Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Million Pictures From My South Beach Miami Florida Trip

well actually 76 photos :) so get ready.
(((((( I put most under a cut - click read more at the end of the post to view 50 plus fab pics))))))

I had so much fun, I arrived around 9.30am May 28th, and left about 5pm June 1st (paid & changed my flight, even though it then got delayed )

I went with my family (sans parents), my friends, new friends, all people I love soooo much, and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to go to travel & party with (it was my first time). We were about 20 :) friends brought friends, it was like a tree branch.

we stayed in south beach (map) which is like the bottom of Miami beach, where everything is ridiculously expensive, 15-18% gratuity tip is enforced even if you are only one person, steak costs $39, alcohol about $25, and taxi guys choose to move so slow and charge you.

But if you do breakfast, and lunch specials($10-12), 2 for 1 huge margaritas ($25) stay in a suite & take your ramen/ indomie noodles, or go to Wet Willies/ Fat Tuesdays and drink cheap you'll be good. PS: they even charge females to get in the club!!!! lol wtf? even if you are early, and they want an even ratio of guys: girls or they wont let guys in. [but OMG if they don't think you look good, they wont let you in, crazy]

so here they are with limited interruptions :)

from the airport, met my cousins & friends, and we went to the beach:

hmm we noticed it was a lot of men

and a lot more men that were not hittin on us, so we ran (Dominique below)

and we met the coolest James Bond ever
Dominique, Danielle, Bond, Me, Nneka, Nk

c'mon I hadn't even checked into my hotel, gotta go. they got there a day before me.

then it started making sense, we were in the gay section.

cute yellow car thingie

shopping & to meet more people as they arrive

yay we bumped into my sister Gorgeous Mandy, while having lunch

more friends

at Night. Wet Willies (link).

remember me!!?!

Dominique, ME, Nk, Nneka, Danielle

off to party

at the Fifth. 400 life was throwing a party. LOL swag surfin (video ex.)on the table with some guy

edit: (I realized too many pics & too many girls lol) so ME:

LOL Dominique cracked me up the whole night.

Paul from College Hill SoBe was pretty cool.

the other crew was partying at a different club, having mad fun too

DAY 2: Don't I look pretty all made up?, and hair looking nice?. A.K.A the day I jet-skied and fell in the lovely ocean, hair, makeup and all: gone. Yeah I have pics tsk tsk.

MORE PICS/ rest of the post: Click Read More.

-Jet Skis
-falling in the Ocean
-Pool Party
-Sean Paul & Shaggy
-Sheila's Bday Pics

my cell picture I put on twitter (follow me) got ready for the beach but it was raining :(

in my last post my lil bro I referred to as Johnny Bravo (Ladies he's way under 18 look away!!!)

lol apparently I was the only one with a one piece that day. (Sailor suit by Fables by Barrie)

We decided to Jet Ski. get our Beyonce & Chris Brown on. Loved it, the instructors, and safety guy were pretty cool. we used Boucher Brothers (website, yelp)

someone is holding on for dear life, made an A in swim class, not time to practice!!

Yup we 4 fell in the water!!
. my 2 bros, my sis and I (only Lynda & Sheila didn't but omg it was so funny you should have seen what happened to them)

confused & squeezing my hair

laughing at ourselves

Amanda, Jide, Me, Osahon (whoa can u believe we went to boarding school together yrs ago?)

Sunday, at the Shore Club, being a female in Miami is gold, I think you can get in anyway with females, they were just anal retentive when it came to bringing in a bunch of guys.

duutty Oh.

we made the coolest friend, Abby Baby!!

Later we went to Mansion
Thats when it all came full circle to me.
Apparently in Miami the black guys never hit on us, only Latina Chicks, but all the non black guys- white, latino, hit on us. Then again as long as everyone cute, who's complaining?? ok well except Shore Club

um Im not even sure when or where this was

Yo Nneka, can I have the whole outfit?? I don't mind rocking it & posting pics again?

my two cousins :)

omg Danielle is so cute! you should see the clothes she wore.

My Darling Sister Sheila turned 21!!!!! Happy Birthday, yeah I'm getting your gift TODAY!!! (muah)

sheila, me, nneka .... we went into Miami to an Italian Restaurant by the sea & Hard Rock Cafe, cant pronounce it.

My two sisters!!! Aren't they lovely!!

love my family

James & Cynthia (who's hilarious) : I love my new friends!

My Bro, Cuz

Jide & Obi, basically fam

Nelly!!!! lol you know I love you! & I'm ready to party again next year.

Back at the Shore Club, Red Room, White Room, I don't know

Me, Abby, Nelly, Mandy

ma babies!

of course everytime I left, either the pool, wet willies, here, Sean Paul & Shaggy showed up, what gives?? :/

Bout to leave

Lighters!!! get your mind out of the gutter

And we can't say bye without pictures from the "man in the purple skirt" who was a dallas cheerleader by that night

BYE!!!!! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!! Arrivedeche, See you Later, Ka chi fo, Hasta Luego, Au revoir, Kumbaya lol

[PS: i didnt have a camera So thanks to all those who took pictures & put them on facebook/ tagged me: @guchydabomb, danielle, dominique,, asebe, nelly, etc lol now y'all know why these pictures were less narcissistic]

yeah a ton of pictures!!! especially for those who asked be happy this is half :)

ps: I stayed at The Strand (site), it was cool, had a kitchen, balcony, that's where i did the vid from, but omg the loveliest & nicest staff ever.


  1. Fabulous pics Michelle. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

  2. It's like a hot girl bomb was dropped on Miami.

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. LOL! The title is exactly what this post is!! xD Fun fun fun!

