Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday! PIX GALORE.

Ok so I haven't been uploading pictures like I did last year. Well I got a new camera, a smaller one that can fit in my pocket unlike my big dslr. So here are pictures from Thursday, Friday & Tuesday/ Yesterday !! (totally forgot yesterday was Mardi Gras)

ooh and look at the bottom picture from yesterday, i changed my hair, u likey?


{4 hrs later edit: 5 photos removed} (shrugs) there goes a chunk of my post >_< & time. guess if you were here earlier you saw them. I loved them, they were fun, oh well enjoy the other pictures =)

ME: um why does the band look like it's piercing into my head??? lol



Then Studied.

FRIDAY WITH CYNTHIA - @ Fellini's Pizza
their link, 4429 Roswell Road NE Atlanta, number: (404)303-8248

my pretty, pretty, cousin came to hangout with me!

ha ha Cynthia, why do I look like I'm in love with you here??? Cuz I am!!!! lo

the back of the reservation said "pig" lol 0_O

My eyes look Pinky! & Sexay! lol... not!

it was so...... bright & sunny.

My first Pizzone ever!!! lol well it was actually Cynthia's I just keep mooching of it.

I just discovered bbm, after centuries of owning a crackberry, sad... I know lol

& TUE/ YESTERDAY WAS FUN well except the fact that I haven't slept yet cause I was writing a paper, gosh Ive wasted so much time, I wonder if i can shower & find a church still conducting mass for Ash Wednesday? Are you fasting or giving anything up for Lent? Did you know Sundays aren't included in the 40 day lent period.

c'est fini

xoxo Bombchell

you have to admit, those were a lot of pictures =) hopefully that makes up for me being a naughty blogger.


  1. Hmmm... Am I really the first to comment on this? Wow... I must have timed it right... or maybe I'm stalking you... Ok that's not it(lol).
    Anyways... fun fun pics. Yes the band did look like it was piercing your, but the rest of them look nice. Looks like u're having fun (as always)
    Happy Ash Wednesday, and I hope you went to church :)

  2. YOU LOOK STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING!! Beautiful! Your pictures are great! Your new camera is awesome! What kind is it? I need a new cammy!

    The food looked good but that ICE CREAM LOOKS DEVINE! I wanted to grab it through the screen!

  3. @ Aribaba : LOL i know. it really looks like its hurting!!! but it wasn't. I wanted to get my Pocahontas on.

    Katrina: awww thanks luvie!!!! lol @ grabbing from the screen.

  4. You are looking gorgeous girl and I love your new do! And much love back for the shoutout! I feel extra special - now share me some of that ice cream lol!

  5. I love that first pic and your expression.


  6. Pretty pictures & yes that band does look like it'd hurt your head. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Marble Slab but *something* always gets in the way! Are you giving anything up for Lent? I knew that Sundays aren't included in the 40 days, that's why I always choose to give up something that won't make me temporarily insane. :)

  7. Girllllllll you look so pretty in the last pic..seriously thats my favorite pic of you! :)

  8. I love your hair bombchelle!!!
    why so pretty la???

  9. I love your hair when it's curly, it is so cute!!!!

  10. I love your curly hair, it's really cute!

  11. The pic are awesome. I prefer the one with the icream, lol. I'm greedy!
    And I was in ATL last week-end. It was fun fun fun.
    I even wrote a post about it, in the "Fun places"

  12. You and your cousin are adorable. I love your hair curly. You are trop mignonne!

    Bisous from France

  13. hey beautiful...

    everytime i hit this spot up you look beautiful and your friends and fam are just as top notch as loving it!!! and seriously im loving your hair in the last pic...its fucking GORGE...ohhh and look at you with that big ass cone!!!! damn that looks good and the pizzone!!!

    i think its safe to say we like bombchell in curly cues!!!


  14. yup def look hot! OEEEE y is everyone teasing me with ice cream!!!!

    lol gotta go imma b late for my extravaganza with nix.

    xoxo stay beautiful

  15. your hair looks sooo good girl!! and yumm that ice cream is looking pretty darn good right about

  16. you look beautiful!! i love ur style!!! looks like u had fun!!!

    all the pics were cute

  17. Nice pictures! I love the hair!

  18. daaamn you made me want some icecream sooo bad!! i was just staring at it like "huuuuuhhhh..." like homer simpson lol

    p.s. cute pics too!

  19. Cute pics...

    ...I LOVE Marble Slab Ice Cream (some of the best)...

    ...the pizza place has some great pizza...

    ...your hair in the last picture is too pretty...

    Fab all around!!!!!!!

  20. Ouch!! that band thingy looks like it hurts so bad lol...But u still looked fab nonetheless.

    D curly hair really suits u btw..

    Nice blog.

  21. You looked lovely! Stunning photos and looks like you had a great day!

  22. FABpics but... Why am I bot one of you bbm buddies??? lol

  23. looking good sister and that ice cream cone bi8gger than u

  24. Cool Pics! You look like you are having so much fun. I do worship Christ but I wasn't raised with the Ash Wedsnesday/Lent tradition so I can't relate! (sadface) But I can relate to that ICE CREAM! OH Yeah!

  25. chica! don't forget to join my new contest!!

  26. ice cream when it's the cold is THE BEST!

  27. nice blog.
    havnt been to atlanta in awhile, but i really enjoyed my last visit.

    i went to christmas mass at the blk cath. church and it was gud. the music was more familiar than at the other cath. churches i've visited.

    what do u want to do with your degree?

    hav a gud wknd.

