Monday, July 13, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: someThings you shouldn't do

Non Mundane Mondays

1. I love this. Vodaphone French ad! the subtitles at the end are also funny.

I think I snore in planes, but how would I know, I'm asleep so i don't hear it, however I'm not sure i look as hot ha ha, well maybe.

2a. omg do you guys remember when that song by E-40 was all the rage!! (song:Tell me when to go) & people used to ghost ride their whips. I never did it (I aint crazy). & this is ghost riding the whip gone wrong!

you gotta admit it was kinda cool in the beginning

2011 edit: below comment by richard: "ghostride the whip is by mistah fab not e40"  

2b. to those who do not know what it is: Definition:
(& funny too) I think the music they used is Mistah fab's "ghost ride the whip"

3. To all those at work, this is for you!! it'll either depress you or make you smile, or maybe even change your job.

3min spoof of for the ADDY Awards (here): so many great lines.

4. This Video was beautiful. I think whole world should see it at least once. I joined just 'cause of this video! they are way clearer than (though not as popular). this is from 2 yrs ago.

5. If you have facebook wow watch this lil blonde girl dance to Decale Gwada (link) i will whoop anyone that every says kids or white girls don't have rhythm (that's proof, & plus I suck at dancing, I'm just good with my waist lol)

6. this video here is dedicated to my movie & music video buddy Osita, who's left facebook :( now I have no one to talk about movies with, or even music videos. This one is stop motion :) cuz I didn't know anything about it until he showed me one awesome vid. Hope u read my blog & u like it.

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

I loved the end. cuz here on this blog, that's what we're about :)
gosh I've started school
& don't forget if u see any video that strikes your fancy send it to my email, twitter or facebook
Hope I brightened your Monday a bit :)
love Bombchell

ps: so....... FREAKING EXCITED trueblood is back on!!! A shoutout to all my fellow "fangbangers"!!! & new watchers :)

bonus : The New Beyonce Video. wow she killed it. love the lyrics, and how they can be taken Literally or not.

Song: Sweet Dream

"you could be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare... either way I don't wanna wake up from you"


  1. Love that song b Bee, sweet dreams....

  2. I had to study the ad for my public relations class... thats a great commercial. It was 1st aired during the Superbowl. Next day broke records


  3. your profile pic is beautiful! i gotta catch up on the vids laterz ;p

  4. Fangbanger! Haha. Been watching the new episodes online. I've missed Bill and Sookie. :D

  5. I love this song and the video is great.

  6. Yo... that ghostride the whip is by mistah fab not e40


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