Friday, November 28, 2008

LA Pictures

Like I promised =) LA PICTURES from my trip.

i didn't take my huge camera, so I had to use my mum's camera. here's a pic to remember: (click here)
Vegas next.

All these pictures were before we went shopping. basically trust me all we did was wake up shop sleep. so this was LA, u're not missing any pictures =)


lol my mum saw this picture & asked who it was. lol she didnt recognize my sister

After a hard day of work (omg we walked everywhere!!!) I love this corn in LA, what's it called, eloita or something. street food lol

SAW TWILIGHT. yo Brother's Blog (his blog), I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! lol thanks to your comment I reduced my expectation & loved it I want to see it again. And I made up with Jamie (her blog), her sis Katelin, & Derrick. They were so.... cool I love them. hope I meet some more bloggers/ readers in the future. till them bisous!

ps: omg who saw the season finale of True blood. I was so unsatisfied!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yall Be My Date/s!!


lets set a time. I'm thinking Phipps Plaza or Atlantic Station.

Aren't You SUPER excited. I might even go see it 12.01am tonight!!

oh and i decided I'll post the Vegas pictures this weekend =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sosa's 24th Birthday Weekend

Episode: "The Tripods"

Locations: Atlanta, Dolce, Dreamz, IHOP, *not telling*

Fola,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sosa

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween as A Fafinette

yeah yeah I know, luckily no thunderous lightning has struck me for being a bad blogger. I was a Fafinette by the graffiti artist Fafi, also shown in MAC Cosmetics. I jokingly told people I was the Joker's Ex-wife

omg but trust me Ive had a bad week, 2 weeks that's punishment enough!!! I need to stop meeting guys that are dicks, guys that don't call, and guys that lose their wallets (well just one), guys that only want me after i get over them, guys that don't even pretend to care about me. all the guys i met last month (sigh) i start school tomorrow (sigh: I know, decided on an MBA marketing). met one guy Halloween, he's the last straw, if it doesn't work out, I'm not dating anyone else this yr! i'm done. Can't even find Mr Right Now, so how can one find Mr Perfect??

now do Forgive me? OMG i got a MOHAWK!!!!! this weekend. I have pictures on my cellphone, cant wait for NOV 4TH (not American, so y'all go vote) the Blackberry Bold comes out!! and I'll add a picture then. Going to the Doc's tomorrow for blood work. visited a gynecologist office last week. OMG i saw this instrument they use for a pap smear & I advice churches, schools, and parents to show this to their kids, I promise everyone will remain a virgin even after marriage. Saw it when i was 18 & did great for my morals!

my sisters & i

went with a bunch of friends, some from outta town, and my sisters. we tried Tabernacle, but we ended up at Velvet Room which was fun.

TRUE BLOOD IS ON. will update in an hr 30 mins, agfter it & Entourage

these are some fafinette's by fafi below:

My Fav!

Vogue (bottom right), MAC by Fafi (right)

edit feb 17 2009: just found another fafinette, Tiffany that featured me & some other fafinettes in a lovely blog post, check it out here. Hope you're inspired, and if you have dressed up as a fafinette, or plan to, comment below & you can add a link to your picture or blog post.

nov 2009: also on the fashioncult