Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaking. Love. Fridays II

hope y'all like this. Promised y'all it would be ready for Friday, It's 3.58am & I just got back from a Beat Battle at the Apache Cafe (link). It was so great!! so many talented artists. I think they are having at the end of next month. The winners were great!! they won 15 other people!! their video blogs are coming soon, "Raw Talent." Congrats guys!! When they do hip hop, their stuff is INSANE!! (myspace)

for another installment of Freaking.Love.Fridays
PS: this is not for the mellow, prudish, my parents, my aunties, uncles, professors (well maybe.. I did major in sociology , so they've seen worse),johnny bravo & my lil cousins, the deeply religious , below 18, and easily offended. (please come back on a different day, merci beaucoup)



The rest are under the cut


4. Natural Desires. (fave)


6a. The Bruce Willis Series with his wife Emma Hemming is so Badass (article)

6 b. you should google the images. their hot.

7. lol I remember similar was on an episode of Sex & The City

8. Decided to bring back out fav soccer Team

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend :) this weekend is quite exciting for me.
xoxo Bombchell.

LINK CREDITS/ disclaimer (pls be warned a lot these credited sites have strong adult content, 18+, non-work safe, along with normal pictures, view at your own risk.... some are exact links/ home) 1. Chris Craymer | 2. CC | 3. Bernard Bertrand | 4. bnd | 5.bnd | 6a. Acesso Restrito | 6b. Celebitchy , more | 7. Faux Chenaux | 8. Square Hippies


  1. porn oooo!lol...
    its been a minute since i marked my sot as first...since ur in atl wat r u doin up this early in the mornin??

  2. Hahahaha, what a great way to wake up!!!!

  3. got me sweatin at my desk in the office! lol. I love that nipple bra, i need one. haha.

  4. Do you mind if I cut and paste a picture of you from my blog and give you a shout out?

  5. Yessss! Totally remember an episode of Sex and the city and the nipple thing! lol! These pics are hot!!!! Def a good "pick me up" with all this sad MJ news. Good post! Happy Friday love!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  6. I just posted your super model picture on my blog.


    Hope it gives you some traffic.

  7. I've just never wanted to look more nipply. Nope. Not at all.

  8. @WendyB LMAO me too, but when I saw the SATC episode I actually bought their version!!! but never wore it outside my room lol

    lol I was up so early because I just came back from the beat battle, and knew if I slept I wouln't make the post

    @Conjured Up
    good morning :)

    lol just dont get caught!

    @Dr Zibbs aww thanks for the shout out. love it: his blog post

    @Kelly so sad about MJ, it's so hard to believe, glad this picked you up :)

  9. DUDE, I WANT THAT NIPPLE BRA!! I want that pornstar no bra perky nipple look, but i have too much tittie for that, im serious i want that bra

  10. this shit is damn sexy

  11. BombBaby;

    Digg the series.

    LOVE the disclaimer!!!

  12. lol not for your parents, aunties.... you got that right.

    these pics are steaming....

  13. Lovely photos, love the football team they were really nice, why do US call it Soccer? lol


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