Friday, March 20, 2009

My Twitterly Musings aka How to use Twitter 101

follow me. click here (<-my twitter page, aka add me lol) disclaimer: 'cause I'm sleepy, pretend I skipped English 101, in case of insane errors ha ha

edit: changed to ChellBomb

What's twitter?
You basically answer the question "what are you doing," and you are limited to a 140 word answer. basically, it's like a facebook status update. But that's it, no extras, it's simple.

you get to reply people's status updates by saying: " @their username" for example "@AtlBombChell I can't wait to see finally see Gambit May 1st!!!!!!! " (xmen & Gambit fans high-five!) & If you ever played a game called Marvel Vs Capcom as a kid then you rock even more.

you can also post pictures through Twitpic.

and there are a gazillion other things people use it for (like online stalking lol joking) but that's the basic gist. ooh and a bunch of celebs/ entrepreneurs are there, like aplusk (ashton kutcher), diddy or staff (iamdiddy) with crazy updates,for you exercise fiends, p90x creator (Tony_Horton), crushes etc & Its all over CNN & people are obsessed with acquiring "followers", what a world lol. You can change backgrounds etc. Some people use it as a marketing tool, some use it 'cause everyone else uses it, and other like me are just addicted to the net (^_^)

oh you can use it from your blackberry too, nice app called Twitterberry, which I like because it's so easy.

following too many people, and want to unfollow a bunch of people that don't follow you?
Ans: Twitter Karma
I'm so sleepy (4.33am), I planned on only posting the picture but I know a lot of people ask "what is twitter?" so hopefully this helps =). Who is planning on seeing Duplicity with the sexy Clive Owen & Julia Roberts? (they were a weird couple in the movie Closer).


  1. i just joined twitter too... i dont think im going to get much into it....

    not sure I want to see the movie Duplicity... depends on how bored I am...

    Have a good weekend chica

  2. lolol i love that picture.


  3. Ive heard of twittering but never knew how to start. Now that I know I may get my "twitter on" (sounds bad) in between blogs.

    Duplicity seems like a bad Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake, but it could be a sleeper.

    Finally, you already know i'm too ready for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine to drop. Gambit should have been in the 1st X-Men but at least they finally got it right.


  4. don't think im going to fall into the twit craze lol...

  5. hehe you are just too cute!! i love the first pic!!1

    YAY Gambit!!!i only watched the cartoon and collected the cards...hehehe ohhhh memories!!!

    and you know i had to follow you!!

  6. @Diamond Hawk everyone already told me how horrible watchmen is. I expect it to be like Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney & Catherine Zeta Jones, I'm optimistic (^_^) even if their chemistry in Closer was so- so

    @Agent34 You owe me a movie!! so don't even start, lol you lucky they said Watchmen was bad.

    OMG u know I cant wait for Gambit!! I wanted to boycott xmen so bad when he wasnt int he first one. Gambit & Rogue forever lol

    @LaaLaa You know your my rehab roomie, dont play!

    @Jillian run while you can!!.

    @Katrina Lol sweet happy memories!!!!

  7. Dahling, your pic is so cute! I'll link up to your Twitter altho I don't use it much.
    Clive is too hot, but Julia is a bit has-been, no?

  8. I love your twitter updates! And that picture is too funny!

  9. I'm going to try this twitter thing again. Love yours!

  10. What is this Twitter you speak of?

  11. The 140-word answer is some BULLSHIT! I hate that! I mean... I have some SERIOUSLY profound things to say and, well... it just limits my genius.

  12. haha that picture is funny. heaps of people have twitter but i don't know how it works! is it like something you can have on your mobile and you update on the go? i'm a nooob!~

  13. glad yall like the picture ^_^

    @Dedene yeah definitely add me. twitter might be a phase, maybe after a few months we'll calm down.

    but then again people are still addicted to facebook etc lol

    lol I'm not sure about Julia... there might be hope

    @Miss Stefanie, Katrina, & Amber-Alert =) yall are some cool twit peeps lol.

    @GlamStar yeah give it a chance. i used to have twitter then I left. wished I stayed I'd have a gazillion followers, and Ill be at the top of people's pages. (insert maniacal laughter)

    @Grant lol stop playing u have a twitter page and everything.

    @Buddha your genius will be pushed to new heights. lol or rather less words.

    @Zibbs you should. and follow me! so I can follow you too.

    @Jo lol your not a noob, yeah you can upload from the web, or from your cell. its pretty basic =)

  14. Cute graphic banner you made, lol.

    I finally caved in joined twitter myself today

  15. Yeh I never quite understood the whole concept of twitter. Love the blog though.
    Oh & Gambit is the TRUTH!

  16. Duplicity looks good - want to see that one!

    You are looking fab, Chell.

    And congrats on your twittering and your 149 followers - impressive!


  17. yeyy were twitt friends ! LOL.

    i wanna go to atlanta one day , i heard its beautifull.

  18. love your lil cartoon, so cutee! im on it too but im not really feelin it yet!

  19. i wish i even knew how to use twitter's so confusing.

  20. i love your hair. I curled my hair but didn't get the result i imagined. Yours is what i want. hihihi.

    you are fun, i love your blog

    visit me sometime,have a tour in the Philippines. Lot's of sun in here.

    have a great day!

  21. 3, 2, 1. Your interview is up!

  22. I want to see the movie... but my hubbyFAB hates Julia Roberts. Oh, and I just started following ya on twitter!!

  23. I tweet more than I blog. Lol it's like thinking out loud. I'll add you! :)

  24. I havent twitteed yet but you never know!


  25. can't find you! hit me u... lpstkone

  26. I love your blog. It is so much fun!! Lots of color and excitement. I'm glad I stopped by! : )

  27. Lol I actually wanna check it out&Pray that it doesnt become an obsession. Oh n the pik in the post below is nice.

  28. thank you soo much for the comments in my previous post.

    i love your curly hair and i think i must get a twitter account ha.

    btw, pls let me know if your interested to exchange link.

  29. welcome to the new world my twitter is rawdawgbuffalo follow yo folk

  30. Hey Bombchell I am back lol thanks for checking my page evn when I was inactive. But I have a new post in case you are interested and now that I know how to navigate my bb I will be on I promise. Lol and twitter this is one wagon I will not be jumping on lol it is not my thing I made an account and canceled all in the same day. Plush sweety

  31. I just joined Twitter yesterday not even really knowing what it was but you just cleared up alot of questions! =]

  32. btw, follow meeee!

  33. Wow... Interesting. I might have to join twitter too one of these days... not sure what the whole point is, but u never know what will happen


  35. twitter, Naah. not for me. Facebook is just about enuff.

    Duplicity is crap, it really is like a bad Mr and Mrs Smith. shudnt have gone to see it. Bad Bad Bad.

    old woman, i do love the hair tho, u look crazy, but it does suit u. haha.

  36. I definitely recommend the internet. How can you not meet tons of new people with all the communities online nowadays. Good luck, can't wait to read the journey!

  37. I am now *following* you on Twitter. Cool blog!


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