Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TRUE BLOOD: finale Sneak Peaks . MaryAnne + Jason = wedding???

LOL I dont care what anyone thinks!!! yeah sure I'm going on Trueblood overload, but the season finale is Sunday, so after Sunday's finale no more Trueblood updates but there might be a Trueblood contest giveaway on my site soon ;), just saying...

anyways here are some sneak peak pictures (courtesy of HBO True Bloods Official facebook pictures)
oh & my beach was so beautiful :) and fun.

ps: & Charlaine Harris (author) makes a cameo in the Season 2 finale of True Blood!

That's all folks :)

oh & talking about wedding dresses I'm gonna be in a bridal fashion show. (sigh) imagine trying on beautiful dresses you have no intention of buyin this year, with an excited bride beside you trying on stuff (shrugs) lol.

PS: I so.... Knew it!!! MaryAnn wants Jason to ravage her. lmao!!!!

& for those of you that forgot the preview:


  1. I LOVE True Blood!!! I'm so sad that's its over for "who knows how long." My friend said it might be a year until the next season (which she said was approved), and if that's the truth, im super sad. Let's hope it isnt true.

    Thanks for the pics, now i'm even more excited for the finale.

  2. I can't wait to it, Jason and's gonna be exciting.

  3. I know!!!! I'm extremely excited!!!! I cant believe the season finale is here.

    Guess we'll have to manage with Vampire Diaries.

  4. i can wait too. With true blood you never know what to

    jason, maryann, sam, bill, eric, suki.... oh dear.

  5. guess what

    ive NEVER watched true blood.

    i suck huh. lol

  6. i just started following your blog! NEW MOON looks soooo good! i am excited for it, too! thanks for those pictures! you are beautiful, girl!


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