Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Brown's New Video - I Can Transform Ya

why I'm posting it considering he's had a lot of drama with his domestic abuse incident. (for those who don't know what I'm talking about google "Chris Brown, Rihanna")

This is my belief: People don't change, but they can evolve if they choose to, and I hope he has. I think the video is pretty cool, creative, and fun to watch & listen. so enjoy:


  1. You make a good point about evolving, but not totally changing. Like that old stuff never leaves us really, but we put it at the back of our minds. Nice video, Thanks.

    Secretia (Secret Story Time)

  2. giiiirl i dont care what chris brown did, i can watch him and omarion dance all day every day.. they are GREAT dancers. that video was hot!

    aww youre crazy about someone.i wanna know :]

  3. I cant forgive what he did, I know its not my problem and my one voice will never be heard but Im boycotting his stuff (even if it is good...) lol

  4. i love the song and the video great post. i love chris brown he so fineeee!! i think he can learn from his mistakes.. i forgive u chris brown lol

  5. I have always maintained that a performer's personal life should not be confused with the extent or depth of their talent. Chris Brown is no exception. maybe he will change, maybe he won't But one cannot dismiss his art. The video is great.

  6. Chris is so talented and such an idiot at the same time. But Rhianna's got to own up to her part in the deal. She can always leave.

    Go burn off that cake!

  7. The song and video are HOT! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

  8. I don't care what Chris Brown did.. I'll always love his music.

    And OMG Ms. Bombshell.. I haven't been here in sooo long! You use to be in my RSS Reader but your feed somehow got deleted. =(

  9. i refuse to base his talent and musical abilities on his private life. his life is his life and has nothing to do with his work. but love the video


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