Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Searching for Gorgeous Turquoise Latex Sockings?

Ok so Halloween is coming, I've considered everything from Cleopatra to Isis, to MJ to a dominatrix.

wondering & hoping someone knows where I could find these: (or similar)
I've searched everywhere. I don't know who made the ones above, or what advertorial it is, but it's gorgeous. This site claims to sell them, (star latex.en.enc21) I'm super skeptical & don't know if they are legit.

the best I've found are these ones below by Atsuko Kudo & his Latex Rubber Stockings cost $132.27 (

considering I'm not gonna prance around in only stockings for Halloween, and I'll need clothes, shoes, etc. I'd rather spend less than that for stockings. Unless I was definitely gonna wear them again.

xoxo Bombchell
(so what are you doing for Halloween!!!!! are you dressing up?)


  1. I'm not doing anything b/c well -sigh long story! I really wish I could celebrate halloween and go out though!
    they have some options here but no turquoise! :(

  2. OH MY!!!! those are so.... pretty!!!!!!

    (awww :( I'll message u on twitter)

  3. Those are cute! I wish i could help. If all else fails, you should try the American Apparel leggings, they come in different colors and have a shine to them. Or you could always just buy tourquoise tights.

    goodluck with your halloween costume! i have no idea what i'm going to be or if i'm even going to dress

  4. I love those!!!! Hell, I love anything different....:P

  5. I don't know where to get them from but i thought it would be nice to say hi. long time, no

  6. Those stockings are super, but very expensive! Why don't you try painting your legs with latex paint? HA!
    The French don't celebrate Halloween much, so I doubt I'll be dressing up. Maybe I'll have a Halloween party for my English classes.

  7. No MJ's, everyone is guaranteed to be going as MJ :)
    Just rock a white glove in Memory of something :)

  8. These are awesome, but I agree, I dont think I would pay that much seeing as I would only wear them once!
    Why not buy some brightly coloured tights instead? Haha much cheaper ;)

  9. Hmm excited what your costume will be! :)


  10. ooohhh i just know ur going to be hot!!! can u believe halloween is just around the corner?!?!

    well hope u find it!

  11. oook those hafta be thee best tights i have ever seen!
    'shiny suit man' tights!

  12. i wanna be an egyptian something lol but the costumes tend to suck for those... i will have to remix it lol! me and my bestfriend are talking about throwing a halloween party.. hopefully we can

  13. oh and those skin tight tights are amazinggggg it looks like candy on legs :]


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