Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friday Pictures: Fox Sports Bar & Ten Pin

July 4th weekend was a lot of fun. (pictures from Friday July 3rd)

My girls Chika & Uche came to visit from Tennessee!! I was pretty excited haven't seen them all year. More sexy Igbo girls :) They came with fab friends too. It was such a great weekend.

Gosh Atlanta is so..... HOT like 97 degrees Fahrenheit ugh (that's 36.1 Celsius ) at night!!!

So we went to Atlantic Station (map it). which has restaurants ( it), a movie theatre (AMC), crazy parking police (make sure you face traffic, they're ticket happy), shops (H&M)etc.

Parking: If you go at night, rather than the meter just park in the parking deck, it's 2 hrs free & you can validate depending on where you go, so ask.

We went to Fox Sports Bar & Grill to eat.
Address: 261 19th St NW Atlanta, GA 30363
Number: (404) 207-1369 (site, @foxsportsgrill)
Hours: Mon-Thurs11am-12am; Fri 11am-2am; Sat 10am-2am; Sun 10am-12am

I'm such a goofball, so if you know me, you know I love twitter, facebook, blogging etc so anyways I go to Cutie 1 'cause I follow him on twitter right?, & tell him to follow me lol, anyways he's absolutely fun, we crack jokes, he's freakin hot, but the story is: He didn't follow me, whatever!!!lol Other girls want digits & I just want twitter.

My Cousin: Cynthia

Yup thier sisters

also I met @Stulittle who's my twitter friend, he's also a cutie that was on that table, and he's funny too. well he kinda unfollowed me, but then he added me back lol so we're great (kisses, yall check him out).

{ps follow me: @AtlBombChell, & if i'm not already following you, send me a reply saying "hot geeks make the world go round" or whatever you want lol & I'll follow u back ^_^}

BBQ chicken Nachos??? wtf? sounded so weird even though the waiter assured me it was great... sure.. I'll pass!

Most of us we're partied out, it's been a long 2 months. You know Atlanta is a party city, you can literally party from Monday (Tongue & Groove or Sutra Lounge) - Sunday (sunday's a hot day: Velvet Room, though I'm so done with there) so we decided to check out Ten Pin Bowling Alley.
Address: just walk from Fox or anywhere in Atlantic station: that's what we did, it's right beside everywhere

Please do not be deceived by the fact that it's a bowling alley, I thought it was only good on Thursday (plush Blu) for partying, boy was I wrong. I expected some mellow lounge on Friday (J3): look what we saw .... basically like a club! (guess it's a bit more packed on Fridays)

However I had so... much fun, I have never laughed so much in the past few months, people kept cracking me up, Im sure some thought I was high on something. def going back

DJ J1: lol you shoulda seen what he did before the picture, was so funny.

gosh he played so many great songs. I love reggae so much & he played it! plus other hot songs. "who sabi durty wine pass me??" (translation: who here thinks they can do the "durty wine" dance better than me)

lol do you see what Cynthia's doing at Nneka's (her blog) back!

LOL I unsuccessfully tried to do the same.

More proof that this is actually a bowling alley. (I've never been here in the day time though) Do you remember 300 Bowling, Atlanta's crazy

During party times, they make the bowling area vip & upstairs. (I wonder if upstairs if open during regular hours, shoo I wonder what this place looks like pre-10pm)

the security guy was so.. funny, you shoulda seen his moves.

L-R: Nneka, Cynthia, Theo, Me, & Uche.
BYE :)

OMG classes start tomorrow (I'm so excited!!! <-yeah right!)

for -My Partna Dem - Rich Kids ft Young Dro
lmao this ghetto ass song is stuck in my head!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!! so freakin great lol!! I blame my cousins & Dominique for why I like this song.


  1. OMG I LOVE YOU!!! sososososooooooooooooo FUNNY!

    cutie 1 cutie 2 cutie 3 etc. LOLLOLLLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

  2. Nice pics. That was a 10-pin? It was cracking like a night club in there. lol.

  3. Girl I never been to Ten Pin on a Friday...I was going to go last Friday too but my friend flaked.

    I am definitely going Friday thats for giving me another reason to go. Dolce kinda sucks...

  4. y'all look GOOD! I need to join in on the fun lol

  5. Whoa, that looked like so much fun! (bonus fun for all the cuties)

    You and your cousins are stunners!

  6. you all look FAAAAAAABULOUS!??!?!! it!!

    oh I must party in Atlanta.....*sigh* lol add that to the list!

  7. Your friend Theo looks like Bizarre from D12 lol


  8. girl we have the same kind of thing at our "bowling alley" i expected it to be sooo wack but it was soo fun ! love your blog

  9. loving the pics! looks like you had tons of fun! you look so pretty =]]

  10. Looking fab as always! Loving the middle part!

  11. I got to check that place out.

  12. Ok, when I move down you my go to person for nightlife!!!!



  14. I'm glad everyone Liked the pictures :)

    I'll make a confession here I doubt many of you will see the comments, but basically some of the guys were b-ball players, Magic, Hawks, & The others were cute & I didnt care what they did lol

  15. Loved the pictures! You are having a wild time there. Your friends are as adorable as you are. If you ladies came to Paris, they'd eat you alive!

  16. i was in ten pin like 2 weeks ago, boy was i fooled. i was like i'm not trying to go to no bowling alley. lol.

    i'm gonna hit you up on twitter as well.

  17. Wow I can't believe how live that bowling alley is. I'll put it on my list of places to go when I come down to Atlanta.

  18. I had time to burn the other day while waiting for a movie at Atlantic Station, so I decided to go shoot pool at Ten pin. Being a connoisseur in matters of enjoyment, I have to say I was quite disappointed with the place. Pool tables, sticks and balls were not of high quality! At a flat rate of twenty dollars an hr(no prorating), I expected at least a mid grade table with good lighting but it seems like they are just interested in the social look of the place rather than anything else. I guess nobody really cares when there is henny in the system.
    Atleast the movie was good.


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