Monday, September 22, 2008

Nneka's Bday PICTURES!

I'll update this particular post, instead of adding a new one. (pictures are bigger if clicked!)

edit: 3.22pm

Bday girl Nneka (right) fab makeup artist & stylist in Atlanta (she did her own hair)

YES I DID. wear tights & open toe shoes & I ROCKED IT!

[left] My brother & I the night before. (lol do u know the guy in the back? in black?)

[right]: My party buddy Cynthia!!

ok I'm meant to meet my friend at the gym. lol yeah I know since my last update I still havent gone, but Ive eaten so much junks tsk tsk

Bowling at 300 & some video dancers

Haven't been able to update because I've been partying too much lol. OMG this weekend was just weird tell me why I've been bumping into random guys that I used to know? and even though we never worked out mostly cause of them, now they want to try again?? guess I was looking hot. we'll see. still accepting boyfriend applications lol (go to last post)

Me, Arinze "This is naija", Kelechi "Twista", My siblings Foxy Sheila, & Charlemagne the great

My darling cousin Arinze from London, & an old friend, Kelechi from my boarding school days in Nigeria stopped by ATL from Houston. So I've been partying since Thursday till 2am , 5 to sleep yesterday. OMG who watched True Blood on HBO!! the baddest show ever!!! About to go work out now. Hope everyone had a fab weekend. & I'll upload pics soon. & YAY Gossip Girls is tonite!!! (go to if you wanna watch any American tv show for free, online.)

ps: picture from 300 bowling atlanta on Saturday, it was pretty good, & DJ Technology was so badass, he needs to start playing in clubs. We used the private lanes, if your a big crowd check it out, its only about $70 per hour & includes shoes etc. (so you feel cool like you're balling, but the math might be cheaper) Try this pretty drink called a Bob Marley !! it has different colors, blue, red, orange etc & strong. (Sunday is normally the hottest night though)

pps: they charged $10 that evening, but take $20 incase, and it's 21& over at night, perhaps free during the day to enter.

300 Atlanta (website)
2175 Savoy Dr.

I have added 2 crazy ass videos.

1. OMG i wanna dance like her. (this might gross you about, but some people say they are siblings, still great dancers =)


I wonder if it plays, because you have to confirm you are 18 to watch it on youtube.
her myspace, his. lol y'all dont say I don't educate you on here. another of their videos.

2. One of my favorite songs, lol yeah I've been in the A too long. it's called "What's up with that cookie"(aka whats up with that p**sy). ha ha I actually showed both videos to my mum, she can't believe kids dance like this.

they call themselves "Twerk Team" they were dancing to the song by Juney Boomdata.

& Kelechi: safe trip back!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happily Single & the Boyfriend Application Form

Do I have a boyfriend? ? How many have I had? Even in High School? gosh what a geek!!

[Boyfriend Application Form @ the end of the post] -read it, & fill it for fun, ladies you too.


So I was reading the Fly Guy Chronicles (the link). Well on his blog he talks about relationships. I'm not sure what makes him an expert but I like the site. Anyways who made Oprah? (omg "sacrilege" lol) I meant Greg Behrendt one? it's a gift? talent, pretence, who cares, its better advice than "Jerry!"

C'mon you know Greg Behrendt. the guy who wrote "He's Just Not That Into You," and has a movie based on the book that's coming out!!! Youtube Trailer: link I cant wait!!!!!! [ps I watched Tyler Perry's: The Family That Preys, this weekend]
----------done digressing

So I registered to comment on his post. He stated that good men still exist & we women aren't fully perfect. Long story shor I was bored & knew hardly anyone would access my profile so I decided to goof off. Then I liked it. So I decided to post it here. The profile i made:

"since hardly anyone will ever see this...

Yes, i'm that girl that won't go in the water.
& no I will not walk in the park!! (it's hot &.. humid)
In the summer, I won't come to your soccer game (it's hot) {ask my friend Sanu}
nor to your basketball game in the winter (cause it's a cold walk to the car) {ask my college friends esp Jeff & Shayla}
I expect you to "clock in" with a call everyday {coined by some Brit i knew, gosh he sounded so sexy!!}
But I'll never complain about your Porn
or your video games {if its old school, Marvel vs Capcom or Tekken, I'll even whoop your ass}
or watching the game
or guys night
or the strip club - magic city, platnum 21, pink pony, whatever
provided you call!
& you pay on every date we'll be fine.
hmm I wonder why I'm single (I'm single right? well I think I'm single, nevermind I know I AM SINGLE, havent even been on a date this month)

-by Bombchell - in Atlanta" [originally drafted July 19]

Added a closeup of my nails, for those wondering, oh yeah & Jenny put diamonds on them =) {well diamantes: defintion} i cut them, they were too long before, ick

ps: Why is it that when a guy meets you he asks you "So... why are you single." Um dude, U're single too?? (perplexed) *_* or they don't believe you're single.

