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TRUE BLOOD Frenzy: Eggs, Vanity Fair, Magazines, Maryann & The Queen

Frenzy: Season 2. Episode 11

(the queen's Palace, so pretty- The Queen, Bill the vamp & Sookie's cousin)

so everyone who reads my blog or follows me on twitter (@AtlBombChell) knows I'm a huge TrueBlood fan. I've watched it since the first episode of the first season & I still love it. so shout out to all my "fangbangers."

no 1: MaryAnn's crazy! & yesterday's episode, didn't help justify her case, that chic is nuts. p.s. was it just me, or was yesterday's episode a bit boring compared to other episodes, as if it's sole purpose was to amp us up for the season finale & introduce us to the queen. The queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq (played by Evan Rachel Wood) seemed... well annoying, like a bratty kid (which i heard she was in the book or something). but I hope I get to see her power, and lol at her "I insists"

some of Rachel's pictures by Terry Richardson for the May issue of GQ

no 2: Eggs!!! well this character's full name is Benedit Talley. Anyways basically Eggs is all fucked up, and being used by Maryann, who's a psycho immortal biatch, that eats organs, kills folks, makes them get drunk, filled with rage, and have tons of sex. She's really messed up but sadly she's immortal some sort of Maenad.

Anyways Eggs is so so so HOT! he was the crazy neighbour brother from desperate housewives, dated the character Melanie on CW's The game, but gosh never noticed how hot he was until True Blood. He's real name is Mehcad Brooks & his body looks like Wonderland.
but sometimes he makes silly faces like this: lol especially when he's zombie'd out by Maryann & had those blacked out/ "bug eyes." 

Now Maryanne. b!tch is crazy, nuff said.

(the vibrating Maryanne font is called Erthqake & it's free if u wanna download it)

The funniest thing I ever saw: someone on a board once asked How does Maryanne keep her hair together with so much vibration.

omg this is the greatest vid ever of  Maryann, it's to Britney Spears song Circus, which is appropriate, and you'll see all the stunts she's pulled, you'll love her, hate her, she'll creep you out, it's great & see her vibrating/shaking (done by SanskuRas)

---fan or not you should watch it to the end, it's funny, creepy etc ( some clips I hadn't seen before)

from trueblood's twitter (@TrueBloodHbo) I found the coolest thing ever by Atlanta, really creative.
No 3. TrueBlood characters in real magazines as Vampiric Celebrities.

(ps b4 the Magazine pictures did u notice this: "Sorry Were dead"!!! just saw it on Hbo's TB twitpics

Bill on the cover of Vanity Fair
Pam & her lovely shoes on the cover of Bazaar 
Eric on the cover of GQ 
& The Lovely Jessica on Teen Vogue
(I wonder if she talked about Hoyt & meeting his mum, who was so funny in the last epispode)
Season Finale in 2 weeks, can't wait
love Bombchell.

Image Credits: ONTD, Finissimo,TrueBloodGuide, TrueBlood Online, TB twitpic, Examiner & a lot of other sites that had the same image


  1. I loveeee true blood too, but i started from season 2 though.

    lol yea that vibrating picture is maryanne alright..

    the video and the mag issue were really nice and creative..

  2. Brooks has a "i-want-to-eat-my-dinner-off-ur-abs" bod!
    Loved him in THE GAME.
    U make me wanna go watch TRUE BLOOD. Maybe i just will :)
    we will c....

  3. am i the only person that doesnt watch True Blood??
    is it that good??
    whats the hype abt?
    and what channel is it on??

  4. Yeah I love the show and was following it from the beginning too but damn...Sunday's episode kinda sucked for me..haha Truthfully, I was a loooot more interested in the show during the whole mystery behind that kidnapped vamp who was Eric's maker...this whole Maryann issue is triiiippy hahah

  5. omfg i love love the vampire magazines, so fricken cute girl. I especialy love Bill and Erics. The queen was also annoying to me either, i didnt feel a sense of her power, i dont know if evan rachel wood was the best choice,she was pretty and looked her role, but idk if she portrayed it well enough. Her day room was gorgeous tho! And mmm Eggs, me and my mom were talking, he'd be so fine if it werent for his face.



  7. I have to agree about the last episode... It didn't seem to go anywhere, and the whole part with the queen was, well, boring. Pretty but boring. It didn't seem to take the story anywhere and just made some of the characters seem really stupid, like did Sookie really think that she and Lafayette could just march into her house and shoot Maryanne? WTF?!

    Okay, rant over... :)

    Ps. Thanks again for putting up my vid!

  8. NIC-KIA: lol dont feel bad, I dont watch Lost, or any NCIS, detective show :)

    Sanskuras: omg u took the words right out of my mouth!!! they didnt even have plan!! & Jason is a lost cause with his brain lol

  9. I'm liking this post a lot! All this vampire talk makes me giddy. hehe. And that photo of the guy with the guy, hot!

  10. BEST POST EVER!!!! Eggs is so hot too bad he's dead...there goes a portion of my eye candy! Maryanne is awesome...crazy but awesome, she only appears for like a min in the books but I think it was great they added her to the show! Fangbangers rock!!!


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