Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009: Do or Do not, There is No Try

BAN TRYING. eliminate trying from your life. Just Do it. Cold Turkey.

you can, we can, unlearn what you have learned. unlearn the negative, banish the doubt. Go back to when you had faith, and you could dream.

Reach!, stop being afraid of failure, that's the only way you learn to skate. Be Happy.

mostly importantly BELIEVE! look for it within you & BELIEVE in yourself!! then act, and achieve whatever it is that you want.

Don't forget it. Make notes, Send postcards to yourself, videos, letters, just remember you are great, you're important, and you can do anything, cuz it's your life, so make it rock, and be the greatest & happiest version of yourself. Make your mark!

few years ago I made a resolution to eliminate the negatives (most especially people who made me feel bad about myself, etc) & keep the positives & neutrals.

This year. No Negatives, Neutrals are becoming so much and boring, positives are almost absent.
so 2009, I will put the positives in my life, I will be surrounded by joy, inspiration, be it a novel like the Alchemist, or a youtube video, or song, or a friend, I will be happy. And the positives in my life will be more, and I will try to become a positive to the people around me.

Here we go. HAPPY 2009. & may the good Lord I believe in, or what you believe in Bring you & I, joy, happiness, inspiration, strength of body & mind, greatness, faith, and friends in the years to come.
this 10 minute video inspired this post, watch it, it's pretty good. OMG and who else is inlove with Kanye's song Pinnochio Story:

Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live From Singapore) - Kanye West

I'm off to party =)I'm now staying home. then church tomorrow. kisses

Sunday, December 21, 2008


my computer kept giving me the shoulder. but we've gotten back together so lots of pictures. but remember none from the club "what happens in Vegas,...... stays in Vegas" except this:

After the ladies left LA, we met up with the Atl crew lol. My dad was nice & sent someone to pick us. gosh the driver wasn't the nicest. unlike the great taxi guy that took me & my sisters on our way back to Atl. We look tired, but so happy, what a long day! got there at night, VEGAS was so pretty, ads everywhere, I'll think of working there with marketing.

They had a lovely Botanical Garden at the hotel (link)

The ceiling near check in & on the way to the garden

A closer look at the Bellagio ceiling, so pretty, reminded me of some fairy tale mushrooms, made with glass.

Exercise: we walked to Caesar's palace, they had so many stores there.

[sigh] I'm such a hard worker! what a workout.

looks real!!!!! Huh?

some art gallery at Caesar's Palace Hotel, Madame Tussuads eat your heart out!!!!

I promise you I hardly took a 30min nap, then it was off to dinner, and Circe du soliel's O. Wonderful, but ive blogged about it before so I'll shush. but omg the clowns below were hilarious!

remember i said once it started we couldn't take any more pics =/

My room

My Bed

I'll lose major cool points if i tell you who my roommate was lol. It was so funny, I'd leave like midnight to go clubbing downstairs, and when i came back up like 3am, it'd be freezing, and my roomie was all comfortable, then all of a sudden I'd change heat. [guess u had to be there to get it, but it's hilarious when we look back] (but if someone guesses right, I'll admit it)

My Bathroom, it was so pretty!

My Parents room, suite whatever samething was funny. omg they had a separate freaking elevator?? wtf talk about elitist, ha ha & they had the guts to have different wall paper, and door colors. I told them that I would stay there one day, even if it meant getting 22 friends & sleeping bags! best of all their check out was 4pm.

me= beds, shower, bath & mints!!
them= kitchen, living room,dining, bedroom, his & hers bathrooms with tv's, crazy closet, so much bs lol, i wanna stay there!

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!!!!!!! wow so much movies are coming out on Christmas day, how exciting!!! I really wanted to go to Miami this holiday but no one else wants to go. everyone else is in Nigeria having fun & going to weddings =( Bitches!! lol I'm just hating. But that's okay, next time =)

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1.52am: MUCH later edit: Okay this is how bored I am.

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