Monday, August 3, 2009

Non Mundane Mondays: Dedicated to Asian & African Parents - Funny Videos

Oh wow it's been a week since my last post, yup school has started, and I know everyone has missed funny videos that cheer up the work days. so.... Welcome Back Non Mundane Mondays!!!

My mum's currently visiting so I'm dedicating these video to most of our parents, aunties, uncles, especially if you are Nigerian, or basically from any African country, Jamaican, the whole Caribbean, and Asian! we love our parents, and yall can relate or know a friend with a similar parent.

Enjoy :)

ps: I showed my mum the videos, and she thought they were so.... funny!!

1) Mrs Omokorede!!! lol

2) lol More of her, pushy naija (Nigerian mum)from the Lenny Henry Show UK (I heard it's funny, but I dont think i've ever seen it :/)

3) Ok c'mon now, my Asian bloggers & reader, I love you so it's y'alls turn.

these boys are so silly!!! so yall be nice to your chicklets when we grow up,and let them get one B on their report card (jk)

4) I think this was my mum's favorite videos!! This is for all my fab friends that just gave birth, Bloggers: Katrina, Sonya, High School Buddies: Ufuoma, Sherifat, Annie one of the best club promoters in Atlanta Tiwa (who i love & was at his wedding), My cousin Bunmi who i need to call. And Many More.

Now who here think white kids can't dance, cuz Ive proven their skills before! and look at this lil boy rocking to Flo Rida!!! love it!!

PS: WARNING: do not go to that orsm website, I went there looking for more funny videos BUT it was spam & porn!!!

5) LOL ok I last one for my fellow Nigerians!! Y'all know this is so... true!! I told my grandma this is what she could do.

Ok jokes apart my parents are actually pretty cool. But this is so funny 'cause I can relate to so much of it, friends, teachers, culture etc.

wishing you a lovely & happy week.
Kisses Bombchell


  1. hahahaha! That's my Asian mother!

  2. LMAO @ the Chinese people video!!!
    Dude walked in skippin like din diririn din din din din! Haha Non Mundane Mondays are the shit. I think I like them better than Freakin Love Fridays. But I still love Fridays. Don't forget to give me your input on what my site's new name should be (check your Twitter)


  3. Girl, you have me about to die over here from laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!! I had to show my co worker, and she started laughing too!!!

    "We ain't like no white time out...we give knock out." ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a friend that I grew up with who is from Nigeria, and her mom calls me sometimes when she can't get a hold of my friend, and she leaves me messages like that on my phone too!!!!!! I want to tell her so bad not to do that, but out of respect I don't.

  4. u just made my day
    i was laffing so hard at the library, i almost got kicked out

  5. @ Katrina & 118yay I'm this cheered everyone up!! (^_^)

    @Jamilla ha ha that's so funny

    @BCU ha ha ha I feel for you

    @Chayoma girl you better study or from the videos you can imagine what will happen lol

  6. luv the vids!!! You know how to pic the funny ones :)

  7. Aw i love your new layout! And your twitter bubble!

  8. lol i loved all the videos! and i'm loving your new layout moarrr!!

  9. cool new header!!! the twitter text is a bit too far up at the top.. or maybe its just my screen?

  10. Love the new layout! You look hot in the banner. :D


  11. hey how did you get your header like me

  12. That was hilarious... especially the Asian one. "Are you crying because you're a girl?" B+. That's harsh.

  13. BombChell,
    Just checking in. Good luck in school! Love the new layout!

  14. thank you beautiful!!! would you like to swap links?

    hope you're having an awesome week!


  15. The vids are simply funny and amazing. Love them all.

  16. In the last video Jocelyn, she has a show over here that his hilarious.

    You should go and look it up

    Little miss Jocelyn

    these were funny vids!


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