Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nina Ricci Badass Eight Inch Heel-less Shoes- Fall 2009

while I was randomly flipping through the September issue of Vogue, i saw these 8 inch psycho, gorgeous red heels. They were designed by Olivier Theyskens for the Nina Ricci 2009 Fall Collections. These shoes are pretty badass, heel-less and apparently no model fell during the runway show. definitely pretty creative!!

The article basically said it's not healthy for us to wear really high heels, like this shoe, and if you want to wear this shoe, you are advised to he a healthy weight (yeah feel free to mail me a picture of it lol).  Vogue states this fact "the higher the heel, the more pressure it places on the ball of your foot, leading to"  ... insert bad stuff, trust me. ok hammer toes (digits crumpled)(images) and metatarsalgia (pain between the ball of the foot and the toes)(link)."

Now you know the bad stuff, let's get to the goodies!!!! and the badass sexy boots.

Olivier Theyskens  Nina Ricci 2009 Fall eight inch heels

watch a behind the scenes fashion show:

if you want to watch the full fashion show:

some other crazy shoes worn by real people non models, Victoria Beckham!

top: worn in an Elle editorial from 2008
bottom shoes: worn last year at the launch of the Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City

edit 2011: comment from reader Tahidur: Victoria Beckham is wearing Antonio Berardi heelless cuissards!

ok Last craziness: Aminaka Wilmon 2008 sole-less shoes.

Hope you enjoyed this :)
(Now I'm worried about this 2nd wave of swine flu thats all over the news, as I prepare for labor day weekend)

image credit: most from nymag fashion show pics, 2 from fashionlogie and the victoria becks pics from shoe blog. & stylist.


  1. Jerrid and I were just talking about crazy shoes like this just today! These shoes are nuts! We kept reading stories about how models have fallen on the run while wearing those heeless I know I'd fall, I'd be proud to walk more than 3 steps in those lol

  2. Hello! You're back from your hiatus.
    So what exactly is a healthy weight to be for these shoes? 5'8" and 100 lbs.?

    I bet there were a couple of models who slipped while trying to walk.

  3. I could never walk in those shoes... or could I? :)

  4. @Katrina: oh wow some people fell in a diff show! wow

    @Dedene HA HA HA yeah I was a bit shocked, the models look so tiny & fragile

    @MrsFAB you can do anything. LOL all i ask is that you take a picture or video for me.

  5. Those are craaaaaazy! I kinda love the purple ones!

    And yes let's exchange links, darling!


  6. This is one of the reasons why I took so long to understand the fashion game.... hell i'd love to see "live" shows of ppl walking in them though.. curiosity kills.

  7. Those shoes are crazy but in a good way lol i can't see how anybody can wear them, i would probably fall on my ass as soon as I take a step!

  8. Hey, I LOVE your blog. I'm so glad you commented on mine and I got to take a peek at this. It's crazy amazing and yummers.

    The "Celebrate yo ugly" post that you commented on was me being serious in two ways.

    1: I was pointing out that with me you don't get a fake version and then later down you see my ugly side. You see all of me from the get go and you know what's coming.

    2. I do suffer from self esteem/body issues. I look at myself and do think I'm ugly, I don't love myself and it's a struggle but I'm being honest about it. And I'm trying.

    Check my blog on Friday because I'm doing a HUGE post that deals with the theme of celebrate yo ugly. I am def adding your blog to my list of blogs to read!!

    -- much love, dendoo.

  9. i swear if those shoes are ever mass produced for a reasonable price, i would buy them. the heeless ones i mean lol i need soles on my shoes

  10. lmao@ the last pair... where would you wear soleless shoes?? imagine walking around outside...going to the mall... lol your feet would be so black it'll look like there is a sole lmao

    ok i want some of those heel-less ones... im a dancer (with nice feet might i add lol) but the balls of my feet have been through it all already hahaha
    OHHHH THE SWINE FLU i was gonna blog about that tonight, but im sleepy.. and i might be in atl this weekend for gay pride :]

  11. those shoes are so mainey! like i've come to the conclusion that theres a weight requirement for them and you have to walk on your toes (theres no heel-toe to know how to walk in Love this post, and the footage :)

  12. I'm all for the artist/sculpture-esque heel but these... my feet hurt just looking at them.

  13. It's like engineering for shoes. Please hold me to it, if these shoes ever become the new UGGS, I won't be caught dead in them. But I do own UGG lookalikes...sigh. My excuse? I fell for their warm and comfort level. With these heel-less pumps, I can't find any excuses...

  14. love the last image, it captures the concept so well....the torturous foot binding element of it....on the other hand (or feet) i wouldn't mind a pair :p

  15. Bombchell - wicked blog - just got to checking it out :) and found you on LR as well so a review coming your way !

    Those heel-less shoes look uber funky but definitely not practical ! I love my sandals and heels but am not torturing my feet for that !

  16. I don't think those will ever hit the stores. Only Vicky B will know how to wear them. :)


  17. btw Victoria Beckham is wearing Antonio Berardi heelless cuissards! <3


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