Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Currently: reading your blogs & comments, (sorry luv ya, zero internet), phoning people back , and waiting to watch Trueblood (the best show in the world) online! Are you a fangbanger? lol

omg I missed ATL so so so much!!!! missed the BET Hip Hop Awards, and how crazy the city must have been, but that's okay. & most of all I FUCKING MISSED THE INTERNET!!!!! but Im back!!!! I shopped so much in LA, literally from about 9.20, 9am until 6pm and 4pm. on both days. almost missed my flight from LA to Vegas because I was shopping.

Thanks Derrick! for showing me around, feeding me, and tolerating my "indoor voice" while i was on the phone. Thinking of moving to L.A, or Miami for about a year or more, or remaining in Atlanta. Im so confused in one month I've looked at London, Nigeria, Miami, L.A. & Here. ARGH. Art school, business school, no job, random job.

now VEGAS!!! went shopping, well just mostly got one great item I wanted. Vegas was a dream come true. it was so......... great!!! it was insane!!!! I loved my hotel so much!!! Vegas is so crazy, havent been there since I was about 10 or 11. Nightlife, I went to a club called The Bank, that was in my hotel. LOVED IT!!! shit it had escalators taking u up, vip everywhere, drinks everywhere, gorgeous, funny, supercool people, everyone seemed to be somebody or just having a great time, though i messed up their names, have forgotten what casino they ran, owned, what team they played for. OMG even the dancers were great. everyone was a gentleman!!! Family trip so my parents got me a room, but when next i go. Announcement to all my friends: save the fuck up, lol!! cuz I want to stay at the Bellagio again when next I go, or the Wynn, heard its nice, pls no motels =/ downgrades aren't fun. lol let's aim for Easter!!! okay!!!?! long enough to save =) yes yes I admit my lazy ass never left my hotel, clubbed there, slept there, shopped there, well except when i crossed a bridge to Caesar's Palace. oh yeah apprehensively saw Cirque de Soliel's O, and o.m.g am i glad i did, AMAZING.

No nightlife pictures, cuz u know the saying, everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)

OMG can u wait for Halloween!!!!! ATL where u going?? Compound? Tavern? Utopia?? Europe? where is having a Halloween party. I'm gonna be a fafinette!!

so to everyone i met in Vegas: thanks for loving me. oh LA you too =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Superhero Seduction Secrets

This post was inspired by one of my favourite Korean Movies. It's a romantic comedy called, Seducing Mr Perfect (2006). [link or link to watch it] Omg I love.. love... love... Korean movies, the undying love, well except the fact that in many of the love stories someone seems to have a terminal illness ick, well not this one. ooh & Mr Robin, Daniel Henney is so... hot! (if you watch it, tell me what you think)

From Superhero Seduction

Seduction: something that attracts or charms

We have all seen the art of seduction in movies, magazines, wherever. Well these are tips from 4 gorgeous seduction comic book heroes, along with some videos & pickup lines you should never use.

NOTE ON GOALS: u all have your goals, be is kissing, dates, sex, making them fall in love with you, whatever. This guide only helps u Seduce them. Now when u get there, ITS up to you what u do. The ride stops here. Be safe. oh yeah leave your own goals & tips below in the comment section & don’t forget to subscribe. Click the green button to share with friends/ enemies/ or those who need it.

THE BOMBCHELL: Caramel Von Iylla [sweet as vanilla]

SEDUCTION GOAL: A date, But getting to know a person is actually the sexiest part to me.

HER SEDUCTION SECRET POWER:I've been told by guys my eyes make them weak. so all i have to do often is look guys directly in the eye, oh and pouting never hurts either...

HOW TO SEDUCE HER: Being yourself is sooooo sexy.

THE BOMCHELL: StromyBrook Suave

LEVEL 2:setting the mood, she or he is already attracted to you.

SUPERHERO POWERS: making women melt

IT'S NOT HARD: Seduction is setting the the mood and being romantic.


THE BOMBCHELL: Kimora Monroe (a.k.a MrsFab)
CAUTION: Now my tip about cooking, is to be used after a few dates, he’s "the one".
SECRET SEDUCTION WEAPON: Fabcooking Skills- A great meal (for more check out her lovely website)
GAME PLAN A Directions
Ladies do not waste these cooking skills on just any ole' person, unless you think things are moving to another level & perhaps he is “the one”.
This skill is only to be use on guys who you see as “husband material.” & Before pulling out the cooking weapon…, ladies! Let him take you out. Get to know them. See what he are about.

Can’t cook to save your life?: #1 Have your mama cook/ order a lovely meal. #2 have it already at your place before he arrives. #3. Then later, learn from mom how to cook it (the cover-up).
Caution: Make sure to discard all of the containers before he arrives. He'll never know. Never let him come empty handed! let him bring the wine, dessert, or better yet, let him take you out for dessert and coffee...(classy)!

After that meal, wine, dessert, let nature take its course... *winks*

THE BOMBCHELL: Chellbomb de Noel (a.k.a. Me! the great blogger lol)

GOAL: I want him to fall for me
TECHNIQUE: Thomas Theorem -> (who said college doesn’t help out in life?)
Basically Thomas Theorem states that if we believe something to be real, we will act as if it real, thereby it has real consequences.

NON GEEKY DEF: If you think I look hot, you will treat me like a hottie, & I will enjoy the benefits of a hottie, even if it’s due to your false perception and perhaps I’m actually a chubaka, it’s real in your world. Smokes & Mirrors baby, take a hint from Hollywood. Fake it till you make it!
Use this theorem with appearance, confidence, and in the case of seduction if they think your hot/ are attracted to you they are more likely to fall for your seduction technique. So eat right, workout, rob a bank, NO empty your own account (jk), buy hair, buy rogaine, makeup, photoshop. Lol.