  5. Wow!!!! Looks like you had major fun!!! Also, I've been to both Myrtle Beach and Tybee Island...Myrtle Beach is more of a party beach where Tybee Island is more family like.

  6. those were AWESOME pictures...aaaaahhh brought back memories of my friends and i in Miami....Fifth...Mansion...Wet Willies........aaaaaawwwwww

    and you all looked GORGEOUS!!!

    thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. This look like soo much FUN!
    p.s. LOVE all the outfits! ^^

  8. Awww I miss SOBE!!!

    Ironically my boyfriend is there right now with his friends and I am so jealous and I need to make another trip soon.

    I am planning another trip before the end of this year to go...I went with my friends and BF in March-so girls trip!!!

    YOu look like u had a blast. And Wet the buisness!!!

  9. So. Fucking. Jealous! I want to go on your next trip goddamit! And I want private time with you and your sister (not the tall one, the shorter one) lol


  10. I'm going to Tybee Island this summer :)

    You and your friends look fab!

  11. u ladies look gorgeous! loved the pics! looks like u guys had a blast =)

  12. It crazy cos I was in MIA that weekend...I should have hit yll up so I can hang wit the coolest. Great photo michelle!

  13. Damn, that looked like a fun time. I'm soo scurred to go to Miami bc you have to be on point 24/7... My girlfriend went to med school in Miami and even your scrubs had to be cute & on point....
    But your cute & on point!!!

  14. Wow, you're so lucky! You look like you had a great time. That guy in the purple skirt is hilarious!


  15. wow you guyz are having a blast. i enjoyed looking at the pictures..

  16. Awww, thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the pics, next time let me know when yall are going....CuZ i'm going with yall, lol!
    You workin the hair.

  17. Wow! What a whole heap of scrolling... but well worth it!

  18. So fun!
    Love that yellow bikini!
    And you and your sis are gorgeous :)


  19. looks like so much funn :] i lovee floridaa

  20. HalloBombchell, i'm ale..i think you blog really nice..good pict..and fantastic girls! ;) you have a facebook contact? I hopo to meet you! see you soon! ale

  21. lmao at the gay section mistake haha. You guys look like yu had fun and looked really hot.

    p.s I want one of those lighter lol

  22. You guys rocked South Beach. Pretty cool, I love the pics.

  23. ahhh I'm so jealous!!! You have a fab looking family by the way ;)

  24. Wow! I love the pics. What was the weather like while y'all were there. I want to go to Miami so bad, but I have been warned to stay away due to bad weather

  25. Your pics are wicked! I'm coming to Miami with your crew next year! LOL You and your girls are TOO friggin hot!! You all look amazing - on point!!

    Thanks for adding me on Twitter hon, I've requested to add you too.

    Oh btw that pic where you're about to go off to the clubs ...the shoes your friend in the navy stain dress is wearing. Wheer are they from?? I NEED them in my life!!!

    Following your blog now x

  26. Thanks for the lovely comments!!!!!

    we definitely had fun!! I'll go next year again :)if you ever go to SoBe feel free to ask me any random questions & Twitter me if you see the man in purple!

    118 & everyone forget miami, yall come party with me in the A!

    Nampo lol those lighters were crazy

    Yinka got the shoes from some wholesale store in Cali, fashion disrtict. but they had some last summer in a bunch of regular stores.

  27. Thank for stopping by!
    Great pics! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! You all look amazing!
    I remember my trip in Miami, 3 years ago, I had great times!

  28. Wow, you had a super vacation! Just to let you know, one-piece swimming suits are ALL the rage in France this year. Tiny bikinis are SO OUT!
    You're beatiful and so are your girlfriends.
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Thanks for the comment! Looks like you had tons of fun in Miami!!


  30. Looks like you had a blast with your girls.
    great wheather, great pictures and most importantly beautiful girls

  31. Beautiful girls having fun, beautiful!

  32. how fun! I totally want to go to South Beach one day, very jealous! xo

  33. Fabulous pics..You and your girls are fine.. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

  34. PIX are faabbbb!!!! Im soooo jealous... i need to book a vaca ASAP! Your pix were totally my inspiration! Thanks! lol!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  35. I love the neon yellow swimsuit!
    Im so jealous. I need a VACA!

  36. love your beach body!! wow.. maimi looks like a lot of fun! i need the beach soonnnn

  37. looks like so much fun! i haven't been to miami in almost 2 years, too long!

  38. gurlll, looks like you had too much fun! =)

  39. Michelle,

    It looks like you girls had a blast! I loveeee love love your hair, and your blue dress. You looked so sexy!!

  40. niiiiiiice im glad you had a good time! :-) that lil yellow car is crazy lol

  41. Beautiful picture i see u had a blast

  42. baabe!! looking mad! and amanda looks haute! great pictures

  43. Omg!! You look like you had so much fun!! I'm glad you loved it there! It really is one of the best places on earth!! haha You looked stunning as usual and so did your girls! I bet you guys stopped traffic!

    Wet Willies is amazing! Not only is it cheap, but the drinks are soooooooooooooo good you cant just have one! that I can drink again Im def gunna have to get me some "Call a cab" haha

  44. looked like heaps of fun to me! the filler cups are so funny lols.

    ps. has anyone told you, you look like monica the singer?! esp in your new profile pic with the short hair!! love it!

  45. omg how much fun! hottiessss!

  46. OMG, all you ladies look so fly!! You girls look like barbies I swear. And if they dont think you look good, u cant get into the club? Thats insane but I bet ya'll went through no problem! :)

  47. ohhh other home! :)

  48. lol im scrollin like hmm where is this girl and her picture then woooo sexy appeared lol..looked like u had funnn =] JEALOUS lol

  49. Niceeee pix! Looks like you had alotta fun! Myrtle Beach is fun.. I would def recommend it!



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