Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries Starts & Atlanta Twilight Convention?

Vampire Diaries starts today on CW (link). Season Premier: Thursday 8/7c. it's also based on a book (site)

ps: that reminds me of Covenant!! did y'all see the movie Covenant?? it was like Underworld meets twilight. it should have just gone on CW & not a movie.

Guess what, Vampire Diaries is being filmed here in Covington, GA & they tend to need extras sometimes for filming. there's a group on facebook casting group you can join (extrabadgroup)

Twilight: New Moon comes outs 11.20.09 (Nov 20th)

Heard there'll be a Twilight Convention in Atlanta, next year (link).

random twilight pics:
That's enough to suppress you guys while TrueBlood season 2 ends. bye, gotta got shop & study


  1. ooh i cant wait to see how its like
    i bet it will be forever before it gets to japan haha

    we dont even have true blood here
    i had to watch it online

  2. Can't wait to see New Moon, I really enjoyed Vampire Diaries, think I'm gonna like it, can't wait to see finale of True blood, I'm vampire movie

  3. Everyone seems to be raving about New Moon. While not really a vampire movie fan, I like some well-made ones, and almost chose the Twilight theme for hubby's birthday party.

  4. *SIGH* I'm having second thoughts about the True Blood season ending. I'm happy that we'll have a (hopefully) big finish but I cannot wait until 2010 for the next season.


  5. I was just shocked at how beautiful you look! I saw your profile photo and was like, wow. You really are... BOMChell!



  6. I am so out of the loop ~ I have to start watching all of these vampire shows and films!!


  7. Thanks for the vampy pics! LOVE em. Though I hated Vampire Diaries with an intense passion. I read the book and they completely threw out the book and made a gossip girl, 90210, bad twilight tv show.

    Bitter much? Yea I am cuz I had high hopes with True Blood going off for now. I will give vamp diaries one more shot. If after week 2 it still sucks I am writing it off as a failure and read the rest of the series.

    Sorry for my rant! =D I do love the New Moon pics! Go Team Edward!

  8. what is America's all of a sudden fascination with vampires?! lol.

  9. There's so many viampire features coming out idk which way to turn lol

  10. I watched Vampire Diaries and it was actually very good! I can't wait to see more of it!

  11. Yes I totally agree convenant shoulda been a series.

    Cant wait for the second ep of Vampire Diaries...or the New Moon movie!!

    Hmmm im lookingf or a flight from London to NY still! so LONG!


  12. girrrrl im gonna be all over this movie when it comes out lol


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