Thursday, June 25, 2009

Avantika's new Apartment

OMG I saw The Proposal with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds- LOVED IT!! the clothes, the comedy, so romantic, & Im gonna see it again. (ooh below, is a foreign version of the poster, a bit different :) (trailer)

yay I finally charged my batteries! have you ever tried looking for an EN-EL12 charger? (for a Nikon Coolpix s610 camera etc), It's quite impossible, since its so new no one had it!! not even Best Buy or Wolf Camera, Trust me I checked. BUT you can go to Batteries Plus!!!(they have several locations) anyways the great people there helped me charge it yesterday... so that means Pictures!

 can't believe my camera has been dead for a month!!


I make the greatest friends ever!! so yesterday I went to check out Avantika's new apartment

It was such a pretty day!!

I know, my version of a goofy face is to stuff air in my mouth. so special lol

She just got a new kitty (I'm scared of dogs & cats!!! I only mess with fish!) maybe I'll touch it when I'm drunk or somthing, however it's cute, and hardly makes noise (shrugs) so maybe I can pretend it's a toy.

Her Roomie Sapna is the coolest!

named after our mutual friend! OMG she's so fun, the real one, I have pictures for another post of the real Lola

yeah yeah, not much pictures of the apartment, lol, but they just moved in, its mostly pretty space.

ooh & Check out Avantika's music!! she is so..... talented!! & it's very different vibe. Add her if you are on myspace, and click the image to listen to her songs. BYE :)

oh yeah & Freakin.Love.Friday will be here tomorrow (Friday) for all the naughty people.
(told yall I'll be a better blogger ;)


  1. you look so pretty. im loving the dress!

  2. Now I have to see that film :)

    You look great and love the little kitten!

  3. I've heard that Sandra Bullock plays a total bitch in the film and that's it's funny.

    Your friend is lovely. So is her cat. You'll have to make friends with it.

  4. Ooh looking really pretty. I like the hair

  5. you look fab..

    i saw that movie, i enjoyed every minutes of it. Do you remember the dance clip when sandra bullock was FUNNY...

  6. Stuffing air in my mouth is also a hobby of mine


  7. AWWW thanks cupcake! ur so sweet! i hope u come out tonight!! and i love these pics!!!

  8. U luuk good as usual.. what u rocking-- from head to toe.. make up included lol....

  9. sweetie you look gorge! loving the purple shadow! as in ur a real techie o, this ur blog is not easy u gotta teach me some tricks

  10. oh and i luuurve the proposal, totally worth bunking off work to go see

  11. Damn are you good looking.

    You should be a model.

  12. Love the new look and watermark! You all look fabulous ~ especially loving you in purple!


    P.S. That kitty is tres adorable!

  13. I will def be going to see that! I'm such a sucka for chick flicks!

    LMAO @ ur watermark! and laughing even harder at you pointing it out!!!!!!!! :)

    Yeah...*nodding* i dont do cats. They are gross. I cant with the, it doesnt help that im allergic. But seriously...they're sneaky, mean, and shed everywhere. I'm more of a dog person *woof woof*

    lol! Be back soon! loving it!

    Kelly of the *AF* girls

  14. BSNC: OMG!!!! I damn near passed out laughing when they were in the woods!!!!!! "ah ah eh ooo oo ah"

    Meya aww thanks!!

    Angel you should see it!!! tell me what you think

    Dedene yes she was so... mean, and they has to deal with immigration & everything
    -about the cat, slowly, with time

    Nampo aww thanks :)

    188 lol we're special

    Avantika I'll def stop by today

    Trecia DRESS: my mum got it from LA, their whole sale area/ fashion district for her store
    -BAG- thanks to my dad in Vegas, Louis bag

    sad huh it appears my parent shop for me!!!!

    MAKEUP- Mac powder & concealer, some Pixi pot Liner, and some old brown lipgloss :)

    3rd World lol thanks chica. loved the movie so much, I wanted her louboutin shoes & her hermes bag badly!!

    Dr Zibbs lol thanks!! or some reason you have to be really tiny, or very plus size to model, you cant be normal.

    CC lol Lola is actualy adorable & so sweet, well but the day she scratches me, its all over lol

    Kelly LMAO u sound just like me!

  15. Thanks, doll. :)

    Lovely top and accessories. You are so pretty!!!!

    Great last outfit on your friend too. Pink heels and bright blue jeans.. ahh-mazing! :)


  16. Hey Fabulous! Great pics!!! I'm very scared of and HATE cats!

  17. LOL i love that watermark placement too!

    the kitteh is way too cute

  18. Girl you are working it like always! Lovin the purple! Yeah, that trademark was funny where it was at. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. you are gorgeous with a great sense of style...the kitten is soooooo cute!

  20. you look really preety. i love your hair.


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