to shop at, well once you learn to love mall's you'll love it. We have everything from Hermes -> Metro Park -> Urban Outfitter -> Zara -> Bebe-> Forever 21 ->Rue 21. And the most eclectic fun place to shop in Atlanta is definitely LIL 5 POINTS (L5P).(Lenox-2nd)

L5P is everything, vintage, punk rock, alternative, modern, not in the mall, and some brought from LA & NY for stupid high prices, But Lovely MIX!!!!!!! Been shopping all weekend, I'm trying hard not to remember how much I've spent!! Like my cousin Natalie says "I Wish Money Grew On Trees" I have some of the coolest bags, weird glasses, and Makeup!!! I went MAC crazy! So thanks to everyone at the malls that were super nice to me & my cousins!!!!
L5P area map, driving instructions by google maps , Address: 484 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 us


Phipps Plaza
- most expensive (Tiffany's, Jimmy Choo etc)

- (2nd poshest, high end store) so fun on Saturday, all the gays (mostly african american) come out, there are DJ's everywhere, girls in tight dresses, it's like a club. [I prefer weekdays when it's quiet though] (link)

-Diesel, FCUK, Karen Miller, Versace, Sony, Burberry, Betsey Johnson, A&F, Macy's, Wetseal, go check their site

- Has the only MAC store in GA, and all the cool girlie stores, like Lvl X, Charlotte Russe, Know Style (soon to open?), you can thread your eyebrows there.

Gwinnett- Know Style, Bebe etc - tons of nice girlie stores (link)

Southlake- Know Style, Melinda's, I'm not really sure

West End Mall -um not really sure, I know there's a wig store there

I forgot:
Atlantic Station: so pretty, reminds me of a little fake city, like gotham city or something. They have H&M (& a lovely theathre stays open till about 3 am, and cool restaurants like Geisha House, Dolce, Strip, BoneHeads etc)

: in L5P: there's a store called Wish (link to site/current sale)that has old school sneakers etc, and 97% of the store is for guys, all my male friends love it, it's pretty sick!!

in Phipps: there's Armani, Armani exchange, Gucci etc, Nordstrom (sean john, etc)

Lenox: Macys [most guy i know find stuff there], True Religion, Zara, Express, Urban Outfitters, FCUK, Salvatore Ferragamo (shoes, belts, high end) and more stores

(Torrance I added the few guy stores I know for u!! so which others did u like when u were in Morehouse? u still in the A)

Anyways I'm about to go to Justin's so if u see me, I'm wearing the same shirt from morning picture! too lazy to change & I love this shirt!! I'm gonna order about 3 or 4 more tomorrow!!

Can't wait to shop in LA next month =)

Shirt I'm obsessed with: (it's much brighter in person, I lover racerbacks!!!)

I'll order the orders on their website here (only $9.80, Shit I might might 10 more and wear them forever)

Tomorrow I'm posting On one of THE MOST ANNOYING PHRASE GUYS USE!! and all ladies will agree

Natalie your not in this picture, but I miss you too!!! see you soon!! lol xmas.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love Traffic & Basketball

About to head out to the So So Def basketball game. (current time: 3pm, game started: 3pm ha ha).

My new friend, Nura & Sosa from Alabama (the Nelly Stan, from last post)

Thanks to traffic got there at 4PM, to see a really long line!!!

(ps: OMG there was the hottest guy stuck in traffic with me on 85 south, if u ever see this: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Boo!!!!)

The game was at Morehouse College, Took forever to find the Arena!!! then to stand in line to buy tickets.

FINALLY GOT MY BRACELET!! YAY!!! now time to stand in the next line. OMG is was so... hot outside, about 80-95 degress. my camera didn't capture the heat!!

The game started at 3pm, we got in at about 5pm!!! then looked for seats. No wonder I got crappy seats. Apparently we had to come early, or with purple bracelets for good seats. And they weren't selling them =/

If you were with the media & seating here: I HATE U!! lol

Soulja Boy performed during half time.

