Thursday, July 2, 2009

Easiest way to Airbrush Pictures in- Windows Live Photo Gallery

Hi Everyone,

I'm excited to show y'all this. This is like the easiest "photoshopping" or "airbrushing" ever, & it takes just 1-2mins or less, and it's free. For everyone with PC's this is fab.

I love photoshop!! It's great, but it takes so.... long to do work, and u have to be meticulous. However some people would love to have a quick photoshop/ easy / editing look for facebook profiles, myspace, whatever u want. THIS IS FOR YOU! For some reason I always had it on my computer (Sony vaio windows vista but never used it) [Added screens & captions to make it easier]

It's Called Windows Live Photo Gallery! not the regular windows photo gallery.

it's like an advanced version of the photo gallery. it does cool stuff like
-straighten photo
-the airbrushing effect
-auto fix
-brightness, contrast
-remove red eye
-make black & white etc

here's an easy way to check if u have it.

Click Start menu -> Search the word "Gallery" -> see if it comes up. If you don't have it. You can download it here. [u do not have to connect to the net after u're done downloading]

this is the logo below: so you'll know you are working with the right thing
Ok now that you've found it / downloaded it. the fun stuff :) I'll pick a random picture old pic that was straight from the camera, & unedited in anything as an example. (i once posted it here)

The photoshop Airbrush Smooth Look

1. Open a random face picture (you could try it with non portrait/ face pics) & click "fix"

2. My fave first step. : click "Auto Adjust" (you can undo if you don't like it)

2b. Optional: click
"Straighten Photo"
-use if you auto adjusted & it zoomed too much, or u want to go back to you previous pose ( or want to do it manually & skipped auto adjust. )
*-click Straighten Photo
*you'll see lines which help u, as you slide it.
*(click "straighten photo" again when you're done & the lines will go)

3. Click "Adjust Detail." then click "Analyze"& you are all done. the more you move "reduce noise" to the right, the softer it looks. (or leave it at Analyze)
- it zoomed in so u can see the difference, i guess

ps: Lynda, u know you kinda suck with instructions!! lmao, this is your birthday present, a picture tutorial :) & yesterday's "gift." ((u dont even have to read the text, just read the images & caption))

I added a GIF below ( my 1st GIF, so the quality isnt great, but hey... its better than nothing):
picture 1 = original
picture 2 = tutorial airbrush (top)
grey scale (bottom) - it has various options for greys, sephia, and u can still play with
the exposure (brightness, shadows, contrast, highlights etc)
picture 3 = after reducing the noise, I played with contrasts, lightening etc


I used software to make the gif it was pretty easy & free (and loads of cool image things, like these screenshots)

thats all folks, and if ure eyes hurt LMAO from the animated gif, the image below is the Windows Live airbrushing/ retouching (inside) & black & white outside
(i combined it with photoshop, didnt edit the pic in photoshop I only used Windows Live Photo Gallery, But just erased part of the b&w and put it on top the color, so u could see through, then joined them)

hope everyone is having a nice week, & this is useful to someone.
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3
xoxo Bombchell

yeah the angle of the pic is different!! a lil weird but its still pretty, so manage, its just a tutorial. Im not a pro.


  1. THANXXX!!!

    It seems to be easy enough, so that even someone like CCG could give it a shot!

  2. I've never edited any of my pics. I can't be bothered, what you see is what you get.
    Some of the girls on some of the beauty blogs I follow airbrush so much, lawd knnows what they look like IRL cos they look almost doll-like in their FOTD's.

    Cheers for the tut though. Maybe one day if I ever wake up hating my face more than usual I'll give it a whirl -lol

  3. Girl I am so loving this tutorial. It's soFAB! "Picture editing for dummies" like me!! Thanks, chica.

  4. I have the program on my computer but never used it. Thanks for the isight.

    Been to Tybee island with a "friend" and then went back with a group of friends. a great little weekend getaway.

  5. Ohhh this looks fun and easy. Thanks for sharing. :D

  6. Alright Ms. Computer Whiz, *wink*
    Thanks, will be needing it! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. are really good at this stuff...sis u study Computer information systems or a related field??? am

  8. Reply:I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. It's so easy & so much fun. try it out :) & just play w/ it. if you have any questions I'll be glad to help.

    @Yinka: I don't think you have to hate your face to edit a pic. if you don't want to airbrush, u can still brighten a dark pic, remove red eyes etc & I just love photo retouchers that do t well like maagzines.

  9. Thanks for the tip. And your instructions were easy to follow.


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