  28. Hi! WOW! You have so many photos! I almost drowned in there! You look gorgeous girl! Thanks for the comment.Btw, I followed you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! =)

  29. Ooh I love your hair in the last pic.You're adorable! The food and ice cream are making me hungry. =)

  30. @headband comments LOL i know!! lol but it didnt hurt =)I promise, I'm not a fan of pain.

    LadyJane lol (here u go, imaginary e-icecream) =)

    @ Luxe My whole lent (3 days) has been bad.

    I havent fasted well, didnt go to church on wed (sigh) but i still have faith. I gave up cheese. if you knew how obsessed with cheese i was, u'd understand lol.

    @Bella ha ha ha, i imagined Honer in your comment

    @Zibbs lol i was trying to give her bunny ears


    @Torrance lol

    @Jaycee Icecream is like one of the greatest inventions.

    @jilliandanica omg i know

    @Jamie aka afro wow never been to a blk catholic church in America. doing an MBA, concentration in marketing

    @Leigh lol @ almost drowning in them lol

    Ola, Jane, Stef, makeupmakesyou, Angel, MrsFab, Conjured, Ms O, Katrina, PamCakes, Tara, Dedene, Pink, Dope, Glammeup, Tuotierugif & everyone: Thanks (^_^)

    lol my homegirl was also making fun of me that i must think my hair's the ish cuz of yalls comments lol

  31. Does the thing on your forehead hurt??

  32. @ Lazy King's 2nd comment:
    yes it hurts!!!!, gosh its piercing my skull =/ lol

    @super villian tnx!!

  33. thnx for stopping by my blog...

    urs is pretty interesting! that cam must have like 15 mega pixels...clear!

    hope to "c" u often!

  34. hehehe...u r always welcome on my page =)

  35. Thanks for stopping by my page! Its always nice meeting other African /Nigerian bloggers. Esp the ones in Atlanta. You look fantastic and i want ice cream...Thanks a lot!

  36. Great pics as usual.

    And now I got to get ME some ice cream.


    Thanks for the comment!

  38. You look so pretty, I love the last picture of you! And the food looks so good, I'm hungry now haha

  39. Thanks, doll! =]

    Love the ice cream and scarf, lady!!

    HAHA- looks like a fun day was had! =]


  40. Wow Chell you are so gorgeous! Love your hair, and the new profile pic is fabulous! Yummy post!


  41. nice, you're nigerian didn't kno that. how long have u been here in the states?

    you're in Atlanta there's definately a black catholic church, it's literally a black mecca for christ sake!

  42. The icecream looks delicious! The headband looks great too. :)

  43. oh ty so much for your lovely comment :) i enjoyed all of these photos-youre beautiful!!

  44. that ice cream looks nice as!

  45. Mmm, Marble Slab is delish! You look beautiful!

  46. Daaaamn. you must be one of the finest ATL honeys out there. Haha.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Appreciate it! :)

  47. hmmm..Nice pics!

    and...the food! Had me intoxicated.

    PIG on the reservation? LMAO.

  48. So beautiful ladies!
    You rock girls!
    And I also love Ice cream! The best thing in the world!!!

    a kiss for you :)

  49. You just truly made me want some ice cream! Lovin your hair and lovin your blog!

  50. hey mami love the hair... how u been?? ok so r u doing the whole lent thing for real or is it just the special days? i am doing great so far... everyday till 6pm the only bad part is i gotta go 40 days without porn as well... gonn be hard but i'ma do it... lucky 4 me i didn't include actual since in th epact but i'm gonn try to pull that off too tho...

  51. LOVE the last pic...BEAUTIFUL.. :)

    LOVE the ice cream...i think i'm giving myself that as a bday present!

  52. Get @ Me babygurl, I'm trying to send you a few T-Shirts to rock on me.

  53. OMG Lmao, i was jus reading the "keep chanting I'm 23" funny!
    love the curly hair!

  54. lol u r just hilarious..and totally gorgeous too!

    i also have ice cream and cold sodas in cold weather..i hate hot drinks..i thought i was weird!

  55. cute!

    and the hair is fab!

    man i want some ice cream dangit. lol.

  56. Cute pics! You look really pretty, especially with those curls :)

  57. marble slab is where its @, even in the cold lol

    Oh and your beautiful btw

  58. Your waves/curls look pretty fabulous! And you & your cousin definitely look alike...same face shape, nose, etc.

  59. my gosh, you're so beautiful!!
    your hair is really cute and i swear you look like a doll :) in a good way, haha.
    also, the food looks delicious!
    mmm.. ice cream

  60. just happen to click upon your blog! I love your eyebrows and hair :) beautiful!

  61. lol, it's me. I came back to see if you have a new post. And I wanted to know if that hurt. No jokes lol
    These last day I saw many girls with that thing on their forehead.

  62. i love the curly hair.

    addicted to curly hair =]

    so cute.

  63. You look really gorgeous!!! i love ur hair:) Those food look soo...YUMMY!! By the way, thanks for the comment. I love colorful eye shadows.

  64. Lovely hair and you look so cutie....lovely.thanks for stopping by my blog.

  65. Haha girl you are soooo funny. My older sister got extensions, and I had to remove them for her. It sucked cause the glue got stuck, and it was a hot mess. Anyways I love the purple outfit. I can't wait until I have my baby!!!

  66. I like this picture of you. You look flawless. Hey did you ever see Real Housewives of Atlanta? I can't wait until Season 2, because Kim can't sing.

  67. Jealous abt the ice cream, can i have some? lol.

  68. OMG>>>> i totally love ur curly hair...Is it natural or a hair weave? What kind is it?

  69. Those are some super fun pics. I had some yummy cookies and cream frozen yogurt the other day.


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