Friday, July 10, 2009

Freakin. Love. Fridays.- the exhibitionists down the street

I'm considering limiting these to every other Friday (about 2ce a month), or once a month OR. maybe I'll limit them to fewer pics/ videos/ etc. so that way it can't overwhelm my blog.

1. Terry Richardson’s studio, New York. Photo Olivier Zahm


You know the drill from previous posts. My Aunties, younger cousins, johnny bravo, under 18's, conservative, goodbye, come back on Monday for funny videos :) Today is for the Naughty.

& Another reason to Love Fridays.

For 6 More Images, that get hotter as the number go up

3. Jamie Bochert by Greg Kadel for Numero April 2009

4. I can't wait to kiss you

5. so cute, hot & so dangerous (look at the position of each car, they're passing each other)

It's all very dirty, i gasp stunned...

until you google Redd Foxx lol

6. “Take me to the pilot” by Aeric Meredith-Goujon

7. Amore by roesje


Credit: (pls remember many of these sites credited contain strong graphical images good luck if you click them) 1. Purple diary | 2. The Code 831 | 3.women mgt, bnd | 4. Love exists/ Playdates | 5. Chagrin | 6.The dailies, bnd | 7.Roesje: Amore | 8. bnd


  1. Hottness.
    I may have to jacC a few images for a future photo shoot :)

  2. Whoooo HOTTTT. Love the "i cant wait to kiss you" note. So sweet. :)

  3. These are real hot actually... i like the one where it looks like the girl is givin the dude sum head in the middle of the street... brings back memories :-)


  4. that dude in the 2nd pic is sooooo hot...hahahahaha....


  5. number 8 is sexxxxxxxy

    everyones doing it.

  6. Love that outdoor wall ornament. Such abs!

  7. LOL, CRAZY!!!!! I rather see the dude give her lovely kisses below, lol.
    Love your TMI comment. Ur friends got it twisted. Continue to buy you lingerie and where it. It makes me feel extra good, lol.
    Oh yeah, my last recipe is dedicated to you so check it out when you get a chance. When u see it, u will laugh.

  8. I so need the little figure in that first picture! lmao

  9. lol @ your random 4 july hehe

    for some reason i cant comment on your previous post. i keep getting 'operation aborted' but i really do like your outfit. blue and yellow looks good together!


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