Monday, June 29, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Funny Videos

Ok so I was getting my hair done by my girl Nneka (, blog) and I was showing her & Diane (from prev post) some crazy videos that people send me on facebook, or i find on youtube. And Diane had a cool idea: that I should start posting some of the videos on my blog in case you guys haven't seen them. some of them had me dying with laughter or others were pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy!

1. This is my new favorite song: Naked Hustle by Bizzle (heard it's the strip club anthem in miami). The boys in the video are Wu-tanging to it. I could watch this everyday LOL cuz I can imagine people I know doing this ish.

2. My girl Lynda (her twitter page) said in quote "I swear ill go to church and do this when i hear you have a boyfriend lmao hahahahaha. ENJOY" <--- whatever!! I'll go "Janet Jackson" on y'all. This is not Nigeria, or Ghana yall. like everyone thought, this is TEXAS! Brother Franklin during offering time. I "LOVES" IT!!!

3. LMAO OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! saw it before, some people think it's a mess, but i think it's genius! The guys & girls are fabulous dancers, and this video wouldn't be as big without the guys!! I'd be friends with them in a heart beat!

Beyonce's Video phone - (his blog, other vids)

4. Chelsea Lately's spoof of the Kardashian Sisters - that trademark perfume episode. the best part was the mum lol cuz it's real.

5. David After Dentist... C'mon y'all must have seen this video! the whole world has seen it i "LOVES" it!!! LOL Is this real life. wow the guy is now selling the shirts lol (site)

some other guy had an hd vid

lol i want one!

Thanks to everyone who's sent me videos, I love them! if you have an funny vid send them to me to my twitter, email: [bombchell(at)] or facebook. That's all folks.

just got bloglovin, heard it's easy so check it out: Follow my blog with bloglovin if wanna try it out

OOOH & for my fellow Nigerians, Africans, and people who know Dbanj. The Kokolette's are out!! for Koko mansion. Dbanj looking is looking for "love"babies on HiTv.

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  1. That was one fcuked up kid!

  2. David After Dentist!!! I had never seen that before Im bout to show that shit to everybody I kno lol See this is why I keep comin back to your blog Michelle... its like crack!


  3. When I had surgery recently, I told my husband that there better be no "David After Dentist" type videos of me taken.

  4. those vids are funny. see a couple before likebro franklin, i tot it was in nigeria but now texas, oh my!

  5. Now thats my kind of church!

  6. I love Beyonce Video Phone dance choreography! awesome <3

  7. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  8. Heyyy just droppin in to let you know youve been nominated for an award! Come by and check it out!

  9. David After Dentist NEVERRRRR saw it.. im seriously in tears. omg. funniest shit ever. gotta steal it.


    and the beyonce video phone video = love. i love gay guys.. i would be their friends in a heartbeat too. lol

  10. LAMO @ the Kardashian "lost episode"...
    I like the Bey dancers!! What's up with Mr. "How U Doin'?" in the tutu???

  11. @KB, 118 & amber lmao that was so funny. the featured on every tv show. I love "Is this real life?"

    @WendyB lol before I went into surgery I was so.... paranoid about what I would say when I got out

    @yinkuslolo lol yes Im so happy its not Naija

    @clnmike lol if i see you dance like that, best believe Im bringing my cam next time

    @Nic Nic I know, that video was awesome!!

    @Hapi hi

    @MsRitaJanay ooh how lovely. tnx

    @Kendall LMAO!!! ___Flatline_______dying laughing


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