Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards VS True Blood Scratches

I'm a TRUE fan, so best believe I watched True Blood!! & Hung right after.

I'll watch the Awards on repeat, heard it was a mess, and everyone (exaggeration) looked a hot mess. hope that's not true.

SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE!!! So if you haven't watched Today's episode, please come back later & read/ comment

NOW for the True Blood Fans:

official True Blood created sites
LoveBitten - like eharmony etc
Tru Blood - the drink
Fellowship of the Sun - fang haters

1. I want to smack Sookie so..... bad!!! she's a very dumb broad. (can u believe she smacked Eric)

2. OMG the line where Eric said "I'll grow on you" and Sookie replied "I'd rather have cancer" was funny

3. gosh Jessica was so.... cute & pretty!! loved her today. Always wanted Hoyt to have a girl. Thought she would kill him, but she was so... adorably cute in this episode.

4. did y'all see that whatyoumacallit!!!! that crazy animal with the horns????? omg poor Daphne, did you see her back no wonder she was so... slow.

5. Marianne, that black boy that was on Desperate Housewives, her pig, and everything in that soup scares me. My brother thinks she's bitch with a w or some goddess of lust etc. Run Tera Run

6. Didn't Tera look so pretty in the blue dress & hedonistic pool party! we all know she looks very... masculine most times

7. Jason. Jason Stackhouse...... (sigh) I don't even know where to start with him & that cult he calls camp, or that preachers wife.

8. Lmao @ Pam when Eric told her to go to the woods with her fav pumps! I'll say the same.


9. it's interesting. however I dont like when you watch something, then they tell you "...oooh ok so that's not what happened, that was an imagination" like in class when he said what Tool he'd market, then they switched it to vintage cars.

10. Maybe next time I'll do a live video, after True Blood. cant believe they're making us wait until July 12! so if you haven't watched it, go catch up on the three episodes now on HBO for the next 2 weeks.

What are your thoughts on the BET Awards (mmhmm no Chris Brown, fashion choices, musical acts), True Blood! & Hung

ps: I was wishing LaFayette would be a vamp, lol a gogo dancer crazy ass vamp

pps: shout out to my fellow TB fans even though y'all watched the awards Jaimie, Justin, Shaun, Jovan, Abies, Charles & Gorgeous Mandy. (& Annette for telling me bout Hung.)

wishing everyone the best week ever!
xoxo Bombchell


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  1. LMAO great post. I loved jessica in this too, she's usually annoyin but shes just young. but honestly, i hate sookie. shes SO stupid, i hated her this episode and ive been starting to not like her a while back now too. She does very stupid things. Hoyt was as sweet as always and i like tara, she just needs to get outta that house. My mom thinks Maryanne is a succubus so we'll see.

  2. the succubus is a great idea, but apart from sleeping with men & sucking them dry, I dont think they have Maryanne's crazy powers.

    Sookie- Omg she's so... Annoying!! last episode with Jessica's parents, and Now. LOL wonder what will happen if Bill fall for someone else.

    PS: when will Bill's maker make an appearance??

  3. It was a great episode. The ending left me wanting for more. We need a black vampire representing on True...hopefully Laf gets turned.

  4. girl-- True Blood is my shit-- i don't miss it-- every sunday at 9pm!!

    ANYWAY-- Sookie got BALLS.. forreal! I can't believe she SMACKED eric and then had the NERVE to make demands!! I swear it's cus she knows Bill got her back!!!

    Jessica was adorable.. she was trying to get some lol

    Maryanne is crazy-- i think she's the one that ripped out that "voodoo" ladies heart in the first episode and also who attacked sookie-- NOTICE these are all who had something to do with Tera.. and she might have disliked sookie since she asked Tera to move in with her-- and for some reason maryanne is OBSESSED with hooking tera up with that other guy!!

    ALSO-- i swearr that preachers wife wants to sleep with Jason-- therre is something very weird about those people..

    annddd those pumps were cute-- i'm mad eric kinda threw it in her face when they got back!! LOL

  5. @JT lol did u see Eric waiting outside for Laf. poor guy.

    StarGazr omg I agree with everything 100% u read my mind completely.

  6. the bet awards wasnt that good anyways so you didnt miss much.

  7. Agghh I'm am a TB fiend!! Like yea sookie for sure wants a hit across her face but I feel like her denial in the fact that she NEEDS peopel always puts her in silly little predicaments. Sometimes I think she's not good enough for bill (btw imdb informed me they were dating in real life). And I'm lowkey attracted to eric hm I usually don't go for blonds. But my $$ is on jason stackhouse turning that little camp out (or at least the preachers wife)

    And hung was very enetertaining my friend didn't like it but she's a bit pretentious...

  8. great post! do you also read the books that the series are based off of? I have not watched any episodes are even the first season, but I think I should =]

  9. @Karm nope I havent read the book, I dont think I want to though, because it might mess things up for me.

    @Nic OMG u are?!?!? YAY. we few fans need to stick together.

    @Ashlee LMAO omg ure so funny, i love u. I almost slapped sookie from my computer screen when she took jessica to see her family.

    Mariposa it'l probably repeat this weekend, maybe ill catch it

  10. My wife is a True Blood fan and got me watching too...hehehe... so is it just me or does eric look like Darryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame?

  11. I just discovered True Blood about a month ago! I rented season 1 and just finished last week...NOT I A ADDICTED!!!!! Love it!

    Did you know that Sookie and Bill date in real life? He looks to old...but he's hot so it doesn't count.

    I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks Tara looks extra swole.


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