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Trip to the World's only 7 star Hotel: Burj Al Arab (in Dubai)

So in a previous post I mentioned that a lot of people I knew had visited Dubai, and some stayed at world's only 7 star hotel, which is there. & I was hoping my friends would give me permission to share it with you & she did!!! I've never been to Dubai, and um those that hotel costs about $1,592.66 to $10,889.98. oh yeah that's per night :)


yeah..... I think I'll keep hustling for Mrytle Beach, Vegas & Miami for now. Well my friend would rather be Anonymous, so lets call her A, for Ashley. so I can't put any pictures that show her or her family, but their still pretty badass pics. so it'll be like she took us on her trip (^_^)

OH YEAH!!! The Hotel is called: Burj Al Arab (website link)
(screen capture of the website)

Ashely stayed in this pretty badass suite! it was 2 floors, living room,dining room, freshly squeezed juice etc. And if you weren't staying in the hotel, but wanted to check it out, you could pay to take a tour, seriously, they have tours. & camera's couldnt be used by guests in certain public areas like the dinner place, to be courteous to other guess, if not you could order fabulous room service.

Look at the hotel! watch this vid I found on youtube!! A-MA-ZING, gorgeous architecture

Are you blown away yet? cuz I was even before I watched it. The Video paints 1000 pictures

Now major cool points: u know how many of us might get candy in a nice hotel, or perhaps little bottles of free hair shampoos etc, They got IPODS!! My mum from her trip was also telling me how people have gold plated cars, like the whole car's gold plated, and these are young people! wow, crazy. oooh and they also have an Dubai also has indoor Ice place thingie, with fake snow etc, where you can snow board and gorgeous Underwater hotel!!!! where you can see the fish etc. oh yeah and as for Ashley's hotel I'm looking forward to visiting & seeing all the people checking in at night with their Louis's and dark celebrity shades at night. I love Ashley she's so.... down to earth, lol i saw her facebook pictures and didnt even know that's the hotel she stayed in, until i randomly started talking about some 7 star hotel I heard of.

PS: omg at the top right of the reservation section, under the current converter look what it say:
With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention, you can be assured of a highly personalised service throughout your stay.

now let's enjoy Ashley's trip:
for a lot more gorgeous pics click read more


Better News I heard its almost dirt cheap to shop there. well maybe not but its really really affordable stuff, if you go to the right places. cause you could also find a lot of luxury items.

SOME OTHER IMAGES! that are not taken by my friend, but show us Burj Al Arab's grand beauty. it's so exquisite.


Image credit: hotel building by Joi, JonRawlinson, sunset building by wikipedia, and all the rest are by my friend. the Other images are by and ( my secret to finding out what a hotel REALLY looks like! check the visitor photographs, at the top right)

Jamilla - on her blog talks about the Dubai festival city mall during a visit.

Hope you all enjoyed this :)
Love Bombchell


  1. that was amazing! I'm so jealous. I just might have to honeymoon there if I get married one day.

  2. i went there before and i thought it was amazing
    so over the top! loved it!

  3. Thats truly beautiful!!! besides the money I need a boyfriend to bring along lol...

    In response to your comment left on my blog- I found some great things one can do to their blogger blogs. my side bar on my home page is different from the rest of the other pages. Let me know if you want to do some things and if i know how i'll pass on the info.

  4. So fancy! I've always wanted to travel to Dubai

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment =)

    LT @

  5. @Insatiable One I know!! I used to always think I wanted a honeymoon in vegas, but after these pics...

    @Yumeko (O_O) WOW how cool!!!! next me put me in ur purse!

    @Trecia um I don't need to take a boyfriend there, Ill go with anyone, grandma, cousin, friend, class.

    @LT gosh I know, it seems everyone's been to Dubai except me

  6. I love Dubai, and was just there a few weeks ago, but it can be hell on your wallet--that's why we stayed at the Crown Plaza!

    Shopping there rocks!

  7. I agree bringing a bf there isn't even necessary. I just got that honeymoon thingy on my mind when I saw all of that lol.

    Sure you can use the 3 column Minima template if having two mini column within that one column if u feel it would mess things up. if u do follow the 3 column temp u can move the one from the left beside the right. Then again following tutorials step by step of doing so helps (test-blog).

  8. Beautiful photos!
    I felt like I was actually there...and if I ever visit Dubai and have a couple thosand dollars to spare, I'll stay there!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog - your blog rocks!

  9. Wow that is pretty amazing!
    I'm certain that you had a wonderfull time!
    X, fashion-nerdic

  10. Holy Crap! I had to take a 2nd or maybe 3rd look at all of these images. That Hotel is out of this world!

  11. 7-star! I didn't know there was such a thing!


  12. very nice! beautiful decor and all. but just a little too fancy smancy for me. id feel weird leaving my bed un-done or leaving anything out of place. just seems like the kinda place that has to be PERFECT at all times. but hey, if someone pays for me to stay there, ehhh, i think i can look past that ;)

  13. i Must be RICH!!!
    i am going next yr! Hopefully i go for a tour....
    Damn, if only .....

    *goosebumps the whole time i was watching the clip. it never ceases to amaze moi*

  14. I stay there every time I'm in Dubai, lol....
    Pshhhtttt, you can find my broke behind at the Marriott!

  15. Those are great pics! Thanks for sharing! My father in law lives in Dubai. I would love to go there someday!

  16. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pics...would love to drop by there one day :)

    Thank YOU for your comment.

  17. Damn. Only rich people can afford that hotel. I'm in Dubai right now and I can't even afford to go there. Hahaha.

  18. Talk about opulence on a major level! Sigh..

  19. Amazing! I really need to visit Dubai. Her pictures are awesome.

  20. Ah, melancholy. Dubai is such an interesting place. There's something about that combination between culture, desert and modern civilization.

  21. Wow, your pics are so amaing, you are quie fortunate. I like your blog.

  22. omg that looks super nice! my boyfriend says that Dubai is the billionaire's playground! :)

  23. WoW! Amazing! I plan to go there soon! A lot of friends of mine who still play tennis and travel for tournaments keep telling how it is one place you MUST go to, so Jerrid and I have been looking it! It's a dream to look at those pics!

  24. Holy crap! Why didn't Ashley invite you along?
    Although outside it looks awfully hot.

  25. It`s amazing there. i wish i could go there. Maybe if i`ll win at lottery......:D

  26. wow that is amazing, I want to stay there for a night, haha if I win the lottery that's where I'll be staying!!

  27. Love the pics... looks like a great place to visit. ;)

  28. This place looks incredible...O my dayz I didnt know places like this existed! It is now my lifes mission to stay here for at least one night! :D

  29. I hate my life now. OH MY GOD!!!!

  30. I have heard of the Burj, and it seems that A for Ashley had a whale of a time there, with her entire family. You are right about Dubai being a shopping haven. A lot of friends trip there to get their LVs and Hermes and Chanels... you know, that kind of stuff.

  31. I can't believe I just stumbled on this post! Dubai is my home and trust me, we're so used to this kind of extravagance that its pretty much a way of life! Not sayin' that people over here are spoilt, its just how it is :)

  32. Wow, Simply amazing. Really it is one of the greatest hotel in the world.


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