Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indulge in some Artistic Naughtiness

ps: this is not for the mellow, prudish, my parents, my aunties, uncles, professors (well maybe.. I did major in sociology , so they've seen worse),johnny bravo & my lil cousins, the deeply religious , below 18, and easily offended. (please come back on a different day, merci beaucoup)


The rest of you enjoy:

I love... dark & twisty!
I love... art!
I love... love.

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing slow"
.... Mae West

(so not too many pics today, plus I'll let you recover from the Miami post)




5. Pirelli Calendar
(edit : didn't know her boobs were showing)

6. Good Girls bend at the knees, Bad Girls bend at the waist, Naughty girls i'll stop

7. Soccer guys! (Italian football team for Dolce & Gabbana Ad '06)

So let me know: In the comments section yay, or nay, & thoughts. & If more readers like it I'll do more "Freaking . Love . Fridays."

It'll be random, but you'll notice a theme of love, romance, sensuality, debauchery, sex, sensuality, sweetness, or whatever.

8. Maurycy Gomulicki

pps: I love comments. You can comment logged in, anonymous,with open id, or there's a section to enter your name & url. BUT very very few commenters have been linking their sites the wrong way/ spam (click the thumbnail for an easy explanation ^_^)

Have a safe & naughty Friday :)

LINK CREDITS/ disclaimer (pls be warned a lot these credited sites have strong adult content, 18+, non-work safe, along with normal pictures, view at your own risk.... some are exact links/ home) 1. exact link | 2. beautiful & depraved | 3. i think on ffffound | 4. love exists | 5. bnd | 6. i think bnd main site | 7. link | 8 myspace, flickr, blog |9. love exists


  1. Ooh la la I love it! Erm I mean, thanking for updating lol


  2. yay I'm glad you liked it! oh yeah i mean you welcome lol

  3. Heyyyy lady! Man, it's been a minute since I've been ova here. Mah bad.

    Love the post (with the exception of those dudes). LoL

    It's naughty...but isn't that what we ALL are?

  4. love love LOVE IT. you know you're my kinda lady! I love mae west all of her quotes and I loved the bad girls bend at the waist quote

  5. Oh yes sexy, i be loving this post lol. ima tweet this one lol

  6. @Kyle : lol enjoy, that's ok if you like like the football guy, we ladies love them :)

    @Jaimie: you know we are cut from the same cloth, True blood & all

    @ Laalaa: aww thanks!! :)

    ps: I know today's Thursday but I got done with finals! so it's Friday in my world :)

  7. I think all the pictures are fab! Risque pictures don't always equate sex; it can equate. These just happen to equate both. :) Love 'em and keep 'em coming!

  8. Loved them all! What's life without a bit of naughtiness? Mae West's quote is my favorite, then the Italian football team. He, he!

    Congrats on your finals. Now what will you do?

  9. umm, wow. Which side is this? Michelle or Bombchell? lol. ;-)

  10. Photo going to be my screen saver from now on...thanks for sharing it!!!!!

  11. EDIT: i just realized the Pirelli girl had her boobs out (so it's edited) original photo is linked at the bottom

    Ola Last time I checked I was only one person & have never had an alter ego. Michelle=Bombchell

  12. Wow that are some pretty sexy pictures!;)

  13. Very sexy post! - very fun too!
    hope you've having a fabulous day x

  14. oooh hot post ;] lol

    yeahh i wanna go 2 my first rave b4 i get 2 old.

  15. LOVED-ED IT!!

    Keep these kind of posts coming..=)
    Not on no..freaky perv type


  16. Im loving this Chell!!I looveee you!

  17. great piccies!!!



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