Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Editorial: What I wore July 4th: -Girly & Bright

Hi I've noticed some ask what makeup I used or what or what I was wearing. So this is my version, or twist of an editorial. I once did a how to guide: seduction secrets :), I guess this is like a vol2? edition 2? I don't know, but enjoy.

Honestly, I had nothing to wear for July 4th (US Independence day). I felt like I had worn everything in my closet, so I picked a dress. When my mum came to the States, she went to LA to shop, so I gave her some money to shop for me (& luckily she bought extra). Never gave this dress a chance, until today :) I tried it on & I loved it. but... no shoes (I've never been a shoe girl, I used to have only black & brown then the ladies in my fam had an quasi intervention, I think I borrowed too much, even clothes, & jewelry lol), I decided on Purple, Blue or red (I wore red shoes the previous day/ last post, and I'd been wearing purple a lot, so I decided on Blue./ Thanks sis)

So here's what I wore from top to bottom, where i got it, where i did it, makeup products used this day.

Eyebrow pencil: MAC Cosmetics - Spiked
(it's dark brownish, really popular, there's a lot of youtube videos on it)

Eye Shadow: MAC Cosmetics -GoldSpice --metal x cream shadow
(if you return 6 containers including lipgloss containers you get a free eyeshadow, lipgloss or
lipstick in a MAC store like at Perimeter Mall)
shade description- metallic coppery gold

Eye Liner - Pixi - Gel Liner- No1 Onyx (shop pixi site)
(I bought mine from Target, around the same price)

Mascara - Mary Kay- Black Noir (I could hook you up with a MK sales lady if you need one)

Lipstick - MAC Cosmetics Amplified Creme Lipstick - Impassioned
(it might be online if it's out of stock, or find a similar mac color here)
Shade description: Amped-up fuchsia (Amplified Creme)

Lip liner
- MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil -Quartz

Lip gloss
- I put on top, some cheap vanilla looking shine from the hair store, that the name is now wiped of

Base- MAC Studio Tech - color: NW 43

Powder on top
- Zuri - Naturally Sheer Powder-Golden Ivory
(yes Zuri is that cheap powder you can find in a hair store or Walmart and costs like $3.99 or $5.99 & It works great. Everyone I know uses the same color lol from MAC NW 50's to NC 50's/ It's cheap enough for you to buy 3 to experiment with & find your shade)

The Rest/ The Outfit

So we're off to my Aunt & Uncles house to eat a bunch. It's about 45mins away from my spot. I'm late, I'm taking pictures. I have to meet with a friend from outta town later this day (not in the last post), I ended up being the host for all the little kids, they were so.... cute, but if I didn't ask them if they wanted food, they might have just stayed mute, and hungry.

So i did what anyone would do, I doubled myself :)

for the pic on the right, you can see the original at the bottom left- i just removed the background etc.

So i went to my Uncle & Aunts house. OMG I ate so much that weekend. in fact that week. People on my twitter have been laughing that i eat so much. If people could OD on ribs, chicken etc I might have.

OMG I even had a dream about ribs! I dreamt i was about to kiss this guy, and he burst out laughing. and i was like "huh," and he said something funny like, "you smell of ribs", or "you taste of ribs" (probably bbq sauce lol), I can't remember but obviously you see this isn't the best lol.

This was so..... funny to me. Because my uncle doesn't like people driving on his grass. and this person Parked!! on his grass. Lmao he thought it was me, he was like "don't you know to drive??" lmao I was like "no.... I didn't drive today, that's not my car." Well it was so funny, gosh I love my family, they crack me up so much. You had to be there, or if you have friends that don't like people stepping on the grass/ driving on it etc you'll understand.

Sometimes I think people need below lol:

: keep of grass,
Goldspice eyeshadow

Bye :)

WHAO just realized It's my Blogiversary!!!!! been a year since my first post about July 4th weekend :) (awww: post)


  1. Girl you are smoking. The dress is fab and the shoes too. Matching polish and the purse. You were rocking it.

  2. *it's been a minute since I've been over here*

    good break down of the outfit. nice shoes, too.

    this post made me laugh b/c i know some folks who have parties/cookouts all the time and they NEVER let people park on their grass. lol

  3. love it...i definitely would have not thought to just go with a bold color shoe with that dress, but it looks GREAT...gave me a great idea!!!

    as always you look FAB!

  4. Hot outfit! I would defintely rock that.

  5. happy blogaversary! love the whole look, tres cute! and yay for a makeup breakdown :) how would you feel if we did a blog collaboration...i can make you over and we can do a post on it, let me know what u think :)

  6. ooh the blue and yellow work, you got me inspired!! Impassioned was my very 1st mac lippie.

    I like the photo editting, tip a girlie off now ;) lol


    I'm digging the dress... I need a personal stylist!!! so cool ur mom picks out the cutest things. Ok that zuri thingy.. hmmm i doubt they have that in canada's walmart

  8. Happy blogaversary! I totally spelled that wrong! LOL!

  9. Love the intro to your comment box....I'm single and I buy lingerie and nice stuff and my friends say the same thing WTF...I love to look good and feel good. Maybe us single people have a better handle on our self esteem??I thinks!!

    I wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog much appreciated and I love your blog a lot. I read your movie pitch on Breathless awesome movie and I have the original on DVD, got it from a friend who found it god knows where and gave it to me for my B-Day. Foreign films are my favorite films especially french.

    I hope you come by more often and take good care.



  10. aww i absolutely love the outfit!! When you said that thing about parking on the grass i thought of the movie Friday when the neighbor is pissed off a Craig and Debo(i think) for stepping on his grass

  11. You are Great Looking!

    The Outfit was nice too! :)

  12. You look cute in your yellow dress. Coincidentally, I'm wearing a blue dress and yellow shoes right now. :D

  13. Loving the outfit. Your makeup is always on point. Work it girl!

  14. really nice fit. like d shoes.

    LOL @ d lingerie story above. I feel u though.

  15. Yay I loved this post!! :D You look very pretty~

  16. aww I love July 4th celebrations. This year is the first year that I could not come down to the states to celebrate with my fam...

    but girl, yellow is def. your colour! You look great.

    LOL @ the "get off my grass" lego men. They bring back so many memories.

  17. Happy Blogniversary...
    Love Mary Kay's Black Noir mascara....

    u rocked it

  18. gorgeous!!

    thank you for stopping by! :) twilight is so addicting once you start reading it. ;D

  19. Ok finally I see the to tamstyles!

  20. Lookin fab chica! Lovin the yellow and blue together! Happy Blogaversary :) I'm just getting started on mine!

  21. 1.first off congrats.. blog anniversay

    2. i love the graphics on your pics.

    3. dress was fly. ur mom has taste. i love wearing bright colors together. a simple clutch and shoes can do wonders

    4. ribs.. sounds so good. lol @ the grass. my family are anal about that too.

  22. cute outfit! i love your makeup... especially the lipstick!!!

  23. HOT.... and happy blog anniversary ;)

  24. I need that Copper eyeshadow!!!! Cute 4th of July look!!! Your so good with Photoshop.... I'm such a slacker all I can do is like add text :(


  25. pretty pretty! I like the shoes!!!..:) Happy blogaversary!

  26. Wow u look fabulous..I want that yellow and white dress x

  27. I love that color on you...such a cute dress!


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