Oh & guys!! We are tired of being Your Unofficial Girl! 2 months your calling us "Just friends," 7 months your still calling us "dating. but not boyfriend/girlfriend"

so here's Cassie's Video: Dedicated to all the guys we knew who prob. won't even stand a chance now.



[in some universe, this is a short post, so Ladies & gentlemen!! If you are Single ->WHY?? & If you're not-> HOW?? cuz I wanna join your pda club!!!, Comment & let's discuss below =)]

[the fab original, click thumbnails] or go here & girlfriend here

The easier online version:
Boyfriend Application

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

YAY Finally!!! I aint Buying Yall drinks!

Yay no drinks on me! Post is on time. & Im so.... hungry so I gotta jet =)

At Verve. lol @ the guy behind

Ha ha My friend in black Fola Tripped. & last time I fell down these stairs!

Went to Uptown lounge on Friday for the Luda event, tell me why I got the 1am, and the line was hella long?? So we drove to Atlantic Station which was empty & sucked. Wow so many fine guys at Tongue & Groove ( Monday Labor day). Was gonna go to Velvet Room on Sunday like I planned but after I left my friend late night BBQ, Fola called & found out they were charging OMG $40?? for females, people have lost their darn minds!! Shoo they act like I got a real job or some sugar papi! Heck no! so we went to Verve free before 11.30. Calls it cheap, I call it being smart, trust me the amount of females in ATL is ridiculous, 3:1 , then so many gay or down low guys, so knock that down, then all the taken guys. Were talking 5:1 or 7:1, and we haven’t even specified if he got a job or is cute.

@ Justin's Poolside BBQ which started insanely late. so had to leave early aka 11pm.

Omg she's the prettiest baby ever.

Before heading to the pool, getting more burgers, buns etc

Basically I’m more likely to meet “Mr I’m-not-ready-for-a-relationship-cause-im-greedy”, than “Mr-Right-now-I’ll-date-only-you.” ATL!! Am I lying???? Well we got to Verve late, so yay for Tiwaworks (fab atl party promoter) I didn’t pay, they were also charging $40. Great party! 3 floors, no Dj Cowboy on any floor [plays so much old school like “time for the percolator” well not that bad, but bad enough!]

Posing like the goof i am in the ladies bathroom. & met the funniest a bit Tipsy Lady

Fola on the rooftop @ Verve & middle floor

I have to drag my ass to the gym. lol i look like i have hips & a butt. ha ha ha. Beyonce take that!!


Then Went to Tongue & Groove. Apparently Lyfe Jennings was there, I had no idea, I was too busy trying to figure out 1) why I looked fat in some picture [red dress, not in this post!] 2) why this old 40ish white or asian or Eurasian guy was hitting on me out of all ladies. But he was so…. Sweet, then!!! He’s friend came, and omg, I almost lost it. [u see the guy on the right!?!]

Him: blah blah blah, he’s from the Dominican Republic

Me (thinking): hmm I thought all DR guys were cute?? Wtf, oh well international guys are nice

Him: Can I buy you a drink

Me: No thanks, I’m driving

Him: But I want to drink with you

Me: No thanks, I’m driving, but you can buy my friends one

Him: You buy your friends a drink, I want to buy You a drink 0_o

Me: No thanks I’m driving, so you can buy them one

Him: No you….blah blah blah

Me: [thinking: OMG fuck off & he’s being a tiny bit embarrassingly loud] well I didn’t bring cash

Him: go get you cash & buy your friends a drink, and I’ll buy you water

Me: No thanks, you don’t have to buy them, I just said offer them! But Nevermind, bye.

Then here’s the funny part: he starts talking to some other girl, and his friend that im not sure of his race comes over & says “must be hard being so popular,” I laugh politely cause I think he’s talking about me. But no, he’s talking about his freaking Dominican friend that’s talking to a different girl beside me, ha ha.

Anyways these are random pictures of decent looking guys the photographer took. Like i said before my friends were banned me from taking personal pictures of the guys. so their egos dont get big.

red arrows: bartender
blue circle: some trifling guy, called my friend to talk to her, then started hitting on a diff girl

[ha ha this post is long enough, so feel free to go watch Gossip Girl, go on your date, then come back and read it all!!!] Sasha I think people will passout from Pic overload if i put more!!!

NEW WORD: "suspect"
-for atlanta, with many down lown & gay brothers, my cousin & I, well mostly her, says "Suspect!!!" everytime we see a guy that is supposedly straight, but we think he's a bit off. so we suspect him. omg they were so.... many @ T& G, both straight, hot, gay, suspect, etc.

So next post: People keep asking “Why are you single?” “How come you’ve never had a boyfriend?” And other similar lines, so trust me I have my answer ;) and some sort of form. Hmm wonder what that is. Guess u’ll have to stop by & check. [it'll be way shorter!]