Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Roundtable: Ask Us All Your Beauty Questions

Yeah um I made this post after some mango rum, but don't be scared, it's gonna be great. Ladies & any guys into makeup you're gonna love this post!!! (& the rum wore off, Im a light drinker, so excited about this)

We are going to do a beauty round table to answer all your makeup question, & post the video with our answers. "Who's WE, you ask??"

ANS: Me & 3 other Fabulous Bloggers/ Professional Makeup Artists. Ren, Joy & Leslie
We're gonna answer every beauty & makeup question you've ever wondered about! This is so great!!! It's a beautiful mix. So use this opportunity & ask us questions!! write your questions below in the comment section,& We will reply in the round table video.

(In regards to makeup I'm the beginner makeup artist of the group (y'all know I dabble in everything)

NO QUESTION IS STUPID: it could be anything about makeup, if you have it! we'll answer it. from eyelashes, to foundation, eye shadows, favorite brands, lip gloss perfume, hair spray, hair extensions, or how my makeup is intact even after I've been in a hot sweaty club, hug a guy & not stain his shirt, anything you've seen on their blogs, at a store, lol u get it. & for guys if you have any question! do ask!! even if it's for your girlfriend or mum :)

Now meet the fabulous ladies!

1. Me: Bombchell. owner of this blog, y'all know me,

2. Ren (she also does great youtube video tutorials)

2. Joy who's also another great makeup artist in Atlanta that I love.

Joy referenced my twitter: @AtlBombChell

3. Leslie who I'm really excited to meet

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
xoxo Bombchell

& yay True Blood is tonight on HBO (shoutout to all my fangbangers ;)

ps: if you're shy to write here, you can email me, facebook or twitter me, but everyone that reads my blog is super nice so don't be shy (anonymous comments are allowed).


  1. Don't know anything about make up(not that I'm supposed to) but love that 1st pic. Extreme chest close ups :)

  2. My question: 1)How do make sure your eyeliner doesn't run especially the lower lash line
    2)how do you pick the right foundation esp in summer when you go a lil bit darker

  3. a. Is Mac NW43 darker than NC50?

    b. What products ie- face washes, moisturizer, treatments and also make-up would you recommend for oily/blemish prone skins??

    c. How do you minimize pores?

    Merci in advance.


  4. can't wait for trueblood tonight! Your beauty roundtable sounds fun, have a good time with it!

  5. Love this team of experts you've put together, Chell darling!

    My query is: What do I do about my makeup (foundation and powder) just melting right off my face in the hot summer months?


  6. WOw bombchell this so thoughtful I have three questions for u.
    1)Where can I get the best Indian,Brazilian, Malaysian human hair extension online for an affordable price
    2)What is the best brand of human hair extensions
    3)Also what is the best brand of braids extensions(human and synthetic)

    Ps.Love ur blog big time Chica:)

  7. I have been using Maybelline matte & liquid mineral foundation for awhile and I want to find another product that covers just as well, but with out the oily feeling and it rubbing off easily. Have any suggestions? Should I make a trip to the makeup counter at the mall?


    (If it helps, my skin tone is slightly lighter than gabrielle union/ aisha tyler:)

  8. Well taking one of your own suggestions... How do you hug a guy without getting foundation on your shirt?

    What is the best brand of weave/ hair extensions.

    Any suggestions for keeping your real hair healthy while having weave in your hair?

    Is Mac really the best color foundation options for women of color or is it just the most popular one?

    I was thinking of ordering A design set of brushes are they really as great as they seem?

  9. What is the best eye shadow primer and best foundation for WOC

  10. I am excited about this.
    My questions are:
    1)What can you do to clear up black spots and blemishes.
    2)What are the essentials needed for a newbie for eyelids
    3)waxing or tweezing for eyebrows
    4)Waxing or cream for upper lip
    I'll stop:)

  11. what type of make-up do you recommend for summer heat - it seems by the end of the day my make-up is a mess!!

  12. Dear Miss Thing,
    Would you recommend keeping makeup in the refrigerator?
    Worried in France

  13. Well I just wanna know what's the deal with public transport makeup artists?! Just wake up earlier already!! Jeeeeez....


  14. You're gorgeous, Love your blog! --> which eyelines do you recommend, like inside the eye not outside?

  15. omgg i love ur site! i love your make up pics! and ur right about the whole look book thing, never the less can i have an invite pls?

  16. What do you recommend to get rid of pimples and facial scars? I really want clear skin


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