Wanna know something funny? from my crappy seats, I could hardly see anyone, I thought the wrong guy was Nelly for half the game, then noticed Bow wow, & J.D. I had no idea the gorgoes Boris Kodjoe was even there, until I got back, read other blogs the next day, and zoomed into my pictures. ha ha ha, sucks. (I'm still hating on people with better seats & cool pictures like this guy!)

The game was okay, I wasn't focused, just wanted to take pictures. So we left with about 5 mins left in the game, so we could beat traffic. & attend a family friend's high school graduation. good gosh she got into Princeton, pretty badass.

I wonder who won in the end??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

So So Def Weekend, shooting, Nelly, & Igbo Weekend

WTF???? I was meant to go for the party yesterday, SoSoDefSummerFest 2008 (with Nelly, Diddy etc) and all (Summerfest link, number: 404.914.5533 ). It's about $40 for each day, but $10 for the basketball game today at Morehouse College.

Anyways turns out there was some shooting over there (according to AJC news & MTO). Good gosh ATL get it together!!! anyways I'll call some friends to see what went down. My homegirl's a Nelly Stan (definition) so she'll probably drag me to Nelly's event.

For Those Still Interested regardless of the shooting lol:


Celebrity Basket Ball Game: J.D's team vs Nelly's Team
Morehouse College
Forbes Arena, Atlanta GA, 30341
doors open @ 3pm

@ Night

All White Party (hosted by Jermaine Dupri, Larenz Tate?? Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, etc)
The Woodruff Arts Center
doors open @ 10.30pm

tomorrow: Sunday Aug 3rd

Grand finale Party
(hosted by Polow da Don, Bow wow, JD, Nelly, Mario, etc)
VELVET ROOM {Duh, where else are you gonna party on sunday, well except Underground}

Igbo Nigerian Party: Umu Igbo Unite
ANYWAYS i think I'll take my behind to the Igbo party, i hope it's decent. I still don't know who the f&*% they think they are charging crazy, especially since they are a new organization. (sigh) people claim to host a reunion for the Igbo tribe but are really just trying to make a buck.

Anyway I'll prob be here tonight: (unless i do both parties)

Banquet & After party
Time: 7PM - 3AM
Location:Old Decatur Courthouse
101 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030

for others that care about the other weekend activities (link)

previous post, much more fun -> Dallas Pictures

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!!!

xoxo Bombchell

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pictures from Dallas, Texas

woah had a power outage this night , thanks to the rain!! (& to "M" no I wasn't scared!!!). I even had to light candles lol (no batteries were in my torch/ flash light).




pictures are bigger if you click on them (I hope). it's 6am, I'm sleepy, I'll correct it when i wake up. {{ Hi I'm Bombchell & I'm an Email-Facebook-Blogger-WebSurfing Addict =/}}

4) I was so camera happy!! they kept making fun of me. lol

5)dinner @ my aunt's house. before heading out to the house party.

omg it was like 80 degrees! at 10pm in Dallas, so hot!! the party ended at 3am (it didnt get any cooler).

6)The Next Day for Lunch.

7) Party Time (lol I slept till about 2pm, then again till 6pm, hence i look refreshed lol)-hmm I'm not ashamed I slept that much, we all need a break sometime he he.

8)wondering why my site is cutting the right part of this picture??

From BOMBCHELL - i...

9)Sunshine, Gorgeous Mandy & My futu Chioma



12) Outside the ballroom

13) So cute: they danced into the ballroom


15)My cute nephew [I promise I'm not choking him! he's smiling see... ]

{{sunshine take that!! Team Bombchell wins - inside joke}}

16) Poor guy, I made him take pictures of me in the car, airport, hotel, lol everywhere!!

17) Some scary cool dancers, I was actually scared excited to take a picture from my seat

18) Thanks for being a good sport! I always bugged my cousin to take pictures, randomly so I could figure out the right light setting.

19) & A close up of my nails to those who noticed it looked different.