Before they became superheroes Album:
From Superhero Seduction

Follow These 5 Tips To Get A Man - by Matt Titus

How To Flirt at the Gym (For Men) by Video Jug

Just don’t ever use these lines
1 You are the hottest horse in this stable

2 those useless common ones like- are you tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night (unless you 100% look like Henry Simmons or Boris Kodjoe I doubt it will work)

3. You are have the orangest tan I have seen. (look what happened to they guy who used it, on below video. VH1 Show: the pickup artist 2, Mystery the teacher is so weird, I’d never date him ew)

Thanks all for now, bye!

Ps: Been really busy and a bit stressed but will definitely make my 200+ blog & website rounds, will call back all my friends, will break up with my s.o.s filled cell phone, and yes rekindle my relationship with the gym. Gotta run and pack, cuz I'm going to the West coast in a few hours.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nigerian Independence Day Happenings!!

{edit April 5 2010: been meaning to come back & edit, I have been to a few other parties after this post by Dj Mighty Mike &he was pretty good, & people who've read this post have contacted me when they attended his parties & liked it, so perhaps he had an off day, or he read the blog lol }

So October 1st is Nigerian Independence Day. yall know I'm Nigerian, 100% Igbo heeeey lol. So since Oct. 1st fell on a Wednesday, we attended parties the weekend before & we are likely to attend another one this Friday @ utopia by Tiwaworks. or a regular party @ dolce by J3 & Prophecy or both.

lol picture description at bottom: but caption it for me! in your own words:

Well we got our Independence from British rule in 1960 making her 48years. Pretty cool huh? but not as cool as my sexy accent. why do you think I refuse to make a video blog, or do interviews, I never talk in camera's because my accent is so screwed ha ha, and most love it, but apparently there are also some haters who always have something to say, try living in various continents, multiple cities, and having diverse friends from all nationalities & tell me if you sound average. average is impossible, foreign, sexy & awkward to every city & country is your only option.

Anyways!!! this past weekend was fun. BUT omg the DJ mighty mike SUCKED so bad that night. I almost cried, even at 4am they were playing songs I haven't heard since I was like 10, songs like "return of the mac!!!" I begged him to play at least 5 songs from 2008 back to back but he didn't. I truly felt like I was on punishment, U know how your parents drag you to an event, and u have to stay there, with Bad Music!!!!! that's how I felt (sniff)

All my 90's babies. U remember this sh!t!!!!!!

well I refused to dance. My friend James [pic above] made fun of me that I refused to dance. the picture above says it all!!! I told him "I don't dance in heels, I only stand and look cute, but next time I wear flats I promise to dance" ha ha he thought I was full of it & gave me some moves, while i burst out laughing. wait for his comment, he promises to put me on blast! (under verb) Also saw another blogger King Ola! who is also a great dj btw. My cousins & I "went off" on the guys that threw the party, ha ha they probably thought we were crazy. (Imagine 3 chicks going off at 4am that the music sucked, we declined their party on Saturday which I heard ended up being good) so shout out to view naija for still being friends with us ;) [& Dare I am so... mad at you cuz you didnt tell the horrible dj to play at least 3 good songs in a row. so even though I love you I'm boycotting Dejavu events for the rest of the yr!!!!, not that you care or read my blog- but u will!!!!]

Pictures from the party are below. ooh & I added a badass shirt from Agama label (ps: if u buy it, make sure its a size up. I'm a medium & the medium didn't fit, [sexy huh, a freaking large, I choose to say its cuz of my boobs not cuz of fat! haha]) & A cool Nigerian video below, so now you get a taste of a good song that was played.

I had on some cute red pumps! My fab cousin Nneka [ha ha is that my hand reaching for my purse]
Diane gave us some moves [look at the background, a lot of people were having fun, and didn't mind the music]
My party buddy Cynthia. who while shopping helps me find my clothes before I give up & cry cuz they never fit.

HOT video: Eldee: Bosi Gbangba - cool cameo by everyone, the Glenn twins, Tiwa, his new pretty wife, Keno, Zainab, Naira, so many emerging naija artists, party folks. Hmm coulda been in it, but I said I only do stuff if I'll be the main chick [shrugs], but they already had one lol & she came out hot in it =).

oh yeah & part of it is in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, & like most of you I do not understand it, BUT i love it (I'm Igbo not Yoruba) & Pidgin/ English Creole which I understand perfectly.

Y'all might have heard another popular song with Angelique Kidjo & Joss Stone, which also had some Yoruba. I love the song, sad though =/ but upbeat.

Cool Shirt I got. by Agama Label (dont forget to get a size up, or maybe read the instructions well, but if u look like my size & shape, ur ass better get a large) Their website uses flash & doesn't have this exact shirt yet. so I had to email to order it, and female colors are green, navy etc [I got navy, i dream of black or the yellow]

omg & the packaging was so..... pretty, like it had a black case, special note, lol i felt like I got my $40 gucci packaging. [ya'll know the Gucci store knows how to wrap their bags, ugh versus LV]. Do you remember the gift wrapping scene in Love Actually he he he with Mr Bean

NEXT POST: a how-to on Seducing Mr Perfect (or Ms Perfect). So come back, or subscribe for an update, & don't forget to comment with your views, about pictures, shirt, video, even if for some reason you wanna hate lol. Or how I suck for posting late lol

(still doing interviews & collecting tips: so email with Topic: Seduction if you would like to participate like my pants on fire crew)

- Bisous Bomchell

oh & Jessica this is the party I came back late from. lol Queens is an African club here in Atlanta that stays open untill 5, 6am (^_^ )

gosh I said "ha ha" so much in this post. ha ha sorry if it got annoying & i totally fucked the website name, forgot the g in pics (shrugs)