Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it Vain to have your picture on your Cell phone?

well I have my picture on my cell phone Home Screen. & a bunch of guy friends who see it, think It's vain. I thought everyone had a picture (of themselves, looking hot) on their cell phone. If not you should do it, so on a bad day, U could just look down, and feel great! or just to be reminded that you are hot, or could look hot.

I even wanted to put my picture on my friends cellphone, but we decided his girlfriend might not find it funny. (whenever my mum visits, and leaves her cellphone, someone takes it, takes a picture of themselves & makes it her homescreen, it's so funny!)

A bunch of Bombchells from facebook are gonna call in to the site, to help us with this dilemma, Let's see what they thought.

PickUp or Hangup

"Why have a camera fone if you cant have your flick in it??"

1. Guchy Da Bomb/ Lynda - My crazy friend that I love so much : her twitter

"I've never thought of it as being vain but of all the pictures in my phone that's the picture i happen to like best at the moment."

2. Temi- One of the coolest girls I've met & love in the MD/DC, that I'll party & shop with any day.

"I dont get to see myself at all during the day, because I am me...sometimes I might not have a mirror to check my face, so I will just use the background on my cell phone...A picture of Me!!!"

3. Macon - Total Hottie & actor here in Atlanta

"what?!?! u mean not everybody does it. i thought it comes in the manual. "MUST TAKE PIC OF URSELF!!" not vain at all."

4. Katrina M - who is super gorgeous, it's insane, you need to check out her blog (here)

"Umm, am speechless. lol. I just think its weird. You can have a pic of gardens, your fav anime, or something there. lol. Its plain boring to me to have my pic on my phone.. lol"

5. King Ola - What doesn't he do? he's a photographer, DJ, web designer, lets just call him a modern day renaissance man (blog)
 all..........but i think looking in the mirror to long is. my sister is so guilty of that she can stand there for hours and in btw do a mini fashion

6. Precious - oh my gosh, isn't that like the loveliest name :) went to boarding school with her too, & she read my blog, so big shoutouts!

"When u look like me...its only right to have my picture on my phone...I mean, if I'm having a bad day and I just slide my fone open and I see dat sexy chica...voila! I feel better. So, yeah I flaunt it. And yeah, its vain, but who cares!!! Lol!"

7. Nini - known this babe since I was primary school & love her so much!!! & now she's about to be a Dr.

-McHottie! (my grey's anatomy fans get it)

I think its kinda Vain.......and being Vain goes hand in hand with being conceited.......Most times if you're conceited that means you believe in yourself......If you don't believe in yourself WHO WILL?? (Damn Im good....Vanity)

8. Fammy - this is one of my fav cousins ever!! He's so... naughty, but super adorable so you have to love him! (NY ladies watch out)

7. Bombchell- that's me!! the "vain" geek behind the blog :) & Of course I have my picture on my homescreen, u could have it too...!!!

so I added a picture below of exactly what my cell looks like. (my blackberry bold theme is a free fafi application one by SixTenWebdesign)

fafi application

Great Idea: if you have a bossy boss, that always calls you, or parent, or negative friend, instead of having their picture show up when they call, put a sweet one of you to cheer you up, or a bunny.. or boris kodjoe, or devon aoki .. or whatever makes u happy)

NOW A BIG BIG thanks to everyone who wrote on my original facebook note, will comment on this blog post & those who just read. I'm so grateful to those who participated, sent in the pictures, u ladies & gentlemen are truly gorgeous, and have a lovely sense of humor, & I'm so grateful that we're friends, and more that you participated (((so huge sloppy kisses for you))) thanks again.

(sometimes I couldn't decide on a pic, so these are the ones I didnt use here)

PSD FILES CREDIT: Smartphone by Nurutheone, Aero Avatar, Blackberry bold

So who or what's on you're phone? click "comment" to read or post one :) have a good week
off to study & hope u enjoyed it.
xoxo Bombchell


  1. first off, ewwww... lol. huge sloppy kisses??? lol.

