Sunday, February 8, 2009

Can You Take A Break?

I decided to take a technology Break! (not my cell though)

you know I'm addicted to tv & the internet. (this is me currently failing with a 5 min break)

since yesterday no tv, or internet for me, except for homework. Doing it for a whole week. so I can think, instead of being bombarded with what i should think.

so pictures will have to come later. According to my pastor it's called delayed gratification.

I got so bored yesterday I shopped for hours (I know bad, no more Feb shopping) & slept around 9pm. Hopefully this will give me time to really think about life, & experience life, instead of sitting beside a computer or watching tv for almost the 24 whole hours of the day.

& I'm going more organic, even bought Shea Butter, cuz no lotion works for me, & I'm tired of using baby oil.


  1. I took a break from all media once...I just about died. It was for school...and although it was honor system graded...I followed through with it just to know what it would feel like without it.

  2. It shouldnt count if you still use your cell phone for anything other than emergency.

  3. You can do it! I try to be technology free once in a while lol, I couldn't go without my phone either though.

  4. shea butter is good, but i know u know about black soap too, try it it waht i use

  5. I hope you manage to do this, I'm too weak! lol

  6. You're good I don't think I would be able to do it for a full week. Unless I was forced to and I don't wanna think about that. lol.

    Good luck on making it through the week.

  7. Organic is cool, but dat shae be expensive!

  8. ooooh, she oil....


    Dallas Black

  9. I know how ya feel! :) Take your time and do well on your homework.

    I love organic products!!!

  10. Good for you. Now leave the tv and internet and do something real ;-) - Sudipta

  11. I'm actually taking a tech break right now, but not willingly.

    I broke my phone and lost my iPod the other day. The world seems so much different, which is weird, but refreshing at the same time. I'm surviving, so its definitely possible.

    Delayed Gratification. nice.

  12. OMG IM FAILING!!!! i will start afresh!!

  13. Good for you! I think it's healthy to take a break for TV and internet every so often. My hat's off to you.

  14. If I took a break, what would my Mac do? No... I can't. My keyboard? I mean... she's used to my hands brushing against her slim body. What about my mouse? I know she likes to be held and... fingered, softly.

    I could walk away, absolutely. I could, well... read... I suppose. I think they still make books. It's not that I can't, but what kind of Mac user would I be if I abandoned ship? Hope it works for you, though.

  15. Buddha: HA HA HA HA omg ure hilarious, tell her u need time apart.

    sadly this break only worked half way, next time Im taking my ass on a retreat!

  16. I need a technology break! Probably wont happen b/c I just got a BB Storm two days ago. It's insane, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogspot, E-mail, TV, TiVo, Satellite Radio, Cell phones. I actually had to ask my mother how much a stamp costs b/c I had a card to mail out, that is sad..... I can't if I don't have my gadgets I get anxiety. :(
    I ordered 1 lb of unrefined Shea Butter from Coastal Scents, I love it. I want to make my own whipped body butter with it, I just need some more ingredients.
    Oh, here's my drugstore solution for dry skin. Gold Bond Lotion mixed with "generic" Target or Wal-Mart brand Creamy Baby Oil. I swear by it. Here's my link-

  17. Ahh, I need technology! Good luck girl, I know I can't do it lol

  18. I usually break by putting my phone on silent. That way, I can still cheat and see if people care. lol



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