Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Which Would You Rather: Superficial Standpoint

So My cousin Kili (old post goofy pics) from London posted this question & it got me thinking.

would you rather be (A) Rich & Ugly (I dont like saying ugly, I prefer saying Unattractive, ugly is mean)

or be (B) Poor & Good-looking???

My Answer, I think they're almost both the same.

My logic.

some studies have shown that the richer a guy is, the more attractive females find him. crazy but that's the study. Imagine rich old guys that find hot young models to date. & beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? plus he might be nice. And if it were a woman, I'm sure there is some hot young stud out there that would want to be a Kept man! (omg do you remember the VH1 show Kept?)

memories: Jerri Hall was a former model that dated/ married some musician I forget who (Mick Jagger)

seth won

-& come on! u can afford plastic surgery, if not a personal trainer, some people only care about a hot body, very superficial I know, at least she didn't say ugly inside!! I'd root for poor)

c'mon now people! we've seen people with good looks marry up, date up, or something. Like they said on the HBO Tv show Hung, you find your greatest asset & use it (well maybe that reference is bad, since he ended up going into the "oldest profession"). go Model or something, Hustle, and look if you want a job, studies show that the prettier people tend to get hired (if you have 2 people with the same qualifications, they say the prettier person gets the job)

All i'm saying is that if all these stats were true, wouldnt every CEO be super hot. lol Im playing, that doesnt really add up, but kinda.

& You know what, according to this site you could find a guy that will pay for you to go to school, rent etc and you don't have to do anything. Or just go try to be a playboy bunny. (lol ok... I'll behave, i'm just saying!)

So tell me, which would u rather be (A) Rich & Ugly or (B) Poor & Pretty

My final Answer: I say B cuz it's closer to reality than A. (if i was forced to pick & college kids y'all are B's too)

image: Question Mark by Marco Bellucci


  1. I'm already butt ugly in the kind of way that causes babies to cry and old women to scream, so show me the money.

    If you're rich, you can buy looks and companionship. Good looks will only get you so far.

  2. I can hear the sounds...
    sounds of those people choosing (A)!

    Let's be honest, how poor is poor?
    you could be poor and be discovered, you know maybe some hidden talents, modelling, acting, singing!

    i am going for (B), hopefully some old man out there fancies me enuf to get me the PRADA :)

  3. Rich and Ugly. We have Plastic Surgery. lol

  4. Rich and ugly because money makes anyone attractive...look at Flava Flav and Jay Z.

  5. errrrmmm,,,you already know what my stand is on this issue!

  6. lol wow id agree with your answer!

  7. I choose A. Because one can buy looks. :)

  8. Im with everyone else! Rich and Ugly as you can pay to look good, although I watch extreeme makeover once and after they had finished she looked worse!

  9. "Beautifully.Conjured.Up
    Rich and ugly because money makes anyone attractive...look at Flava Flav and Jay Z."

    Indeed. I Agree hahaha, I would go for A too!

  10. definitely B.... ild hate to be miserable and rich..booo!!


  11. I would rather be rich and ugly. Like my daddy always says " beauty is the stores" as in you can always buy products to enhance your look. Most really, really good looking people (like celebrities)use money to enhance their looks (i.e plastic surgary, teeth whitening, etc)

  12. (A) because money can buy good looks..
    then I can have it all
    Looks and Money!

  13. Hello, just dropping by to say hi =)

    i would pick B

  14. Hmm people are making me reconsider!!! but theres a truck load of self esteem issues with A, so I'll stick with B lol

  15. I'd rather be rich and unattractive cuz money can buy me the good looks!

    ~Nina of *AF*

  16. hey thanks for visiting my blog~ I'd rather be poor and good looking because let's face it.. with good looks you could work your way up so easily. (I'm not great looking or anything) but I really do feel like good looking people get better treatment sometimes.

    -Atlanta! I get TBS from atlanta up here in toronto, so a lot of atlanta stuff shows up on my tv. Atlanta braves... atlanta hawks.. That's all I know haha. Take it easy.

  17. thats because they smell the money....

  18. Hahahahahaha your logic is hilarious. I agree with your, if you are rich you can at least afford some assistance such as plastic surgery or a personal trainer, but your reference to being poor & like the HBO show "Hung" just cracked me up. I love that show!!!

    I'm not answering the question though. Either way, you are either vain and broke or butt ugly and filthy rich!

  19. Is there a c option? i rather just stay who i am.. i ain't the hottest thing.. nor am i ugly either.. as for money i wish i had some right now but when u rich it sure does make u miserable.

    poor n cute :)

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  21. After all what does want in or money?

  22. Rich!!!!!!

    You def said it about beauty being in the eye of the beholder...I'll be ugly...$ will make it hurt less lmao

  23. I'd rather be rich n ugly...."beauty" doesnt last anyway....So, at least, if I had money, you could be sure that I'd be "interesting" at least; stories of my travels n experiences, etc. :-P

  24. poor and goodlooking, its the story of my life hahaha

  25. I've done poor and good looking, now I want money!!!
    I'm kidding but only a little.

  26. omg i luv this so im going for ugly and rich cause if you need proff that you can survive take a look at fifty and JayZ..enough said..pps..luv your blog


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