Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Website Photoshoot with Photographer Thomas Dodd. Makeup by Nneka & Club Pictures

This post is long overdue, (insert big smile...) & it's been a while since I had personal pics up. A lot of you have noticed my new header. or via twitter or facebook.

My picture was taken by a photographer in Atlanta, called Thomas Dodd. At first I was going to do a header that was more burlesque, photoshopped & more of a magazine look. While looking for Atlanta photographer I came across Thomas Dodd & loved the way some of his images are a bit dark, surreal & from a different period. Then I merged the idea with the theme I was thinking of, and let him do his magic. His work varies, and is really different, so I wasn't  exactly sure how the results would be, so along the way I got some cool pictures out of the process. 

these are 2 of his styles I like, the first is my favorite!! he's work is beautiful and continues to change, and he's a really nice guy. (you should see it live in canvas!! amazing)


My makeup & hair (weave & styling) was done by Nneka, who's one of atlanta's best makeup artists, does fab hair and also happens to be my cousin.

& these are some behind the the scenes, most you havent seen before:

Thanks to everyone on facebook that helped me vote for my header!!!it truly meant a lot. 

& the design was done by me & Ola. and he put the twitter thing in it, and came of with the font.
so the finale of my header is what you see now.

Anyways after a long days work, I took my ass partying with ma girls at Eros (yeah they're my girls from Miami), then went partying with the guys at Primal.

Pictures at Eros with Nneka, , Nk (cynthia), Danielle, Dominique:
omg the bang bang shrimp @ Eros Tapas Atlanta was the bomb!

When we were done. decided I still wanted to party so headed out to party with Shaun (not in pics) & Hugo.

Primal is huge, tons of rooms, people arent even aware that there's a section outside:
ha ha we were laughing cuz I kept taking pictures and deleting them cuz I looked like crap in all of them and sweaty!!  finally ones decent:

I had soo..... much fun that day & night, even though the rain tried to ruin the shoot, it came out well. I partied with ma people & had a blast. Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you!

After this whole experience I've realized that sometimes you have to be clear on what you want, especially if you have a vision in your head, and it might be different from what a creative expert might prefer, and it's hard to find a balance between getting what you want and not pissing people off & keeping everyone happy. It was a lovely experience, and these are all great people to work with, that will take your ideas into consideration, and work with you, revision after revision with patience

Websites of the Artists

Thomas Dodd - Photographer
Nneka - Atlanta Hair & Makeup Artist
Ola - helped with adding twitter & header design
My website - I designed my site, its based off a free template- minima black & I did the rest (people tend to ask). I have a love affair with photoshop & art.

clubs/ lounges
Eros Tapas - club/ lounge nice place to hang out during the day
Primal - Club in atl (I go black, white, or asian night I dont care I have fun)

hope you enjoyed the pics!
love Bombchell.


  1. you gorgeous girl!! the pics are amazing♥

  2. Beautiful.. thats what u are... u should take more photos!!!

  3. you are looking soo gorgeous!! especially loving how you do your eyes :)

  4. so pretty!!! yeeees i lovvved primal when i went!! the crowd is so fun and versital. um and you talk about sweaty ugly photos? you mustve not seen my blog post from a couple of days ago lmao
    ultra sweaty hahaha club traxx was a hot mess literally lol

  5. Fantastic amazing photos I enjoyed all of them. You looked lovely!

  6. Those pictures are so nice! If I'm ever in Atlanta I'm def looking up your cousin ;)

  7. i prefer the untouched pictures than the touched ones...i dont know sha.i think u r just naturally beautiful and the pictures should have been left that way.

  8. you are so flawless @0@ even skintone and darn sexy .. nice pictures kudos for your photographer!!

    *thnks for the compliment and visitng doll! kisses..

  9. You have creative friends. And great that the non-clubbing thing is working for you. :)


  10. wow, you look absolutely stunning in all the photos!You have amazing skin!Great blog, will follow from now on. Come by my blog sometime and say hi :)

  11. your pictures came out the special effects in the final product!
    even your pictures of your friends are great - everyone's so pretty!

  12. Beautiful pictures! You always look stunning!

  13. Ditto to what Trina said!! You look amazing! :)

  14. Ummm... don't hate me. I too like the untouched picture a lot. You are a stunning young lady, and the photoshoot was just amazing. Which isn't surprising, since there was so much talent involved. Most importantly, you had fun, AND partied later.

  15. yall all look super duper gorgeous!!

  16. Your photography is incredible, and you are beautiful.


  17. nice photos!! i'm really liking your 2nd pic with your fantaboulos lashes and lip color. so doll like! it's stunning :)

    and i tag you .. so tag! you're it!

  18. you look great.

    your bestie is beautiful, LAWD!

  19. All creativity starts with a thought and ends with action. You surely encompassed both.

  20. I love the photos! Especially the primal Goddess ones!

  21. I must have accidently unfollowed you. I'm back.


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