    Second, i figured it would be that pic and umm... maybe i will try it out when my new phone gets here.. who knows. just to see how long it will last before i change it to something else. lol.

  2. OMG i met macon at some improve thingie! next time you see him tell him to email me. and this was a good blog post! girl u never interview me for questions lol

  3. How cute. Yeah My picture is my screensaver on my phone and my baby picture used to be my picture on my laptop...SO WHAT?

    Its not vain...its self love. And it also serves as a big help when you lose your phone...I left my phone in my class one time and my classmate chased me down the hall and returned it and knew it was mine because of my "screensaver" whatever.

    You are not vain. And if whoever says that you are is a HATER! LOL

  4. I have Hello Kitty on my BB!! I think Hello Kitty is a little cuter than me. lol :)

  5. my pic is my screensaver...and all the works...
    so who cares if i'm vain...
    I DON'T....
    i love me!
    is that a crime?

  6. @ Ola lol glad u did it. 7 who doesnt love huge sloppy kisses lol

    @ Jaimie omg how cool!! I'll suggest yall on Fb. aww next time I got u :) I made a facebook note & people responded there

    @ Kiwi LOL so true im gonna use that "it's self love" lol. Im considering putting my self on my comp, but i just find so much grat art instead

    @ Kendall lol girl you're so silly, I think a sexy pic tops a sexy cat, well except Kat in the blog post :)

    @ Chayoma I know right, if it a crime, a high percentage of the female population is about to be incarcerated

  7. ...then that must mean I am very vain! My picture is on my cellphone, laptop screen saver,Itouch, anything that has a screen and much more LOL!.. I love me! I do not see it as vanity tho.xx!

  8. uhhmmm...nope! This shows your smart enough to be lovn yourself, as you should.


  10. Yes its Vain..but I used to be guilty of it too once upon a time. There are so many other things that you could put on your phone to inspire YOU during the day other than YOURSELF!

    However, your post has imspired me to embrace my ego and Im putting myself on my screensaver. (What a hypocrite) Lol.

  11. I too have a picture of myself as the desktop on my G1... mainly because I think I look good in it but also because I have 4 hot ass girls posing in it lol Oh and this blog post... AWESOME! Your blog is the polar opposite of lame, boring, and dull. Keep it up!


  12. hmmm funny coz i've never put a pic of just myself on my mobile screen because i thought others would think im vain -.-

  13. Love it!
    I don't see it being vain at all! Having a pic of you on the cell is just a reminder of WHO you are and WHOSE you are. Almost like an accomplishment especially if you had low self-esteem like me. KEEP THE PIC UP!, lol! If you don't enjoy yourself, then who will?!

  14. lol i dont think its vain at all..i mean, its YOUR phone. O_o You should see the picture I put up on my screen. its stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid :-P

  15. It's not vain at all. But then, I only use a photo of me AND the boyfriend as wallpaper, and never of my face alone. Hehe

  16. That's not vain at all. Many people do it. :)

  17. I think it's vain but then I don't care if anyone has a pic of themselves.. just that I won't do it myself. I have a pic of my puppy on my home screen. Hehehe.

  18. i see no problem with it personally. Thats what i call self love!a lot of it! lol

  19. lol.. its just whatever... people does it all the time i don't think I could though unless i really really dig the photo... (too picky)

  20. Love this idea! So fab girl. Lovely blog, glad I found it.

    You should enter my scarf contest:


  21. i have pictures of myself everywhere lol...

  22. It's not vain if you look as good as you do.

  23. i have my picture all up and through my phone...especially on the main screen

  24. hahahahahaaha I love it! I used to have my picture on my cellie, then I always had one of me and Jerrid,, but now the lil guy's taken over haha He's all over my cell phone now! I update a new pic of him every week! lol

  25. And are wayyy cuter than Hello Kitty, what the heck kind of comment was that! I dont think Hello Kitty has as much boobies as you do girl, shes a jealous cat!

  26. Hehe. It's pretty vain...but it's your phone!! So hey!


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