Friday, June 19, 2009

Sorry about update Problems. Blame Google/ Blogger

Something is wrong with blogger/ google. for everyone that knows my address to be I got a custom domain name, and it used to automatically redirect, so a lot of you never noticed that I was a .com but now it's showing a warning

With Firefox

With IE/ Internet Explorer (worse!! does not exist)

I'm not showing up in rss/ atom readers, well except your using something high tech like firefox, it says my latest post was a week ago. see people... I'm not that bad a blogger, I updated!! :) it's just not showing, if you subscribed or follow.

& More issues like my subscribed readers count drops 300 to 0, at least this time it's showing 80.

How to Get Notified When I Update/ New Post
A lot of people ask me to tell them when I update posts. I have various ways for you to be notified so I don't have to personally tell every single person individually. please pick one of the 3 options below if you haven't :) or just press (CTRL +D) to bookmark & check manually.

Option 1: Follow the blog.
you can use Google, Aim, Yahoo, Netlog or Openid

Option 2: RSS Subscribe
You can subscribe with any reader, or click atom
links: what is a rss? what reader is the best?

Option 3: get updates to your email address.


ok so this was more techie than usual :) I'm so proud of you if you read it all, and especially if you understood it all. I'm secretly hoping it will be fixed today or soon. so check to see if you've missed older posts/ check out the popular posts listed at the top right side.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! & get ready for frequent posts :)

love you a lots!! & have a freaky friday! (I'll take a random picture for you today!)
xoxo Bombchell


  1. damn. blogger DRAMA! good thing I've been had your blog followed, so im all good =D

  2. ready, set, i am ready for the frequent post....

    have a nice weekend..

  3. Very clear, detailed post lady, thankfully like Jaimie I've been following so it's all good.
    And no I haven't been to Myrtle Beach want to though, haven't heard of Tybee Island hmm

  4. Very 'geeky/ nerdly' customer care post.... Nice!

  5. All the best with programming... your post looked very complicated

  6. I thought I had problems when I changed my blogger address! Your dilema is BAD! Hope it all works out!

  7. Girl you go straight into my inbox & I follow you so we are good! Blogger drama sucks!!!

  8. Well aren't you little miss helpful?! haha Guess what I don't NEED your help cuz I BEEN following you... like a stalker... better watch out!


  9. I been having problems as well.

  10. Blogger was going all funny on me too a while back, glad im a follwer lol

    Thanks for the customer support.

  11. ughhh I hate when blogger or feedburner have an error, they take forevvv to fix it! Don't worry I'm sure you wont lose any readers babe, We LOVE U!!!

    I am afraid of this dramz, thats why I havent bought my domain...Im too scared! lol

  12. I'm been having this same problem!
    Thanks for showing me what to do or not to do.

    I've been to Tybee Island, it was super but calm. No discos that I saw. :)))

  13. OMG! you and like a million others are going through this same mess!! Its terrible!


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